Date Time Message
Aug 28 07:00 PM
GRAB & RUN – TAYLOR, MI – On 8/25/15, a suspect entered a local jewelry store while talking on his cell phone. The sales associate waited for him to end his phone conversation before addressing him. The suspect then inquired about diamond rings. The sales associate became uncomfortable and obtained the attention of another employee, who approached the customer side of the diamond counter. One of the associates removed a diamond ring from the showcase, placed it on her finger and presented it to the suspect before the second associate reached him. The suspect grabbed the sales associates hand, removed the ring and ran from the store. The suspect was in the store for less than two minutes. He was described as a 5 foot 10, dark skinned Black male. He weighs 130 pounds and is approximately 25 years old. He wore a blue jacket, dark jeans, expensive looking tennis shoes and sunglasses. If you have any information, please contact the Taylor Police Department at 734-287-6611.
Aug 27 07:00 PM
JEWELER ASSAULTED - SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS – On 8/25/15, two men entered a local jewelry store and assaulted the owner. One of the suspects, Alex Diaz, 27, was arrested and charged with unarmed robbery. An unidentified suspect who accompanied Diaz, grabbed the store owner’s shirt, while Diaz, punched the owner in the mouth. The suspects then grabbed jewelry and ran out of the store. The second suspect is still at large. He is described as being in his 20’s, clean-shaven with short hair and has tattoos on his forearms. If you have any information, please contact the Springfield Police Department at (413) 787-6310.
Aug 26 07:00 PM
GRAB & RUN – EL CAJON, CA – On 8/23/15, a man entered a local jewelry store. The suspect sat down and had a conversation with a sales associate and asked if he could see several chains at the same time. The sales associate said no. The suspect then asked to see the heaviest chain. The associate showed the suspect the chain. The suspect then looked at her and ran from the store with the chain. The suspect was described as an 18 – 21-year-old Hispanic male. He is 5 foot 6, very thin, has black spiky hair, and a dark complexion. He was last seen wearing a dark shirt with a peace sign, black shorts and sunglasses that had a blue tint. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the El Cajon Police Department at 619-579-3311.
Aug 25 07:00 PM
ARMED ROBBERY – PLEASANTON, CA – On 8/21/15, a suspect entered a local jewelry store and asked to see engagement rings. The sales associate was suspicious and maintained control of the items when they were being shown. After a couple of minutes, the suspect left the store. He returned shortly thereafter and was assisted by a different sales associate. The sales associate showed two rings, separately. As the associate showed the second ring the suspect raised his sweater and revealed he had a gun in his waistband. He then reached over the counter and took the ring off the sales associate finger and ran from the store. The suspect is described as a 25 to 30 year old Hispanic Male. He weighs 180-200 pounds. He has a stocky build, chubby face, light blue colored eyes, short dark brown hair, a medium build and dirty nails. He wore metal rimmed prescription glasses, a black and red baseball cap, a long sleeve grey sweater, baggy blue jeans and white tennis shoes. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Pleasanton Police Department at 925-931-5100.
Aug 24 07:00 PM
I am investigating the theft of a 5.37 Carat Round Brilliant diamond ring from a home in my jurisdiction. The ring was purchased around 60 years ago and the current appraised value was $125,000.00. It was set in platinum and has side diamonds as well. The following are the grading results of the ring: Color Grade - L, Clarity Grade - VVS2, and Cut Grade - Good. I have the GIA certification and wanted to post detailed information about the diamond ring because of the unusually large size of the diamond. The ring was taken on August 18, 2015. Please contact D/Sgt. Adam Kopesky of the Tenafly Police Department (NJ) at 201-568-5100 with any information. Thank you for your assistance in the matter.
Aug 24 07:00 PM
GRAB & RUN – CHULA VISTA, CA – On 8/18/15, a man entered a local jewelry store. While the employees were assisting other customers, the suspect grabbed a display case containing a variety of rings and watches. He then ran out of the store. He threw the display case into the bed of an awaiting pick-up truck, jumped into the driver’s seat and drove off. The suspect was described as a 5 foot 10 Hispanic male, between 20 and 27 years old. He weighs approximately 185 pounds. He wore a black tank top, black pants, gray shoes and a black derby-style hat. He drove off in a Ford F-150 Super Cab truck. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Chula Vista Police Department at 619-691-5167.
Aug 21 07:00 PM
SMASH & GRAB - LONE TREE, COLORADO – On 8/20/15, four men entered a local jewelry store. The men used sledgehammers to break several display cases. They then stole high-end watches. The men were arrested shortly after they left the mall on foot. Anyone with information is asked to call the Lone Tree Police Department at 720-509-1160.
Aug 20 07:00 PM
JEWELER FIRES SHOTS – BOARDMAN TOWNSHIP, OHIO - On 8/18/15, surveillance video captured a burglar breaking into a jewelry store. The male suspect rummaged through cases, setting off the alarm. One of the store’s owners lives above the store and heard the activity in his store. The owner grabbed his gun and went to the front of the store. He claimed that the suspect came at him, and as a result, he fired multiple shots. Investigators on the scene discovered a trail of blood leading down the street. The trail then abruptly ended; indicating that the injured burglar entered a vehicle and fled. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Boardman Police Department at (330) 726-4144.
Aug 18 07:00 PM
GUNPOINT ROBBERY – THORNTON, COLORADO – On 8/17/15, two men entered a local jewelry store. One of the suspects went in through the front door, pulled out a gun and ordered the store owner to get on the ground. At that point, the second suspect came into the store. The suspects then stole jewelry and cash. One of the suspects was described as 6 foot 5 inches tall with a muscular build and spiky, blonde hair. He wore a white t-shirt, blue jeans, black boots and dark sunglasses. Police say he may have an East Coast accent. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Thornton Police Department at 720-977-5124.
Aug 17 07:00 PM
DIAMOND SWITCH – LEXINGTON, KY – On 8/16/15, a man entered a local jewelry store. He asked to see engagement rings. The sales associate showed the suspect several rings. At some point during the presentation, the suspect gave a fake ring back to the sales associate. This fake ring had a tag on it. The sales associate realized the ring was different and asked the suspect to return the real ring. The suspect then left the store. The suspect is described as a 6 foot tall white male. He had tattoos on his upper left arm and wore a beige hat. He also wore blue jeans and a grey t-shirt. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Lexington Police Department at 859-258-3600.
Aug 13 07:00 PM
SMASH & GRAB – NORTH OLMSTEAD, OHIO – On 8/10/15, three men entered a local jewelry store. Two of the men revealed sledgehammers. They smashed through the glass of a display case and stole trays of loose diamonds. The suspects then fled in a dark colored SUV. All three of the suspects are described as African-American males. The first suspect is 6 foot tall, and thin. He wore a blue hoodie and black pants. The second suspect is described as 6 foot tall, with a medium build. He wore a black hoodie and blue jean shorts. The final suspect is 6 foot 2, thin and wore a black hoodie and light colored jeans. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of these individuals, please contact Detective Dan Barrett of the North Olmsted Police Department at 440-777-3535.
Aug 12 07:00 PM
ARMED ROBBERY – DAWSONVILLE, GA – On 8/5/15, a woman entered a local jewelry store. The female told sales associates that she was looking for a gift for her girlfriend. An associate assisted her, but the female suspect wanted a second opinion from another sales associate. Once the suspect had both associates by the bridal case, she brandished a pistol and then zip-tied the two employees. The suspect is described as a 5 foot 5 white female in her 30s. She has an average build, and was last seen wearing a dark blue or black cap, a blue shirt and khaki pants. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Dawson County Sheriff's Office at 706-344-3535.
Aug 11 07:00 PM
GRAB & RUN – PALMDALE, CA – On 8/6/15, a man entered a local jewelry store while talking on his cell phone. The suspect began looking at engagement rings. A sales associate showed the suspect several rings. The suspect, while still on his phone, grabbed a ring and then ran out of the store. He entered an awaiting vehicle. The suspect is described as a 5 foot 8, Hispanic male in his mid-30’’s. He was clean shaven, with a heavy build, wearing a t-shirt, denim jeans, and a baseball hat with the letter “P.” If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Los Angeles County Sherriff at 661-272-2400.
Aug 10 07:00 PM
TRAVELING SALESMAN ROBBED – LOS ANGELES, CA – On 8/6/15, a traveling salesman was removing items from his trunk in a parking lot. Suddenly, the salesman felt someone pulling on his bag, after he placed it across his shoulder. A man wearing a ski mask got into a struggle with the salesman for the bag. A second male, wearing a ski mask, then punched the salesman in the nose. The salesman fell to the ground. Both suspects fled with the salesman’s luggage. After taking the luggage, the two suspects entered an awaiting vehicle driven by a third suspect. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Los Angeles Police Department at 310-444-0701.
Aug 07 07:00 PM
JEWEL THIEF APPREHENDED – Santa Fe, N.M. – On 8/1/15, a man entered a local jewelry store. The store’s surveillance camera captured the male suspect reaching over a counter and opening a jewelry case. He then took a tray of jewelry out of the case and exited the store. The suspect was later identified and an arrest warrant was issued for 36-year-old, Eduardo Romero. Romero was subsequently spotted at a location near the crime. He led officers on a foot pursuit, but was quickly captured. After Romero was taken into custody, officers discovered a plastic bag full of jewels and gems.
Aug 06 07:00 PM
JEWELER ASSAULTED – LOS ANGELES, CA – On 8/3/15, two men entered a local jewelry store. One of the suspects brandished a sledgehammer and then jumped on top of a counter while waving a bottle of pepper spray into the air. The suspects then proceeded to pepper spray the store owner over his entire body. As a result, the owner went into a state of panic. The suspects then smashed display cases with the sledgehammer and stole watches and engagement rings. No one was seriously injured. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Los Angeles Police Department at 1-877-275-5273.
Aug 05 07:00 PM
SECURITY GUARD FIRES SHOTS – BALTIMORE, MD - On 8/2/15, a man walked into a local jewelry store and inquired about rings. The suspect then placed a ring on to his finger. After a brief conversation with a sales associate, the suspect ran out of the store. The store security guard pursued the suspect into the parking lot. The suspect entered an awaiting vehicle, but was confronted by the guard, who grabbed the door of the car. The guard stated that he saw the suspect reaching for something, which he felt, could possibly be a weapon. The guard then fired at the vehicle as it drove off. The occupants of the vehicle fled the scene. No injuries were reported. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Baltimore Police Department at 410-396-2477.
Aug 04 07:00 PM
INTERNAL THEFT – TROUTDALE, OREGON – On 7/28/15, an employee of a local jewelry store was arraigned and admitted to stealing jewelry from her employer. 29-year-old Christie Lynn Boyd, told investigators that she stole nine pieces of jewelry in a three week span. Boyd then made an $800 profit by selling stolen rings and necklaces. A review of store surveillance footage, captured Boyd taking jewelry from incoming shipments and display cases. Boyd confessed to stealing $15,000 worth of jewelry from her employer. She is accused of first-degree aggravated theft and first-degree theft.
Aug 03 07:00 PM
TRAVELING SALES TEAM ROBBED – GLENVIEW, IL – On 7/31/15, a male and female traveling sales team were accosted in the parking lot of a local business. Shortly after 9:00 a.m., a dark colored van pulled up alongside the couple. Three suspects then confronted the couple while brandishing “clubbing instruments.” The suspects proceeded to grab several bags of jewelry before a struggle ensued with the couple. One of the victims sustained minor injuries. The suspects then fled the scene. If you have any information on their whereabouts, please contact the Glenview Police Department at 847-729-5000.
Jul 31 07:00 PM
DIAMOND SWITCH – MAPLEWOOD, MN – On 7/28/15, a man entered a local jewelry store and began looking at loose diamonds. The suspect stated that he had $10,000 in cash and was looking for a ring for his girlfriend. The suspect then picked out a mounting and two sales associates showed him several loose stones. As one of the sales associates went to clean a mounting, the suspect took a plunger and then removed cubic zirconia from behind his ear. He switched it for the loose stone which was on an identical plunger. The suspect then asked to see different products and said he didn’t like the first stone. He then left the store, but returned shortly after. He stated that he would return for the upcoming weekend to make a purchase, before finally leaving. The suspect was described as a heavy set, 27-year-old African American male. He wore glasses, a navy blue hat with an embroidered “R”, a blue and white plaid shirt and black shorts. If you have any information on the whereabouts of this individual, please contact the Maplewood Police Department at 651-755-6753.
Jul 30 07:00 PM
ARMED ROBBER KILLED – HOUSTON, TX – On 7/25/15, an armed suspect tried to hold up a jewelry store. The suspect was shot in the head by a sales associate. The robber was pronounced dead at the hospital.
Jul 29 07:00 PM
DISTRACTION THEFT - CORAL SPRINGS, FL – On 7/26/15, two male suspects entered a local jewelry store. One of the men asked to see large rings. The sales associate observed that the suspect started shaking and his voice cracked. The second suspect was assisted by a sales associate on the other side of the store. While the sales associate showed the first suspect rings at a display case, the second suspect snuck around and reached into the case and stole four rings. Neither of the sales associates saw the second suspect steal the rings. After reviewing surveillance, the theft was discovered. Both suspects were described as African-American’s in their late 30’s. One man is 5 foot 9, 220 lbs., wearing tan shorts, a tan button up shirt and a light colored baseball cap. He also has a beard. The second suspect was described as being 6 foot 7, heavy set, 240 lbs., wearing black shorts, a grey t-shirt with a logo on the front and a black baseball cap with lettering on the front. If you have any information, please contact the Coral Springs Police Department at 954-344-1800.
Jul 24 07:00 PM
GRAB & RUN – WHITE PLAINS, NY – On 7/23/15, a male suspect entered a local jewelry store and asked to see engagement rings. As soon as he was handed a ring by the sales associate, he ran from the store into the parking lot where there was a blue Chevy Tahoe waiting for him. The suspect is described as a 5 foot 6, African American male in his mid 20’s, wearing blue jeans with a striped shirt and tan hat. If you have any information, please contact the White Plains Police Department at 914-422-6111.
Jul 22 07:00 PM
BURGLAR ALARM TRIGGERED – PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - On 7/20/15, four men smashed the front door of a jewelry store. The suspects used a brick to gain entry. They triggered the burglar alarm, smashed display cases and then proceeded to steal jewelry. The men then fled on foot to an awaiting vehicle. If you have any information, please contact the Port St. Lucie Police Department at 772-871-5001.
Jul 21 07:00 PM
ARMED ROBBERY – SALINAS, CALIFORNIA – On 7/20/15, two suspects entered a local jewelry store. One of the men forced a pregnant customer to the back of the store. He then opened a display case and stole jewelry. The second suspect gained entry through the rear of the store and also stole jewelry. The two men drove off in a White Chevrolet car. One suspect was described as being between 5 foot 9 and 5 foot 11. He wore a black hoodie, black pants and black shoes with a blue bandana covering his face. The other suspect was wearing a gray hooded jacket, blue jeans, white tennis shoes, a blue bandana covering his face, and he was carrying a chrome semi-automatic handgun. He is believed to be between 5 foot 3 and 5 foot 6. If you have any information on the whereabouts of these men, please contact the Salinas Police Department’s Violent Crime Hotline at 831-775-4222
Jul 20 07:00 PM
ARMED ROBBERY – DENVER, CO – On 7/12/15, two armed men entered a pawn shop and ordered employees to the floor. One of the suspects pressed his gun into one of the employee’s ribs, while the second suspect pointed a gun at another employees head and demanded he open the display case containing jewelry. The suspects wore gloves, hoodies and bandanas to conceal their faces. They then stole jewelry and fled. The two suspects are described as African-American. One is 5 foot 8 and thin, while the other is 6 foot 3, stocky and weighs at least 200 pounds. Both men drove off in a White Honda Accord that did not have a license plate and was missing hubcaps. If you have any information on their whereabouts, please contact the Adams County Sherriff’s Office at 720-322-1313.
Jul 17 07:00 PM
SUSPECT TARGETS FAMILY BUSINESS – EAST CHICAGO, IN – On 6/29/15, Marcos I. Casares entered his uncle’s jewelry store. Casares stole a pair of white gold earrings, a gold bracelet, a white gold ring and loose diamonds. He concealed the jewelry in envelopes and then exited the store. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact Detective Miguel Pena at (219) 391-8318 or the East Chicago Police Department’s anonymous tip line at (219) 391-8500.
Jul 15 07:00 PM
STORE OWNER ASSAULTED – WATERTOWN, CT – On 7/11/15, a man and two women entered a local jewelry store together and began a conversation with the owner about men’s rings. When the owner turned around, the male customer attacked the owner from behind and forced him to the floor. While the male suspect was beating the owner, the two women went to the back room and grabbed as much jewelry as they could. Then they fled and got into a newer 2 door white Nissan vehicle with tinted windows and a dent to the left rear corner of the bumper. The male suspect is described as a Hispanic male in his early 20’s. He is approximately 5 foot 9, weighing about 170 pounds, and with dark short hair. He was wearing a white tank top, jeans, and a rosary around his neck. The two women are believed to be Hispanic. One is in her early 20’s, 5 foot 4 in height, and weighing about 120 pounds. She was wearing a long shiny platinum blond wig with dark hair underneath. She was also carrying a large Louis Vuitton bag. The second female suspect is approximately the same height and weight as the first female suspect, with shoulder length dark hair. She was wearing large oversized sunglasses. If you have any information please contact the Watertown Police Department at 860-945-5200.
Jul 11 07:00 PM
Just experienced a robbery- they came in thru the roof of a shopping center, Glendora, CA- thru the bathroom- disabled the breaker to the video surveillance, disabled the alarm , drilled thru the safe removed all contents, did not take the guns that were in the safe just money, jewelry. Robbery occurred during early AM store not opened yet.
Jul 10 07:00 PM
A CHASE LEADS TO AN ARREST – HIGHLANDS, NC – On 7/2/15, a man wearing a helmet entered a local jewelry store and smashed open a showcase. He grabbed the jewelry from the case and fled to a motorcycle. A sales associate chased him and thwarted his escape on the motorcycle which forced him to run to an awaiting pickup truck. The police gave chase and the suspects crashed the truck. The police apprehended one suspect but the other escaped. If you have any information please contact the Highlands Police Department at (828) 526-1769.
Jul 09 07:00 PM
A PAIR OF SUSPECTS ON A SPREE – CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – On 7/8/15, a pair of individuals entered a local jewelry store and stole six rings while distracting the sales associates. They may also be responsible for three other thefts around the city. The suspects are a male and female. If you have any information please contact the Charlottesville Police Department at (434) 970-3280.
Jul 07 07:00 PM
TWO OF THREE BURGLARS ARRESTED – WESTMINSTER, CA – On 7/3/15, three suspects used a red pickup truck to smash their way into a local jewelry store in Long Beach, CA. They entered the store, grabbed merchandise, and fled. Then they committed two other burglaries at other stores shortly after. On their third burglary in Westminster, CA, police arrived at the scene within 90 seconds and chased the suspects who were fleeing by vehicle. The suspects crashed into a pole and fled on foot. Two suspects were arrested shortly after, but the third suspect escaped. If you have any information please contact the Westminster Police Department at 714-898-3315.
Jul 06 07:00 PM
4-YEAR-OLD HOSTAGE – SALINAS, CA – On 7/3/15, a woman and a 4-year-old child were buzzed into a local jewelry store and were followed inside by two male suspects. One of them grabbed the child and held him at gunpoint while threatening to shoot him. He demanded the keys to the display cases and the owner handed them over. The display cases were opened and merchandise was taken out while the boy was still being held at gunpoint. The child was released and they fled in a white Cadillac SUV which was parked in front of the store. They were both wearing bandanas and spoke both English and Spanish. If you have any information please contact the Salinas Police Department at (831) 758-7090.
Jul 02 07:00 PM
SAFE WAS COMPROMISED – CHICAGO RIDGE, IL – Sometime between 6/24/15 – 6/25/15, someone gained entry to a business that is adjacent to a local jewelry store overnight. While inside the adjacent business a hole was cut into the side wall that adjoins the two businesses directly behind the jewelry store’s safe. The safe was cut open and all the merchandise inside was taken. If you have any information please contact Det. Layman or Det. Gutkowski from the Chicago Ridge Police Department at 708-425-7831.
Jul 01 07:00 PM
SALES ASSOCIATE ASSAULTED – CEDAR PARK, TX – On 6/24/15, a man entered a local jewelry store and inquired about engagement rings. After being greeted by a sales associate, the suspect was shown a diamond on the sales associate’s finger. The suspect then knocked the sales associate down, removed the ring and fled. He is described as a 6 foot tall African American male, in his late 40s with a dark brown complexion, medium build and large brown eyes. He wore a golf cap, long sleeve sport shirt and glasses. If you have any information, please call the Austin Police Department at 512-974-5270
Jun 25 07:00 PM
ARREST AFTER GRAB & RUN – PLANTATION, FL – On 6/23/15, a man entered a local jewelry store and asked to see a ring. When he gained possession of the ring, he fled from the store. Police were able to locate the suspect a short time later and arrested him. His name is Paul Harold Paraison, 33, and he told police where they could find the ring. The ring was then recovered and returned to the store.
Jun 22 07:00 PM
10 SUSPECTS ARRESTED – LOS ANGELES, CA – On 6/17/15, 10 suspects entered a local jewelry store armed with handguns and sledgehammers. Sales associates were overpowered and held by gunpoint while several display cases were being smashed. After the suspects grabbed a large quantity of jewelry and watches, they got into a van and fled. A GPS tracking device, which was embedded in some of the stolen watches, led to several arrests and the rest of the suspects were arrested overnight. Police recovered firearms, sledgehammers, and stolen merchandise.
Jun 19 07:00 PM
SUSPECT WITH A KNIFE – STONEHAM, MA – On 6/17/15, a man entered a local jewelry store to sell some of his personal jewelry. He became upset with the price he was being offered and left the store. He returned a short time later and sold his jewelry anyway. He left the store again and returned, but this time he was armed with a knife. He told the sales associate not to move. When he was looking around the store, the sales associate fled. Police were called but when they arrived the suspect had fled. When the suspect sold his jewelry to the store, the sales associate made a photocopy of his driver’s license. Shane Francis Hardy was identified as the suspect and was arrested.
Jun 16 07:00 PM
SMASH AND GRAB – PIKE COUNTY, KY – On 6/11/15, a woman in a motorcycle helmet entered a local jewelry store and smashed a display case with a hammer. She placed the jewelry in a duffle bag and fled. When the owner realized what was happening through the surveillance video, he followed her out the store. The subject hopped on an awaiting motorcycle and drove off. If you have any information please contact the Coral Run Police Department at 606-437-6032.
Jun 15 07:00 PM
OWNER BOUNDED DURING ROBBERY – POINT REYES, CA – On 6/13/15, a man walked into a local jewelry store to look at some diamonds. A few minutes later two other men walked into the store and pointed a gun at the owner. They forced the owner to the back room of the store where they duct taped him. The subjects took jewelry from several display cases and a safe. All three subjects were described as males in their 20s between 5 foot 6 and 5 foot 9. If you have any information please contact the Marin County Sheriff’s Office at 415-479-2311.
Jun 10 07:00 PM
PICKUP TRUCK SMASHES ENTRANCE – CHARLOTTE, NC – On 6/10/15, a white Ford pickup truck was backed up through the front door and windows of a local jewelry store overnight. Once the front entrance was smashed open, three suspects jumped out of the truck. They proceeded to smash display cases and picked up the merchandise left inside. If you have any information please contact the Charlotte Police Department at (704) 336-7600.
Jun 04 07:00 PM
DIAMOND SWITCHER ARRESTED - TOWSON, MD – On 5/30/15, a male and female couple entered a local jewelry store and looked at loose stones. The male suspect took off his earring and removed the stone from it. When the sales associate approached the couple, she showed them a loose stone. The male suspect examined the stone and then dropped it on the floor. As soon as the sales associate regained possession of the stone, she diamond tested it and it was negative. The police were called. After hearing that the police were called, the male suspect “found” the real diamond and returned it to the sales associate. The male suspect was arrested. The female suspect fled. She is described as a 22-year-old White female, 5 foot 5, 115lbs, with long brown hair. She was last seen wearing an orange shirt and black pants. If you have any information, please contact the Baltimore County Towson Police at 410-887-2361.
Jun 03 07:00 PM
ELABORATE BURGLARY – STAFFORD, VA – On 5/29/15, a local jewelry store was burglarized. The adjacent business was broken into where the burglars were able to cut a hole in the wall that connected the two businesses. Once they gained entry to the jewelry store they dismantled the alarm before it was triggered. A hole was cut into the safe and jewelry was taken out. They also took merchandise that was left inside display cases. If you have any information please contact the Stafford County Sheriff’s Department at (540) 658-4400.
Jun 02 07:00 PM
JEWELRY STORE BURGLARIZED - LOUISVILLE, KY – On 5/29/15, a man used a brick to smash the front door of a local jewelry store to gain entry. He then made his way to a display case and smashed it as well. He grabbed trays of jewelry and fled in less than 15 seconds. Earlier in the day a man was seen on video surveillance acting suspicious around the same display case that was smashed open. If you have any information please contact the Hillview Police Department at 502-955-6808.
Jun 01 07:00 PM
VIOLENT SMASH & GRAB – FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – On 5/31/15, a group of masked individuals entered a local jewelry store and began yelling at everyone to get down. Then they used hammers to smash display cases. They grabbed as much merchandise as they could before fleeing in an awaiting vehicle. They then abandoned the vehicle and got into another vehicle. Police were able to locate the vehicle and a chase ensued. Eventually the police were able to stop the vehicle and arrested three suspects. Some of the merchandise was recovered and two suspects are still at large. If you have any information please contact the Fort Lauderdale Police Department at (954) 828-5700.
May 28 07:00 PM
GRAB AND RUN – WHITMAN, MA – On 5/27/15, a customer entered a local jewelry store and began speaking to a sales associate about a piece of jewelry that he was interested in purchasing. After a few minutes, he grabs the merchandise and runs out the store. He was seen getting into a blue or gray SUV. He is described as being a white male between 25 to 30 years old. He is between 5 foot 10 to 6 feet tall with a medium build. He was seen wearing dark pants, a long sleeved black and white checkered shirt, sneakers and a dark scaly cap. If you have any information please contact Det. Sgt. Joseph Bombardier with the Whitman Police Department at 781-447-1212.
May 26 07:00 PM
BRAZEN GUNPOINT ROBBERY – CYPRESS, TX – On 5/23/15, three male suspects entered a local jewelry store. One remained at the door holding it open, while a second suspect revealed a gun and ordered sales associates to get on the floor. A Sales Associate was instructed to open a case containing high-end watches. One of the suspects then reached into the case and removed fifteen high-end watches. The robbery took place in three minutes. Police were able to retrieve the suspects fingerprints from the front door and DNA samples from the watch case. All three of the suspects are described as being dark skinned African-American males, in their late twenties to early thirties. The first suspect, is 5’6”, has a thin build and wore a black hoodie with an orange ball cap. The second suspect, is 5’4”, has a medium build and wore a black mask, maroon t-shirt and jeans. The third suspect, is 5’7”, has a medium build and wore a ball cap, dark sweater with stripes and dark colored pants. If you have any information please contact the Harris County Police Department at 281-401-6200.
May 21 07:00 PM
JEWELERS PEPPER-SPRAYED – ALPHARETTA, GA – On 4/29/15, a group of traveling salesman were loading jewelry into a van after a jewelry show at a hotel. Suddenly, two male suspects pulled up to their vehicle in a Toyota 4Runner. The two suspects pepper-sprayed the jewelers and grabbed bags containing jewelry. However, a scuffle ensued and the jewelers got their jewelry back. One of the suspects had some of his clothes ripped off before both robbers drove away. If you have any information, please contact the Alpharetta Police Department at 678-297-6300.
May 19 07:00 PM
BURGLARS SUSPEND OFF THE FLOOR – OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – On 5/15/15, an unknown number of individuals broke into a local jewelry store. First, they spray painted the surveillance cameras in the rear of the store. Then they cut the alarm communication and a hole in the roof. They suspended themselves above the floor to avoid triggering any alarm. But their attempt was unsuccessful when the burglar alarm was tripped. They got away before police arrived at the scene. If you have any information please contact the Oklahoma Police Department at (405) 297-1170.
May 15 07:00 PM
THE SUSPECT PASSES A NOTE– LODI, CA – On 5/12/15, a man walked into a local jewelry store and approached the counter. He pulled out a note and let the sales associates know it was a robbery. He then pulled out a hammer and smashed a showcase open. He grabbed merchandise and fled through the back door of the store. He is described as a white male between 20 and 30 years old. If you have any information please contact the Lodi Police Department at (209) 333-6727.
May 15 07:00 PM
BURGLARS CRASH SUV - PALO ALTO, CA – On 5/13/15, three suspects used an SUV to crash through the glass doors of a jewelry store. The suspects, wearing black hooded sweatshirts, backed a red SUV into the store, jumped out and proceeded to smash display cases with hammers. They stole jewelry, went back into the Jeep, and drove off. They eventually abandoned the vehicle. The entire burglary took place in one minute. If you have any information, please contact the Palo Alto Police Department at 650-329-2406.
May 13 07:00 PM
SHOTS FIRED DURING MIDTOWN ROBBERY – NEW YORK, NY - On 5/12/15, three men, dressed in dark suits and fedoras, entered a local jewelry store. They smashed several display cases with hammers. One of the men revealed a gun and fired two shots, however, no one was hurt. One suspect was arrested. The remaining suspects fled with several dozen watches. The two wanted men are described as wearing red ties, black suits, white sneakers and fedoras. Both suspects are described as being dark-skinned, however, one suspect has a medium build, and the other is very heavy-set. If you have any information, please contact the New York Police Department at 212-477-9218.
May 12 07:00 PM
SHOTS FIRED AT SUSPECT – ROWLAND HEIGHTS, CA – On 5/3/15, a man entered a local jewelry store and asked to try on a very expensive watch. After placing the watch on his wrist, he ran out the store. An on-duty security guard chased him into the parking lot where a scuffle occurred. The security guard claimed that the suspect reached for something which forced him to fire his weapon at the suspect. The suspect was able to get away in a silver vehicle. He is described as an African American male, about 6 feet tall and 240 pounds. It is unclear if the suspect is wounded. If you have any information please contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office at (626) 965-6627.
May 11 07:00 PM
SMASH AND GRAB SUSPECT IDENTIFIED – ENGLEWOOD, NJ - On 4/25/15, Barris G. Simpson entered a local jewelry store. Then suddenly revealed a large tool and began smashing jewelry display cases. After stealing two trays containing rings, he ran for the store’s exit. However, the owner was able to lock the door. Simpson then smashed through the locked door and fled. The suspect was last seen entering an underground spillway. If you have any information, please contact the Englewood Police Department at 201-568-4875.
May 06 07:00 PM
DIAMOND SWITCH – RICHMOND, VA – On 4/30/15, a male customer entered the local jewelry store and asked to see anniversary bands. During the presentation, he asked to see two rings at the same time and was told that he could only see one at a time. His wife eventually came in and met him at the showcase. He told the sales associate he was interested in one of the rings and to keep it out of the case. The sales associate placed it on his pinky to secure it. Then they continued to look at other rings and tried them on. At one point the male customer asked to see a ring with the tag off. The sales associate refused and he took the tag off anyway. He placed the ring on his wife’s finger and returned a ring back to the sales associate. The sales associate realized it was a fake ring and asked for the real ring back. The male customer left the store and the female customer was asked to stay to sort the situation out. They went to the store next door to find her husband. He was not in there and suddenly he pulled up in his vehicle and they both fled the area. The male customer is described as a 35 year old Hispanic male. He is 5 foot 8 and was wearing a black Lacoste shirt and a black and white hat. The female customer is a 30 year old Hispanic female with black hair. She is 5 foot 3 and medium build. If you have any information please contact the Henrico Police Department at 804-501-4800.
May 05 07:00 PM
SALES ASSOCIATES TIED UP – WOODSTOCK, GA – On 4/28/15, a female customer entered a local jewelry store and began looking at merchandise. She was then followed by a male customer who entered a few minutes later. He asked to look at rings and then asked to look at matching earrings. After asking the sales associate for their opinion on what earrings would match a ring, he pulled out a gun and ordered everyone to lay on the floor, including the female customer. He then took the sales associates to the backroom and asked them about their surveillance cameras and their cleaning supplies. He used zip ties to tie their hands up and locked them in the backroom. Then the female customer stood up and walked around freely. He grabbed merchandise and placed them in a bag. Then he grabbed the cleaning supplies and wiped down the cases he touched. He also attempted to disable the surveillance cameras. The male suspect is an African American male between his late 30’s and early 40’s. He is 6 feet tall and heavy set. He was wearing khaki pants, short sleeve plaid shirt, and a tan kangaroo hat. The female suspect is a Caucasian female in her 20’s. She is thin, has brown hair, and glasses. She was wearing black leggings, a black and white shirt, flats, and a black purse. If you have any information please contact the Woodstock Police Department at 770-592-6030.
May 04 07:00 PM
TRAVELING SALESMAN ROBBERY – NOVI, MI – On 4/27/15, a traveling salesman flew into Novi, MI from California to attend a trunk show. When he was in a parking lot, a group of men suddenly pulled up alongside him in a white minivan. Two suspects pushed him to the ground while another two stayed in the minivan. One of the men was armed with a knife. They grabbed his merchandise and drove off. They were all wearing dark clothing. If you have any information please contact Detective Sergeant Scott Baetens of the Novi Police Department at 248-348-7100.
May 01 07:00 PM
SHOTS FIRED DURING A SMASH & GRAB ROBBERY – GRAND RAPIDS, MI – On 4/24/15, three suspects entered a local jewelry store, armed with hammers, and began smashing showcases. Before they had a chance to steal anything a sales associate fired a gun which forced them to flee. They drove off in a gray Dodge Intrepid. All of the suspects are described as African American males in their early 20’s. If you have any information please contact the Kent County Sheriff Department at 616-632-6100.
Apr 27 07:00 PM
JEWELRY STORE OWNER ASSAULTED – CLIFTON, NJ – On 4/21/15, the suspect entered the local jewelry store and began having a conversation with the owner. Then suddenly he jumped over the counter and a struggle occurred between the suspect and the owner. The suspect punched the owner several times and was able to grab some merchandise before fleeing. The next day, police were able to identify the suspect and arrested Edgardo Cuevas. The owner was treated at the hospital for facial injuries and is recovering.
Apr 21 07:00 PM
SALES ASSOCIATE WAS HOSPITALIZED AFTER AN ATTEMPTED ROBBERY – NAPA, CA – On 4/20/15, two men entered a local jewelry store and confronted a sales associate. One of them was holding a tool and began assaulting the sales associate. The owner yelled at the suspects and struck one of them with a tool of his own which forced them to flee. Police officers went to the parking garage where they located and arrested one of the suspects. The other suspect was arrested the following morning. If you have any information please contact Napa Police Investigator Andy Hess at 707-257-9223.
Apr 16 07:00 PM
ARRESTS AFTER SMASH AND GRAB – MISHAWAKA, IN – On 4/15/15, five men approached a local jewelry store. Three entered the store while two held the doors wide open. Two of the three suspects pulled out hammers and smashed the display cases. The third grabbed the merchandise and fled in under a minute. They all got into a white minivan and drove off. The Mishawaka Police Department were able to catch up and stopped the minivan. All the suspects were arrested and the stolen merchandise was recovered.
Apr 13 07:00 PM
MALL RAMMED BY TRUCK – CALGARY, CANADA - On 4/12/15, two individuals drove a truck into a mall and targeted a jewelry store inside. They grabbed merchandise and fled in the same truck. The police are looking for a 2006-2008 light colored Ford 350 with chrome running boards and front end damage from the incident. One suspect is described as being a Caucasian man wearing a scarf, hoodie, jeans, a red shirt and a dark blue jacket. The second suspect wore a dark mask, gray hoodie, jeans, and dark running shoes with white laces. If you have any information please contact the Calgary Police Department at +1 403-428-6200.
Apr 10 07:00 PM
SAFE COMPROMISED – HARBIN, HEILONGJIANG PROVINCE – On 4/10/15, a local jewelry store was burglarized. At 3:20 AM, a surveillance camera captured a security guard chasing after a man carrying a backpack before the surveillance system broke. The suspect managed to escape without being captured. Later that morning, the sales associates opened the store’s safe and discovered it was emptied. Merchandise worth $1.61 million was taken and there were no signs of damage to the safe.
Apr 07 07:00 PM
GRAB & RUN – DUNDALK, MD – On 3/2/15, a man entered a local jewelry store and told a sales associate that he was there to buy a ring for his girlfriend. He was talking to the sales associate for 10 to 15 minutes about a ring when he asked the sales associate to put on two rings on her fingers to compare them. When the sales associate showed the man the rings, he reached across the counter and grabbed one. Then he fled from the store. If you have any information please contact the Baltimore County Police Department at 410-307-2020.
Apr 06 07:00 PM
ARMED ROBBERY – SUGARLAND, TX – On 3/30/15, two men entered a local jewelry store and pulled out a hammer and gun. One suspect pointed the gun at sales associates and customers saying, “Stay calm and don’t make any fast movements.” The other suspect used the hammer to smash display cases. They grabbed merchandise, placed them in a black bag and fled in 45 seconds. One suspect is described as being a 6 foot tall African American man. He has a light complexion, light gray eyes, and short curly hair. He was wearing a dark hoodie with a gray bandana covering his face, and a gray and neon yellow or green shoes. The other suspect is also African American and was wearing a dark hoodie, a gray scarf covering his face, dark pants, green boxer shorts, and black and white tennis shoes. If you have any information please contact the Sugarland Police Department at 281-275-2500.
Apr 02 07:00 PM
FAILED ROBBERY ATTEMPT – MIAMI BEACH, FL – On 3/31/15, two traveling salesman were leaving their hotel with bags full of merchandise. One of them went ahead to get their car while the other followed. A silver four door 2014 Nissan Altima pulled up alongside the traveling salesman with the luggage and three masked men, armed with a knife, jumped out from the vehicle. They threatened to kill the salesman and grabbed the luggage. The salesman yelled for his brother, the other traveling salesman sitting in the car, and he immediately drove their car into the suspects’ vehicle. The suspects dropped the luggage and fled. The Nissan Altima has tinted windows and rear-end damage. If you have any information please contact the Miami Beach Police Department at (305) 673-7900.
Apr 01 07:00 PM
2 ARRESTED AFTER GRAB & RUN – VALLEJO, CA – On 3/31/15, two men entered a local jewelry store and asked to see two rings. They were handed the rings to look at. When they were asked to return them by the Sales Associate, they fled from the store. A witness followed them around and when police began searching the area for the suspects, the witness pointed them out. The suspects were arrested.
Mar 31 07:00 PM
SAFE CUT OPEN – TEMECULA, CA – On 3/23/15, a burglar cut a hole in the roof of an adjacent business and then cut a hole in the wall to gain entry to a local jewelry store. Once inside it took the burglar three hours to cut a hole on the side of the store’s safe. The burglar was wearing a termite suit and a headlamp. If you have any information please contact the Temecula Police Department at (951) 696-4357.
Mar 26 07:00 PM
A LINE STOLEN AFTER A SHOW – COEUR D’ALENE, ID – On 3/21/15, a traveling salesman attended an annual show and went to a restaurant after. When he returned to his vehicle, he discovered his merchandise was missing. If you have any information please contact the Coeur D'Alene Police Department at (208) 769-2320.
Mar 25 07:00 PM
JEWERLY STORE BURGLARIZED – BARTONSVILLE, PA – Sometime between March 19 & 20, 2015, burglars cut a hole in the rear of the building to gain entry to a local jewelry store. They grabbed merchandise and fled. If you have any information please contact the Pocono Township Police Department at 570-629-7200.
Mar 23 07:00 PM
POLICE OFFICER ATTACKED WITH HAMMER – PRINEVILLE, OR – On 3/21/15, a man burglarized a store by smashing the front door to gain entry. Police responded to the alarm of the local jewelry store and found the suspect still inside. The suspect attacked a police officer with a hammer striking his head repeatedly. He also bit his partner during the struggle. A citizen ride along was on the scene at the time and pulled the hammer away from the suspect and assisted in the arrest. The police officer is in stable condition.
Mar 20 07:00 PM
DISTRACTION – ROCHESTER, MN – On 3/18/15, three men entered a local jewelry store and asked to see a necklace. The sales associate showed them the necklace and then put it back in the display case and locked it. When one of the men asked to see a bracelet, another suspect slipped behind the display case and unlocked it. He grabbed the necklace and fled. The man looking at the bracelet, grabbed it and fled, but the sales associate was able to grab the bracelet out of his pocket. If you have any information please contact the Rochester Law Enforcement Center at (507) 328-6800.
Mar 18 07:00 PM
GRAB AND RUN – SAN DIEGO, CA – On 3/17/15, a man entered a local jewelry store holding something in his right hand. Then he said, “Que paso, que paso,” in poor Spanish and began smashing a showcase. He grabbed merchandise and fled in a vehicle parked behind the store. He was later seen meeting another man whose car he jumped into. If you have any information please contact San Diego Police at (858) 484-3154.
Mar 12 07:00 PM
SUBJECTS USE PEPPER SPRAY – NORTH YORK, ONTARIO – On 3/11/15, two men used pepper spray on sales associates in a local jewelry store. Then they took merchandise by smashing open display cases. They were described as being in their 20’s and wearing hoodies. If you have any information please contact Info-Crime at 514-393-1133.
Mar 10 07:00 PM
GRAB AND RUN OF LOOSE DIAMONDS – GLENDALE, AZ – On 3/8/15, a man entered a local jewelry store using the back of his hand and his arm to open the door without leaving fingerprints. Once inside, he asked to see diamonds between a specific price range. During the presentation of the diamonds, he left the store for ten minutes to take a phone call. He returned and requested to see the diamonds again. While in the store the second time, he received a call and hung up a minute after picking it up. He then asked to compare the diamonds. Once he had possession of the diamonds, he continued conversing with the sales associate, and ran from the store. He was seen fleeing in a blue Jeep Wrangler. He is described as being a Caucasian male, weighing about 175 pounds, and being 6 foot 2. He is in his 40’s and wearing a tan cap with an unidentified logo, a dark gray short sleeve t-shirt, and silver square rimmed glasses. He also spoke with a southern accent. If you have any information please contact the Glendale Police Department at 623-930-3000.
Mar 09 07:00 PM
$26.5 MILLION IN DIAMONDS WENT MISSING – HONG KONG, CHINA – On 3/8/15, two diamonds worth $26.5 million went missing on the last day of a jewelry fair at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai. Police have classified the case as a theft and no arrests have been made.
Mar 09 07:00 PM
ARMED SMASH AND GRAB ROBBERY – CHARLESTON, SC – On 3/4/15, two men in masks entered the store armed with a gun and a hammer. The store owner was held at gunpoint by one subject while the other smashed display cases with the hammer. Then they fled in a green two-toned Pontiac Montana van. The van was found abandoned shortly after. Both subjects were described as African American men. One was in his thirties at about 6 foot 3 and weighing about 250 pounds. The other subject was between 25 to 35 at 5 foot 8 and weighing about 165 pounds. If you have any information please contact Inv. English at 843-720-2373.
Jan 02 07:00 PM
SUBJECTS BREAK INTO AN ADJACENT STORE TO GAIN ACCESS TO A LOCAL JEWELRY STORE – JACKSONVILLE BEACH, FL – On 12/24/14, two men broke into a liquor store that is adjacent to a local jewelry store. A hole in the interior wall was cut to gain entry to the jewelry store from the liquor store. Once inside they stole merchandise left inside display cases. An alarm in one of the store went off and they fled. They were wearing masks, gloves, long sleeved shirts, and pants. If you have any information please contact the Jacksonville Beach Police Department at 904-270-1661.
Nov 11 07:00 PM
DISPLAY CASE TAKEN FROM DEPARTMENT STORE – SMYRNA, TN – On 10/29/14, a white male suspect entered a department store and walked straight to the jewelry counter. He then grabbed a spinning display case from the counter and ran out the store. He is described as being approximately 5 foot 7 to 5 foot 8, around 160 to 170 pounds, and with short reddish brown hair. He was wearing a grey hoodie and jeans at the time of the crime. He was also seen driving in a white four door sedan.
Nov 10 07:00 PM
SUSPECTS CRAWL TO STEAL MERCHANDISE – WILSON, NC – On 11/10/14, two suspects knocked a hole in the rear cinder block wall of a local jewelry store to gain entry. Then they crawled across the floor face down to prevent setting off an alarm. They crawled to display cases, pried them open, and took the merchandise inside. They were reported wearing black clothing, white socks, dark shoes, and a black mask. If you have any information please contact Detective Todd Tant of the Wilson Police Department at 252-206-4991.
Nov 07 07:00 PM
ROBBER SHOT BY OFF-DUTY POLICE OFFICER – WOODBRIDGE, VA – On 11/6/14, a male suspect walked over to the jewelry counter of a discount store with a hammer in each hand. He smashed the display cases, grabbed merchandise, and fled. An off-duty police officer was in the store during the time of the robbery. He issued commands to the suspect and followed him to the parking lot. When the officer issued more commands and the suspect kept ignoring them, a shot was fired striking the suspect. Other officers arrived at the scene and arrested him.
Nov 06 07:00 PM
TWO OF THREE SUSPECTS ARRESTED AFTER VIOLENT ROBBERY – REDLANDS, CA – On 11/5/14, three men entered the store and told everyone to get down on the floor. They assaulted the two sales associates in the store at the time, grabbed merchandise, and fled. When they left the store one of the suspects told everyone to split up. A civilian was following two suspects and realized they were dropping the merchandise they just stole. He stayed with the merchandise until police arrived to retrieve it. Two of the three suspects were soon arrested. The one still at large is described as being an African American male in his early 20s, 6 foot 1, slender build, and he was last seen wearing a light colored shirt and black jeans.
Nov 04 07:00 PM
JEWELER SHOOTS AND KILLS ROBBER – TBONG KHMUM, CAMBODIA – On 11/2/14, an owner of a local jewelry store and his wife were followed by four armed men wearing Royal Cambodian Armed Forces uniform from his store to his residence. After arriving to his residence, three of the four suspects jumped out of a Lexus SUV and shot the owner in his knee. They grabbed bags containing about $300,000 worth of merchandise. But the owner fought back when the suspect who shot him followed him into his home. The owner wrestled the gun out of the suspect’s hand and shot him. Then the suspect reached for a grenade that he had in his possession and that is when the owner shot him in the head. The robbers are believed to be connected to other robberies in different provinces of Cambodia. No arrests have been made at this time.
Nov 04 07:00 PM
FAKE GOLD BARS BEING SOLD – ALTA, IA – On 10/14/14, a man sold fake one ounce gold bars to a local jewelry store. After the bars were sold, it was discovered that they were not solid gold. Police arrested him and searched his residence. They found drugs and other similar bars. It was also discovered he sold bars to other jewelry stores and made online sales.
Oct 31 07:00 PM
ARRESTS MADE AFTER TWO JEWELRY STORE ROBBERIES IN ONE DAY – GRAND RAPIDS & WEST BLOOMFIELD, MI – On 4/22/14, four suspects entered a local jewelry store in Grand Rapids, MI. One was armed with a gun. The sales associates saw the suspects, and tried to get into a safe place. One sales associate was ordered by the armed suspect to open the safe. When the suspects attempted to get into the safe room, the sales associate said they had a gun and would shoot. They fired their weapon at the suspects hitting one of them. Then they all fled without any merchandise. They left behind the accomplice that was shot and went to West Bloomfield to rob another local jewelry store. Three out of the four suspects entered the store with handguns and a hammer and ordered everyone to the floor. One suspect ordered a sales associate to have a case opened. They took watches and fled in two minutes in a dark colored Chrysler Town and a Country minivan. The DNA left at the scene in Grand Rapids led to the arrest of the suspect that was shot. The other three suspects were also arrested. All four suspects are awaiting conviction and if convicted can be sentenced to life in prison.
Oct 30 07:00 PM
THREE ARRESTS AFTER ELABORATE ROBBERY– TAMPA, FL- On November 22, 2013, Bryan Bobby Beaudoin planned and instructed two other men to rob a local jewelry store. As Beaudoin waited in their getaway vehicle, the two men took control of the store with a firearm while wearing hats and sunglasses. They stole $2.1 million in merchandise and the wallets of the victims in the store. As they were exiting one of the men fired a shot into the floor. As the three were on their way to Orlando, they used one of the victim’s credit cards to purchase gas. Police followed their tracks and arrested all three suspects. Bryan Bobby Beaudoin was sentenced to 11 years and 6 months in federal prison. The other two suspects are awaiting for sentencing.
Oct 29 07:00 PM
On 10/22/14, at approximately 1617 hours, the depicted female suspect entered the Gleim Jewelry store located at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California. The female suspect was distracting an employee while a black male suspect entered the business. He drew a black semi-automatic pistol from his pocket and ordered the store employees to the ground. The female suspect also pulled out a pistol and ordered the employees on the ground. The female suspect then stole 22 Breitling brand watches with a total loss of over $100,000. Security footage shows a younger male and female placing two kick scooters directly in front of the store prior to the robbery. Both suspects used these kick scooters to flee the scene directly after the robbery. The male suspect is described as a black male adult between 35-40 years of age. He was around 6 feet tall with an average build. He wore all blue coveralls, an Ace Hardware hat, and was holding a lunch box. The female suspect was described as a black female adult, around 30 years old, between 5-6 and 5-7. She was carrying a large tote bag and was wearing a blue USPS vest. There is no known vehicle associated with the suspects, and they remain at large. Please contact me if you have additional information or similar incidents.
Oct 29 07:00 PM
GRAB AND RUN – LANCASTER, PA – On 10/28/14, an African American male suspect entered the store and asked to see a watch. The sales associate told him that the store did not carry the brand he was looking for and became suspicious of him because he smelled like marijuana. He asked if another local store carried that brand of watch and the sales associate told him that they sent those watches back to corporate. When the suspect exited the store, the sales associate called the other store, that the suspect asked about, and gave them their suspicions. He entered the other store and went straight to their watch showcase. When he requested to see a watch, the sales associate instructed another sales associate to stand by the door. He was handed the watch to look at and he took off running. The sales associate tried to tackle him but he managed to escape and flee in an awaiting vehicle. He is described as being 5 foot 10, 150lbs, mid 20’s, and was wearing a green shirt and jeans. He also has two teardrop tattoos under his eye. If you have any information please contact Det. Eelman or Det. Gentzler at 717-291-4676.
Oct 29 07:00 PM
TWO ARRESTS AFTER ROBBERY – TOMS RIVER, NJ – On 10/23/14, a man and woman broke open a jewelry display case while a sales associate was distracted. They removed merchandise from the case and were spotted by a loss prevention officer. When they attempted to flee, they were confronted by sales associates and the male suspect assaulted them. Police arrived and the suspects were arrested.
Oct 22 07:00 PM
WARRANT ARREST INFO: The Ventura Police Department’s Street Crimes Unit (SCU) has recently placed arrest warrants in the system related to two separate commercial burglaries, which have occurred at Jewelry Couture in Ventura. These burglaries were committed by two unassociated organized crime groups, which have targeted Ventura County. The first burglary occurred several months ago where a 170,000-dollar diamond was stolen from Jewelry Couture in Ventura. During this investigation SCU has learned the suspect, Eduard Isabekian 4-9-69, is a part of an Armenian organized crime group that has ties to Los Angeles and Russia. In addition, Isabekian is currently facing battery, extortion and kidnapping charges in Los Angeles and has fled the country. Isabekian is currently hiding out in Russia. Isabekian’s family still lives in the Los Angeles area according to LAPD detectives and will likely return. It is believed that this organized crime group has been targeting jewelry stores throughout Ventura County and possibly other jurisdictions as well. The second burglary also occurred at Jewelry Couture in Ventura. During this burglary a crew of four burglars, from Los Angeles, targeted and stole over 350,000 dollars in designer watches. During this investigation, which is ongoing, one of the suspects has been identified as Juan Carlos Delao 12-2-77. SCU is currently working with LAPD detectives to identify the outstanding 3 suspects. Arrest warrants have been issued for both Eduard Isabekian, 4/9/69, 5'7, 190, BLK, GRY, CDL, #A8760643, VPD RN#14-6130 and Juan Carlos Delao, 12/2/77, 5'6, 180, BRN, BRN, CDL, #B8424370, VPD RN#14-9422. If either is located please call Detective Josh Young (805) 207-9228 or Sgt. David Dickey (805) 339-4493.
Oct 20 07:00 PM
SALES ASSOCIATE PEPPERED SPRAYED – WILLINGBORO, NJ – On 10/16/14, a Caucasian man, wearing a ski mask, peppered sprayed a sales associate and tried to get behind the counter. The sales associate stopped the suspect from getting behind the counter and forced him to flee without any merchandise. He was described as being 5 foot 5 and wearing dark clothing. If you have any information please contact Willingboro Police Department at (609) 877-3001.
Oct 20 07:00 PM
ARMED ROBBERY – BETHLEHEM, GA – On 10/14/14, two African American men robbed a local jewelry store at gun point. They zip tied the sale associates and placed them in the back room. They grabbed the keys to the showcases and unlocked them. They placed merchandise into a black bag and grabbed cash. They fled in a newer-model silver Ford Explorer with a luggage rack and a sunroof with a third suspect as a driver. Both of the men that went into the store were between 5 foot 8 and 6 feet tall and were dressed up as construction workers. They were wearing black pants, orange reflective vests, hard hats, and white dust masks. If you have any information please contact the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office at (770) 307-3122.
Oct 20 07:00 PM
ROOFTOP BURGLARY – BRANDON, FL – On 10/12/14, an unknown number of suspects cut a hole in the roof of a local business to gain entry. Upon gaining entry they also cut the alarm cables to avoid setting off any alarms. They used a pick-axe to smash twelve showcases and took all the merchandise inside. They also attempted to gain entry into the store’s safe but were unsuccessful. If you have any information please contact Det. Thompson from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office at (813)847-8000.
Oct 20 07:00 PM
DISTRACTION THEFT – COLONIE, NY – On 10/16/14, four subjects entered the store at different times posing as customers who did not know each other. Three of the four subjects distracted the owner and a customer, keeping them out of the room, while the fourth subject used a screwdriver to pry open a case. They were using walkie-talkies with ear pieces to communicate with each other. One subject is described as a white or Hispanic male, 5 foot 4, 160lbs, wearing a black beret, jeans, and a light colored short sleeve shirt. The second subject is a white male, about 200lbs, wearing a blue hat, blue hooded jacket, and jeans. The third subject is a white or Hispanic male, 200lbs, wearing a blue Adidas hat, blue zippered jacket, and jeans. The last subject is a white or Hispanic female with long dark hair, blue long sleeved collared shirt or jacket, jeans, and Ugg style brown boots. If you have any information please contact Colonie Police Department at (518)783-2744.
Oct 16 07:00 PM
WILMINGTON, MA POLICE DEPARTMENT CRIMINAL BUREAU Stolen: large amount of pure gold in large pieces PLEASE SEE ATTACHED PICS Theft of a large amount (86 oz. worth over $100K) of GOLD used at Metrigraphics Corp Concord Street Wilmington, MA for plating other materials with precious metals. Looking for assistance in locating or information regarding these items as it is a large amount and very large pieces (4) of 99.9% pure Gold . The gold was in 4 pieces approx. 14” x 10” (bigger than a clip board). The “jig” that is believed to have been taken along with the gold weighs over 80lbs and is a high tolerance machined piece of equipment valued by the company at $40,000.00 (but no real scrap value). The gold was housed in the jig prior to being stolen and now both are missing. The total loss including the jig value is over $150,000.00. Any area departments with pawn shop/gold buyers, if possible PLEASE reach out to these businesses with these pictures in the event they have seen/may see or fielded a call regarding gold that matches this description (contact Wilmington PD). This gold is 99.99% pure, all four pieces serialized, approx. 86oz total and stolen along with an 80lb jig. If anyone has any information regarding recent pawns or where this amount and size pieces of GOLD could be pawned/scrapped/refined PLEASE contact this department. Detective Brian Stickney Wilmington Police Criminal Bureau One Adelaide Street Wilmington, Ma 01887 (978) 658-5071 main (978) 658-7988 x236 desk
Oct 11 07:00 PM
On October 7, 2014 around midnight, 3 robbers with masks and gloves entered our neighbor's hair salon and cut into our store in the back by cutting a hole in the drywall. They destroyed our alarm system and 2 back ups and burglarized the store. They tipped the safe that probably weighs 1000 lbs and cut into the safe. They left the premise around 5:15 in the morning of Weds. Oct., 8th. The Fairfax County Police Dept is investigating.
Oct 10 07:00 PM
GRAB & RUN SUSPECT ARRESTED – PITTSBURGH, PA – On 10/07/14, a male suspect entered the store and asked to see a high end watch. When the sale associate presented him with the watch, he grabbed it and fled. The security guard, a retired Pittsburgh police officer, tackled the suspect and a fight occurred. The security guard held him down until police arrived and the suspect was arrested.
Oct 09 07:00 PM
HOME INVASION OF WHOLESALE JEWELERS – GREECE, NY – On 10/07/14, three African American men, armed with handguns, entered the home of owners of a wholesale jewelry business. The man and woman, who were home at the time, were pistol whipped and forced to open their safe. The suspects grabbed all the merchandise and fled in a vehicle. They were in the residence between ten to fifteen minutes. The victims were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
Oct 09 07:00 PM
ARMED ROBBERY – HOUSTON, TX – On 10/6/14, six men, wearing hoodies and masks, armed with hammers and handguns rushed into the store and ordered everyone to the ground. One customer was held at gunpoint and the security guard on duty was pistol whipped. They used the hammers to smash the showcases open and filled their bags with merchandise. They were in the store for less than three minutes before fleeing in a red F-150 pickup truck.
Oct 06 07:00 PM
ATTEMPTED CREDIT CARD FRAUD – VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – On 10/3/14, a suspect, who went by the alias “Pedro” and has an accent, attempted to purchase two watches. When his credit card was declined the sales associate told him that she would have to call the bank for an authorization code. He attempted to have her take the authorization code from his phone saying he had already called the bank. The sales associate refused to take the code by saying she needed to call from the store phone. He was insistent that she take the code he had and eventually left the store.
Oct 03 07:00 PM
GRAB AND RUN IN MALL – DULUTH, GA – On 10/2/14, three young males were casing jewelry stores throughout the mall for two hours. They were looking for diamond jewelry, and visited at least one of the store three times. Just prior to closing, two of the three suspects entered the store one last time. They were looking at jewelry and asked to see two items for comparison. When the sale associates changed positions at the counter, one suspect noticed the showcase being unlocked and quickly swiped a tray of diamond jewelry and fled from the store. Moments prior to the theft, one suspect had their phone out who was communicating with their getaway driver. They wore hats making it difficult to identify them.
Oct 02 07:00 PM
THIRTY SECOND SMASH AND GRAB – MORROW, GA – On 9/29/14, two suspects entered the store and asked to have their necklace cleaned. While their necklace was being cleaned, they walked over to a case and looked at some rings. They left and fifteen minutes later three suspects entered the store. One of them pulled a hammer out of his pants and smashed the same case, the previous two suspects were looking at. Then they grabbed the merchandise and fled leaving behind the hammer. The first two suspects were described as African American males between their late 20’s and early 30’s. One was 6 feet, wearing grey sweatpants, white t-shirt, and a dark hoodie. The other was 5 foot 9, wearing dark pants, with a white t-shirt and shoes. The other three suspect, who committed the robbery, were described as African American males in their late teens to early 20’s. All of them were wearing dark pants, a t-shirt, and a cap. If you have any information please contact Morrow Police Department at 770-961-4006.
Oct 02 07:00 PM
BURGLAR HID IN DEPARTMENT TILL CLOSING. JUNEAU, AK – On 9/17/14, a burglar hid inside a department store and waited until employees had left to get away with $40,000 worth of jewelry. The burglar alarm was triggered but police did not see any signs of forced entry. The subject ended up smashing a showcase and taking all the merchandise inside. A witness reported seeing a short white male with brown hair, and possibly wearing a green Carhatt-style jacket fleeing the scene. If you have any information please contact the Juneau Police Department at (907) 586-6000.
Sep 30 07:00 PM
DISTRACTION GROUP – CHICAGO, IL – On 9/27/14, two males in their mid-fifties and two females in their mid-forties, who are possibly of East Indian descent, committed a distraction theft. One male broke into the store’s display case by pulling the glass panels apart at the edges. While the females covered the theft from sale associates, the males grabbed several watches and left the store on foot. They were seen driving a silver minivan. Both males appear to be 5 foot 10 to 6 feet. One male weighed between 185-200 pounds with gray hair and glasses. The other male weighed between 180-200 pounds and has black hair. The two females are between 5 foot 7 to 5 foot 9 with black hair tied in back. One of them wore glasses. Police ask anyone with information to contact Area Central Detectives at (312)747-8384.
Sep 29 07:00 PM
DISTRACTION GROUP WITH KEYS HITTING MARYLAND & VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT STORES – On 9/15/14, a man and woman distracted two sale associates while a third man unlocked a showcase, with what appears to be a key, and concealed watches in his pocket. On 9/19/14, a man lingered around a display case while keeping an eye on the sale associates. As soon as the sale associates got distracted, he unlocked the display case with a set of keys and concealed watches in his shopping bag. On 9/20/14, another man crouched down and crawled under a showcase and attempted to unlock a showcase. After failing and being confronted by the store manager, he handed her a watch he picked up and immediately left the store. The same suspect was seen casing two other stores. It has been reported that the suspects have been seen driving a silver Toyota Corolla and a white Lincoln MKX.
Sep 29 07:00 PM
ATTEMPTED BURGLARY- CHAPEL HILL, NC – On 9/24/14, unknown suspects attempted to burglarize a Chapel Hill jewelry store by smashing through the exterior concrete wall and then interior walls of two businesses surrounding the store. When they failed at gaining entry to the store, they abandoned the area leaving behind a bag containing a variety of tools.
Sep 19 07:00 PM
ARREST MADE IN MURDER OF LOCAL JEWELER- OMAHA, NE—Omaha police arrested Milton Dortch,18 Thursday 9/18/14,for the robbery of the Bank of the West last Saturday, and the robbery of JR's Jewelry and Gifts Wednesday morning, and for the murder of store owner James Minshall, Sr. Dortch was booked for first degree murder and use of a weapon to commit a felony for the homicide of Minshall. JSA commends those in law enforcement for the swift arrest of Milton Dortch. Our deepest condolences go out to the victim’s family and friends. (Scott Guginsky, JSA)
Sep 18 07:00 PM
JEWELRY STORE OWNER KILLED BY ROBBER Omaha, NE – September 17, 2014 A robber walked into a retail jewelry store at 10:20 a.m., threw a bag on the floor, drew a gun and ordered the employees to put jewelry in the bag. The 71-year-old owner of the store, several employees and a customer were in the store at the time. When one employee began to fill the bag, the owner made a movement toward the safe. The robber then fired three shots towards the owner, hitting him twice in the torso and killing him, and left the store without taking any jewelry.
Sep 17 07:00 PM
HOME INVASION INDICTMENT-ROCHESTER, NY- Three men, accused in connection with a jewelry store heist at the Mall at Greece Ridge, have been indicted by a Monroe County Grand Jury. Thomas Pryor, Qzay Clark and Alexander Kates were indicted on kidnapping and burglary charges. Investigators say they followed the store manager home last month and tied him up along with his wife and son. We're told the men demanded the keys to the store and the alarm code and then stayed in the house overnight until the store opened the next morning. The owner of the store says the suspects stole nearly $250,000 worth of gold and diamonds.
Sep 02 07:00 PM
CREDIT CARD FRAUD AND IDENTITY THEFT- Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft are growing criminal enterprises and we need to do everything we can to prevent becoming a victim. The Director of Security for Capital One Bank suggests the following tip to help detect if your credit card(s) are compromised: When paying with a credit or debit card, never round the final amount up to a round number. For instance, if the bill at the restaurant is $36.75 and you want to leave a $7.00 tip, don't make the tip $7.25 so that the bill is an even $44.00. Leave the $7.00 tip and let the final amount be $43.75. Do this whenever you pay with a credit card. When you receive your credit card statement, review the amounts, paying particular attention to any amount that is for an exact dollar figure, $44.00, $50.00, $100.00, etc. These amounts will raise a red flag for you to check further to determine if someone has made unauthorized charge with your credit card. This is just another way to maintain control of your accounts and identity. Please tell your family and friends and remember to shred all financial documents before throwing them in the trash.
Aug 25 07:00 PM
PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Port St. Lucie police are investigating after a jewelry store owner found a hole in his wall that led to an unoccupied business next store with busted locks on their doors. On Monday 08/18/2014, police responded to the local Jewelry store to investigate reports of a possible burglary. They met with the shop's owner who told police that after working all day at the store he went to the back of the shop and noticed a "strange looking" mirror on the wall that separates his business and the vacant business next to his shop. The store owner told police he touched the mirror and it went straight through the wall into the unoccupied business. Investigators found that besides the hole being placed in the wall, the locks to the nearby business had been pried open. Police say that with the exception of some holiday decorations being moved around, it does not appear anything was actually taken. Police believe that someone either ran out of time or may have had plans to return after hours. Police are asking if you have any information on this case to call the Port St. Lucie Police Department at (772) 871-5001 or Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers at 1-800-273 TIPS. COMMENT: There are several particularly dangerous situations related to alarms and burglary requiring special caution. For example, be very careful if any store or office bordering your premises, whether over it, under it, or on either side, is vacant. Burglars often smash into your store or office from a neighboring store or office that is unoccupied and/or
Jun 16 07:00 PM
SAN BRUNO,CA - MAN WANTED FOR AN ATTEMPTED ROBBERY OF A JEWELRY STORE WHO CLAIMED TO HAVE AN EXPLOSIVE DEVICE. On 6/12/14, a man who claimed to have an explosive device attempted a robbery at a San Bruno jewelry store on Thursday afternoon. Officers responded to a report of an attempted to commit a robbery at a jewelry store in the 600 block of San Mateo Avenue shortly after 3:35 p.m., Sgt. Ryan Johansen said. The store clerk told arriving officers that the suspect entered the store and claimed to have an explosive device, Johansen said. The suspect threatened to detonate the device unless he was given jewelry, he said. The clerk told the suspect that police were on their way to the scene and he fled the store north on Masson Avenue, according to Johansen. The suspect is described as a light-skinned male in his 20s and standing about 5 feet 6 inches tall with a normal build and thin, dark-colored mustache. Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call San Bruno police at (650) 616-7100 or anonymously by email at
Jun 11 07:00 PM
SUSPECT IN VIOLENT 2011 ROBBERY ARRESTED IN MOROCCO.. May 21,2014- One of the suspects in the violent robbery on a branch of cash transport company Brinks in 2011 was caught in Rabat, Morocco. A spokesperson from the Public Prosecution Authority in Amsterdam has confirmed this with press agency Novum. The robber, Ali A. was apprehended at the request of the Belgian Department of Justice because he is wanted there for diamond theft in Brussels, according to WNL Vandaag de Dag. During the robbery in Amsterdam Zuidoost, the culprits blew up the façade of the Brinks building with explosives. According to the NRC, the robbers scattered tacks at police stations beforehand. After the robbery, a chase ensued over the A2 freeway in which one of the two escape cars crashed. The robbers then threatened another driver, and stole his car. Close to Eindhoven, the robbers fired weapons at the police from an ambush position. The police stopped the chase there. At the time, a police helicopter could not make it through due to the bad weather. It is possible that the robbers chose that particular day to act because of the bad weather. Ali A. was put on the National Wanted List in September 2012. Morocco does not extradite nationals in principle, but has taken over the prosecution of suspects at the request of the Netherlands in the past. The justice spokesperson could not say if that will happen in this case, Novum reports. “We must first see whether he has a Moroccan passport.” Two people form Amsterdam were arrested for the robbery in the end, 23 and 25 years of age. A police spokesman said at the start of 2013 that the 25-year old suspect had a direct link with Belgium. The spokesman verified that several robbery suspects came from Belgium. Brinks has been the target of several robberies in the last few years. The company made a plea last year for their own staff to be allowed to arm themselves.
May 22 07:00 PM
Bensons Jewelers in the Parks Mall , Arlington, Tx was robbed on gunpoint by two african americans on 5/20/2014. One guy came on the 19th day before, asked for engagement rings and diamonds. He then asked the owner operator if he was working tomorrow and who else will be there because he will come to buy, and then on the 20th comes in with another guy tells them to get on the floor and takes three to four trays of engagement and bridal rings. There has been two other robberies in the Dallas area in the last 30 days, Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville-TX and Willow Bend Mall in Plano-Tx. All three were independent jewelers of Indian/Pakistani origin. There seems to be a pattern.
May 06 07:00 PM
JEWELRY STORE EMPLOYEE SHOT AND KILLED IN RICHMOND VIRGINIA. 05/04/14- The search is on for the suspect who shot and killed a jewelry store clerk during a robbery Monday afternoon. Richmond police say, it happened around 4:00p.m. at Victoria Jewelers on East Broad Street. Detectives say, they're going over surveillance video but have yet to release a suspect description. Richmond police sectioned off both the front and back entrances to the store and said they were interviewing witnesses. According to one witness, a couple walked into the store and found the clerk dead on the floor. Richmond police are still looking for witnesses to speak with. If you can help, call the non-emergency number of Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.
Apr 07 07:00 PM
Strasburg, VA - Antique store - reported that 3 males and one female all with thick accents and possibly of Hispanic decent entered the store on 3/25/2014. one male asked the clerk about items in one location of the store, while the female took a blanket an jumped up and down the isles waving it around creating a distraction. The second male went behind the show case(broke the lock)and removed the women's jewelry mostly rings, a few broaches estimated in over $21K. The third male stood as a look out from the other entrance/exit of the store. it is reported that the next day Hanover Borough PD took reports of the same individuals robbing another antique store possibly working together via blue tooth and reported 5 suspects.
Mar 27 07:00 PM
COUNTERFET COIN SCAM. SAUGERTIES-N.Y A Queens’s man who sold 98 counterfeit silver dollars to a Saugerties jewelry store faces several felony charges, state police said Tuesday. Joseph Musheyev, 28, was arrested on 3/24/2014, by state police at Ulster and charged with the felonies of possession of a forged instrument, grand larceny and scheme to defraud. Police said Musheyev carried out the same scheme at other jewelry stores in the Hudson Valley. On Jan. 30, police received a complaint from a jewelry store in the village of Saugerties claiming a person sold the store 100 Morgan Silver Dollars for $1,500 and that 98 of the coins were found to be counterfeit. An investigation found Musheyev sold the coins by presenting the clerk with two genuine Morgan Silver Dollars for inspection while keeping the other 98 in plastic sleeves, police said. Musheyev then provided fraudulent identification and a fictitious name to the clerk who was documenting the transaction. Police did not identify the Saugerties store or any of the others Musheyev allegedly ripped off. Musheyev was arraigned in Saugerties Village Court and sent to the Ulster County Jail in lieu of $5,000 bail.
Mar 21 07:00 PM
ARKANSAS- MAN SENTENCED TO 27 YEARS FOR ROBBING FAYETTEVILLE JEWELRY STORE. Jason Stallcup, 42, was sentenced to 27 years and 3 months for robbing a Fayettteville jewelry store in 2008, according to a news release from U.S. Attorney Conner Eldridge. Stallcup, of Michigan, posed as a Christmas shopper and held up the store with a .22-caliber gun, according to the news release. Stallcup made employees fill his shopping bag with about $300,000 worth of Diamonds, bracelets, earrings and watches, before using zip ties to subdue two employees and a customer. Stallcup pleaded guilty Oct. 7 to robbery and use of a firearm during a crime of violence. "The violent manner in which this defendant terrorized these three innocent victims is totally unconscionable," Eldridge said in the news release. "Thanks to the dedicated work of local law enforcement and Michigan authorities, this offender was apprehended and brought back to be held accountable for this outrageous crime."
Feb 27 07:00 PM
MAN GETS 14 YEARS IN TWO N.H. JEWELRY STORE ROBBERIES. Thursday, February 27, 2014 CONCORD N.H — Delano Nelson, 50, of Compton, California, was sentenced in U.S. District Court for the District of New Hampshire to 14 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to armed robbery charges. In October and November of 2011, the defendant committed the armed robbery of Hannoush Jewelers in Manchester and Kay Jewelers in Tilton, according to a press release issued Thursday by U.S. Attorney for New Hampshire John P. Kacavas. In July of 2012 he was apprehended in Compton, Calif. and indicted by a federal grand jury in August 2012. Walter Williams, also of Compton, Calif., and Shyloe Johnson of Sanbornton, N.H., previously pleaded guilty and were sentenced for their participation in the robberies. This case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Manchester Police Department and the Tilton Police Department. The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Helen White Fitzgibbon.
Feb 04 07:00 PM
ALLEGED JEWEL THIEF'S KISS FOR VICTIM LEADS TO DNA FINGERPRINT – AND ARREST. French police hold man after taking swab from pecked cheek of gagged Paris store owner, then finding DNA database match. An alleged jewel thief who sealed his crime with a kiss was caught after police analyzed the DNA on his victim's cheek. Forensic scientists at the scene swabbed the woman's cheek to isolate the genetic profile. The robber and an accomplice were said to have tied up, gagged and threatened the owner of a Paris jewelry store after following her home. They poured what they claimed was petrol over her head and told her they would set it alight if she did not give them the codes for the shop alarm. When one of the robbers returned from clearing out the shop of jewels the pair released the woman, 56, who had been tied to a chair for four hours. It was then that the 20-year-old thief made his mistake. "The crook gave the victim a kiss on the cheek, in what was apparently a sign of compassion after the ordeal he had put her through," a police source told Le Parisien newspaper. "As soon as she was free the victim alerted the police. "We hoped we could isolate the genetic fingerprint of her assailant. And indeed his DNA was identified and found to be on the national genetic print database." A few months later detectives discovered the DNA matched a man who was being held by the authorities near Nîmes, southern France, on suspicion of other crimes. During questioning the man admitted kissing his victim to "make up for the trauma". He has been remanded in custody while detectives trace his accomplice.
Jan 23 07:00 PM
DENVER, CO POLICE INVESTIGATING THEFT OF HEIRLOOM JEWELRY The following items were stolen from a home: -Carved agate in shape of flower or shell with pearl center in heavy gold setting -Cameo with 4 pearls, one on each side -Natural pearl with diamond, gold and diamond below pearl -Natural pearl in gold setting -Miniature Australian miner's tool, gold -Celtic cross with diamond in center, gold -Gold cup shaped pin with emerald in center, gold and faceted stone -Persian turquois set in heavy gold -Micro mosaic set in gilt copper -Horse shoe set with pearls, gold -Gold filligree all gold, recessed area and pearl -Box, Victorian decoupage -Charm bracelet with 12 charms, all gold, date of 12/14/44, artist palette, ballerina charms -Charm bracelet, heavy gold with 12 charms:KKG sorority pin, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Chi fraternity pin, Jamestown society -Georgian mourning broaches with platted hair (one set with garnets) Any information, please contact Det. Shiller with the Denver Police Department, 720-913-2967,
Jan 15 07:00 PM
ATTEMPTED ROBBERY OF PHOENIX JEWELRY STORE LEADS TO BOTH THE JEWELER AND ROBBER BEING SHOT. PHOENIX, ARIZONA- On 1/14/14, a woman who allegedly tried to rob a Phoenix jewelry store is hospitalized in critical condition after being shot several times by the store owner. Phoenix police spokesman Tommy Thompson said the owner and the suspect exchanged gunfire Tuesday afternoon at a local jewelry store near 13th Street and Northern Avenue. The name of the woman hasn't been released, but police say she appears to be in her late 20s. She was shot several times by the man who owns the store after she allegedly tried to rob it. Authorities say she fled from the store but was found a short distance away and taken to a hospital with serious, but non-life-threatening injuries. Police say the store owner was also shot but has less severe injuries.
Dec 23 07:00 PM
LEADER OF VIOLENT JEWELRY THEFT RING SENTENCED TO 20 Years; ASSOCIATE SENTENCED TO OVER 17 YEARS. NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – Alexander Cuadros-Garcia, 39, of Richmond, Va., and Leonardo Ortiz, 42, of North Chesterfield, Va., were sentenced to 240 months and 210 months in prison, respectively, for participating in a violent and highly sophisticated jewelry theft ring that operated out of Richmond, Va. Dana J. Boente, Acting U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia; Acting Assistant Attorney General Mythili Raman of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division; and Carl J. Vasilko, Special Agent in Charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) Washington Field Division, made the announcement following the sentencing by District Court Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen. “This crew was violent, sophisticated, and relentless in stealing several million dollars in jewelry from victims along the East Coast,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Boente. “The substantial sentences imposed on these two defendants, along with the sentences imposed before on their confederates, is a testament to the great work and cooperation of our law enforcement partners across multiple states and agencies.” “This is a perfect example of our commitment to combating violent and organized crime elements operating within our nation,” added Carl Vasilko, Special Agent in Charge of the ATF’s Washington Field Division. “ATF’s new FRONTLINE Initiative has been implemented to concentrate our resources against those who pose the greatest threat to our citizens through violence and terror. I am extremely impressed with the courage and diligence of our agents in the Norfolk Field Office, which spearheaded this operation, and I commend them on their success.” According to court documents, Cuadros-Garcia led the organized criminal group in stealing more than $4.6 million in jewelry from victims in Virginia and at least four other states, including New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Maryland. In March 2012, Cuadros-Garcia and Ortiz were charged along with six other members of the Richmond-based ring. Members regularly conducted lengthy surveillance on jewelry stores to identify vulnerable individuals and then follow their targets back to the individuals’ hotel or home. In most of the robberies, several men would appear suddenly as the victims approached or entered their car, punch out the car’s windows, threaten the victims at knife-point and steal the victims’ merchandise. In addition, the robbers would puncture the victims’ car tires and steal their cell phone to reduce the chance of pursuit or apprehension. After a successful robbery, members of the ring would travel to New York to sell the merchandise to businessmen, who coordinated re-selling the stolen property or melting it down for future use. Members of the ring then laundered the proceeds through bank accounts and businesses. Co-defendants Lucesita Argueta, Raul Antonio Escobar-Martinez, Luis Carlos Muchado, William Leandro Herrera-Bohorquez, Jose Alfredo Rivero-Garcia, and Juanita Diaz previously pleaded guilty for their roles in the theft ring. Escobar-Martinez and Herrera-Bohorquez were sentenced on March 7 and March 14, 2013, respectively, to serve 87 months in prison. Rivero-Garcia was sentenced on July 24, 2013, to 37 months in prison. Argueta was sentenced on September 18, 2013, to 108 months in prison. Diaz was sentenced on September 18, 2013, to serve 12 months of home confinement. Muchado was sentenced on September 27, 2013, to serve 97 months in prison. Cuadros-Garcia was sentenced on December 18, 2013, to 240 months in prison, and Ortiz was sentenced on December 20, 2013, to 210 months in prison. The investigation of this case was led by the ATF’s Washington Field Division, with the assistance of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations; the police departments in Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, Henrico County, Chesterfield, Prince William County and Fairfax County, Va., along with the Virginia State Police; the Baltimore County, Md., Police Department; the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey; the New York City Police Department; and the police departments in Rutherford, N.J., and Gwinnett County, Ga.; and the Morris County, N.J. Prosecutor’s Office. Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric M. Hurt of the Eastern District of Virginia and Trial Attorney Jerome M. Maiatico of the Criminal Division’s Organized Crime and Gang Section prosecuted the case on behalf of the United States.
Dec 16 07:00 PM
BLACKSBURG POLICE SEARCHING FOR JEWELRY STORE GRAB AND RUN SUBJECT WITH UNIQUE PHYSICAL FEATURES. BLACKSBURG, VA – 12/12/13. Blacksburg Police are hoping you'll recognize the description of a jewelry store thief. Police were called out to the 1400 block of South Main Street around 3:00 p.m. Thursday. They say a man went into a jewelry store there and asked about a piece of jewelry. When the employee took the jewelry out, police say the suspect took it and ran away. He is described as a white man, at least six feet tall, in his late twenties or early thirties with a “RED BEARD TATTOO ON THE BACK OF HIS HAND AND PARTIALLY AMPUTATED THUMB”. If you have any information about this, call Blacksburg Police at 540-961-1150.
Dec 09 07:00 PM
I am a new Vendor at the Pocono Bazaar Marketplace located in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. I along with several other vendors were robbed last week. The thieves made off with a pretty good sized amount of jewelry and weapons (knives). I am hoping by some small miracle they will be apprehended and the merchandise recovered and returned.
Dec 02 07:00 PM
“ROBBERS STEAL JEWELRY WORTH MILLIONS” Rawalpindi, Pakistan— On Friday 11/30/13, armed robbers rushed into Jewelers shops and took away ornaments worth million of rupees in Kallar Syedan . A police official talking to APP said that a group of robbers wearing police uniform arrived in the market Chowk Pindori at Kallar Syedan Road. The robbers overpowered the security guards and tied them with ropes and took away jewelry worth millions. The robbers managed to escape from the scene after committing the robbery. Police reached the crime scene on being informed about the incident. The Police have registered a case and started investigation. Meanwhile, the jewelers blocked the road in protest and demanded for early arrest of the criminals. The protestors said that there has been increase of crimes in the area in the recent days and demanded of increasing police patrolling in the area.—APP
Nov 19 07:00 PM
JEWELER HIT AGAIN BY BURGLAR. SELMA, AL. Another shattered pane of glass and more missing jewelry has one downtown proprietor, and the Selma Police Department, searching for clues about the thief. Sgt. Kendall Thomas, with the Selma Police Department, said a break-in last week at at local Jewelers had indisputable similarities to a break-in at the same store earlier this month. “There was another break-in last week, and it appeared a male subject threw a rock through a front window,” Thomas said. “We are unable to identify him as of now. He was wearing dark clothing. It had the same tactics as before. He left the store and ran through a near by alley. Outside of the basic similarities between the two break-ins, Thomas said he could not discuss too much about the ongoing investigation. Jewelry had also been stolen from the family-owned store during a break-in during the early morning hours of Nov. 6. During that burglary, an individual was captured on multiple security cameras shattering the glass of one of the store’s front doors, before breaking into a display case and stealing jewelry that was left out over night. COMMENT: NEVER LEAVE MERCHANDISE OUT AND VISIBLE OVERNIGHT, REGARDLESS OF VALUE. EVEN IF YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY PERMITS YOU TO LEAVE GOODS OUT OF YOUR SAFE UP TO A CERTAIN VALUE, NEVERTHELESS, PUT ALL YOUR GOODS AWAY SO THAT NONE ARE VISIBLE FROM OUTSIDE THE STORE.
Nov 12 07:00 PM
ROBBERY MASTERMIND SENTENCED TO 20 YEARS FOR SMASH-AND-GRAB THEFTS. November 8, 2013, a 34-year-old Washington, D.C., man was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for leading a series of smash-and-grab robberies, including some at Montgomery County’s toniest stores. A federal district court judge in Virginia also ordered Walter A. Douglas and his co-defendants to pay more than $1.2 million in restitution. Douglas pleaded guilty Aug. 8 to leading a smash-and-grab robbery crew that targeted more than 20 stores in the Washington area, according to prosecutors.. Court records show that when federal investigators arrested Douglas in May, they had already connected him and his crew to robberies in McLean and Alexandria, Va.; Washington and Montgomery County. Court records show that Douglas and his crew struck some of the stores more than once; making hauls that ranged from about $500 to high-level robberies of luxury watch stores that netted them from $130,000 to $500,000 in merchandise . AFTER HE IS RELEASED FROM PRISON IN 20 YEARS, DOUGLAS WAS ORDERED TO PAY $200 A MONTH IN RESTITUTION — WHICH MEANS HE WOULD PAY OFF THE VALUE OF THE ITEMS HE STOLE IN ROUGHLY 500 YEARS.
Oct 29 07:00 PM
SHELDON, IOWA- JEWELRY STORE BURGLARY. According to O’Brien County Sheriff Michael Anderson, the Sheldon Police Department is investigating a burglary at a local jewelry store in Sheldon. The break-in is believed to have occurred during the evening hours of Wednesday, October 23, into the early morning hours of Thursday, October 24. Authorities say “limited access” to the business was gained by breaking a front display window. THE SUSPECTS REPORTEDLY CREATED A HOLE IN THE WINDOW THAT WAS BIG ENOUGH FOR THEM TO BE ABLE TO REACH INSIDE AND TAKE SEVERAL RINGS. The Crime Dusters program is offering a $400 reward to anyone who provides information on this crime that leads to the arrest and conviction of the offenders. You may provide information on this crime or any other crimes by calling the Sheldon Police Department at 712-324-2525. Upon calling you will be put in contact with a police officer who will take your information. People can also provide information or tips on crimes by using the “Hot Tip” link or “e-mail” button on the O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office website at Arrangements can be made to assist the people who want to remain anonymous but still be eligible for the reward. COMMENT: THE MOST COMMON TYPE OF BURGLARY TODAY CONSISTS OF BURGLARS SMASHING A GLASS WINDOW OR DOOR OF A RETAIL STORE, SMASHING CASES AND REMOVING GOODS, OR STEALING EXPOSED JEWELRY ON SHELVES OR BENCHES. THESE BURGLARS TAKE WHATEVER GOODS HAVE BEEN LEFT OUT OF THE SAFE OVERNIGHT, AND GET OUT OF THE PREMISES SWIFTLY. THESE ARE CALLED THREE MINUTE BURGLARIES BECAUSE AFTER AN ALARM SOUNDS, THESE BURGLARS WANT TO BE OUT IN "THREE MINUTES," THAT IS, BEFORE THE POLICE OR GUARDS FROM THE ALARM COMPANY CAN RESPOND. JEWELRY SHOULD ALWAYS BE PUT AWAY AT NIGHT!
Oct 17 07:00 PM
On July 27, 2013, a female named Zarina came into my store with a male person and told me that her boyfriend just died and she wants to sell her 1.24 carat round diamond to me that her boyfriend just purchased for $10,000, that was a lie, the story with her boyfriend also dyeing was a lie, I paid $2,500 for the diamond then was told later by Gia that it is a Synthetic Moissanite stone that is man made. I am working with the Detectives in Union City NJ, since this occurrence, Zarina has scammed 2 more people, 1 person in NJ and the other person in Pennsylvania. Zarina and her male friend must be stopped!!!
Oct 04 07:00 PM
BROOKFIELD POLICE SEEK SUSPECTS IN JEWELRY STORE ROBBERY USING A MILITARY STYLE WEAPON. BROOKFIELD (WI) 10/3/13 —Brookfield police are seeking suspects responsible for an armed attempted robbery that occurred at a local Jewelry store on W. Capitol Drive. It happened around 12:30 Wednesday afternoon. Police say two suspects entered the store, both armed with guns, and attempted to break into a display case containing jewelry. However, the suspects were unable to gain access to the jewelry case, and left the store within one minute of entering. Police say one suspect was armed with a handgun, and another suspect was armed with a rifle, similar to an AR-15 with a collapsible stock. Police say both suspects appeared to be white men. Both suspects appear to have walked to the business from a strip mall to the west on the south side of Capitol Dr. and left on foot in that same direction. Police say one suspect appeared to have been wearing dark pants, a red Wisconsin hooded sweatshirt, white and dark tennis shoes with lime green laces, sunglasses, and was armed with a rifle. The other suspect appeared to have been wearing a sky blue hooded sweatshirt with white draw-strings, green striped scarf, black baseball hat with a large green alligator, possible Lacoste brand, dark pants, black hi-top shoes, wearing a grey and orange backpack. Anyone with any information is asked to call the City of Brookfield PD at 262-787-3702.
Sep 18 07:00 PM
On August 14th, 2013 2 suspects entered my Jewelry Store in Bayonne, New Jersey. This was a Russian/Asian Female and Turkish/Russian Man who sold 1 and a half Ct fake Massonite Diamond Stud Earrings for $2,750. The Woman's name was Zarina and she said her Boyfriend had just died in a car accident in Staten Island and that she needed the money so she was selling the Earrings. She gave me a Polish or Russian Passport and I went with her and the Man to the Bank to cash the Check I gave them. I only recently found out what I bought from them were not real Diamonds, but Massonite. My Tester tested them as Diamond, but in fact they were fake. This pair of suspects also pulled the same scam with a Pawn Shop in Union City, NJ. Please be aware if you see them call the Bayonne, NJ Police or contact this website and let them know. Be aware so this does not happen to you as well.
Sep 16 07:00 PM
WESTMINSTER JEWELRY STORE OWNER SHOOTS AT ROBBERY SUSPECT- WESTMINSTER, CA. On Friday 9/13/13, a robbery suspect fled a Westminster jewelry store as the owner fired a gun at him... Police say a man asked to see an expensive watch at a local jewelry store, and then tried to run out of the store with the watch. The owner gave chase and fired several rounds at the man's vehicle. The suspect, believed to be armed, was able to get away. The same owner last year shot and injured a man during a takeover-style robbery Westminster Police said the suspect was described as 25 to 30 years of age 5’10 to 6'0 feet tall with a thin build, brown hair and was wearing a red polo-type shirt and black-rimmed glasses. He fled in a dark-colored car. COMMENT: BULLETS TRAVEL FAR. ANY SHOTS FIRED CAN WIND UP HITTING AN INNOCENT PERSON INSIDE THE STORE, OUTSIDE THE FRONT WINDOW, OR EVEN AT A GREAT DISTANCE AWAY, CAUSING NOT ONLY TRAGEDY, BUT RAISING SERIOUS ISSUES OF LEGAL LIABILITY FOR THE JEWELER. LEGAL LIABILITY AND EVEN CRIMINAL LIABILITY CAN ARISE WHEN YOU FIRE AND HIT AN INNOCENT PERSON OR EVEN WHEN YOU SHOOT A SUSPECT. LEGAL PROBLEMS CAN ALSO ARISE FROM MERELY FIRING YOUR GUN IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES OR FROM ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF A GUN.
Sep 06 07:00 PM
NEW YORK CITY POLICE DEPARTMENTS TOP TEN SAFETY TIPS WHEN VISTING MIDTOWN MANHATTAN. (1) WALKING- Always be alert to your surroundings is the number one Crime Prevention advice. Travel on populated, well lit streets and limit the use of headphones so you can hear if someone follows you. Have your cell phone ready in case you have to call 911. (2) PICKPOCKETS- Always be aware of pickpockets in crowded situations - such as trains & buses, department stores, or waiting on long lines. Women should carry their bag close to the body in the bend of the elbow. Men should carry their wallet in the front pants pocket or inside jacket pocket - not in the rear pants pocket. Also, backpacks are a big target by thieves - carry backpacks in front of body, secure zippers & do not put wallets in outer compartments. (3) RESTAURANTS- Always put your bag on your lap when in a restaurant, bar, or coffee shop - never hang your bag on the back of a chair. Remember to never leave your personal property unattended - especially bags, wallets & cell phones (4) CON ARTISTS- Always be aware of distraction thefts committed by Con Artists - who trick you and steal your property. Remember to always trust your instincts: If you feel something is wrong - it probably is. (5) FRAUDULENT TICKETS / MUSIC C.D -Always be aware of counterfeit tickets. Only purchase tickets to theatres, sporting events, concerts, comedy shows, etc., from authorized providers. Also, be aware of persons in the street offering a free music C.D. - they state they are artists and will demand donations. (6) CELL PHONES AND ELECTRONIC DEVICES- Always keep your cell phone and other electronic devices out of sight to prevent a thief from grabbing your cell phone and run away. When possible, stop walking when using your cell phone. Utilize headsets - if they can't see it, they can't grab it. Register your cell phones and other electronic devices in the "NYPD Operation ID Program". (7) ATM- Always be wary of someone offering to help you to use an ATM and also, always be sure to log off. Be aware of ATM Skimmers that can be installed on ATM card readers which can collect your card information. Skimmers are less likely to occur when you choose an ATM that is in a well-lit location and monitored with security cameras, such as in a bank lobby. (8) NIGHT CLUBS- Always be cautious if a stranger offers you a drink - especially if you were not able to observe the drink be prepared and never leave your drink unattended. Also, protect your cell phones & wallets in these establishments which are a big target by thieves. (9) FITNESS CLUBS- Always remember, gyms lockers are not intended to secure high value items - ask if the club has special lockers for valuables. Never leave your locker open and unattended even for a brief period. Report suspicious persons to front desk attendant. (10) COUNTER TERRORISM- Report All Suspicious Activity to 1-888-NYC-SAFE (1-888-692-7233). IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING
Sep 05 07:00 PM
Counterfeit Rolex Watches - models Milgauss, Submariner and Yacht-Master. The Amherst NY Police in cooperation with Rolex USA, U.S. ICE DHS and the United States Attorney's Office Western District of New York are looking to identify jewelers who purchased counterfeit Rolex watches from a Frank S. Alvarado (usually provided an Illinois ID). If you have dealt with Frank S. Alvarado please contact Det. Herb Leising at
Aug 26 07:00 PM
WATSONVILLE,CA-ROBBER BRANDISHES HYPODERMIC NEEDLE IN JEWELRY STORE HEIST. On 8/24/13, a robber told a jewelry store clerk he had communicable diseases as he threatened the jewelry store clerk with a hypodermic needle and a knife during a hold up Saturday in Watsonville, police said. The store clerk followed the instructions of the robbery subject, handing over several pieces of jewelry resulting in the robber fleeing and nobody being injured. COMMENT: WHAT TO DO IN A ROBBERY. Even if a jeweler follows all the rules to discourage robberies, the jeweler may still be a robbery target. JSA's main advice if you do have a robbery is this: Do not resist, and cooperate fully.
Aug 20 07:00 PM
MAN POSING AS CONSTRUCTION WORKER PULLS JEWELRY HEIST- NEW YORK,NY. On Monday 8/19/13, at about 2.15 pm, a man who posed as a construction worker wearing a orange safety vest, stole jewelry from a store on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Police say the suspect entered a retail jewelry store on Amsterdam Avenue displayed a gun and stole an undetermined amount of jewelry. Several employees chased the suspect but he ran into the subway station at 72nd Street and disappeared. Police found the suspect's backpack inside the subway station but nothing was inside. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call the NYPD Crime Stoppers Unit at 1-800-244-TIPS. RECOMMENDATIONS: It is rare for a jeweler who does not resist to be shot or killed. On the other hand, it is common for a jeweler who does resist to be shot and killed, or to cause the death of another innocent person. In the vast majority of violent incidents reviewed by JSA, some level of resistance by a victim, verbal or physical, preceded the violence.. Do not chase the robbers or follow them out of the store.” Your life is more valuable then any piece of jewelry.”
Aug 13 07:00 PM
POLICE ARREST AND CHARGE SUSPECT IN JEWELRY STORE HOMICIDE ON MONDAY 8/12/13. ALBUQUERQUE, NM- Shortly after the homicide which occurred on 7/19/13, police released surveillance video showing a man in a red bandanna storming into the National Jewelry Buyers store before he demanded money, and shot and killed the clerk, Richard Glass. Police now believe 24-year-old Manuel Gardner is the one who did it. In court the state said even though this was his first felony charge, the defendant is dangerous. As a result, the judge kept him in jail on a one million dollar cash bond. After the shooting, police released information that the suspect was likely driving a white Crown Victoria. Two weeks later a woman called police about a car like that one looking suspicious in her neighborhood. They showed her a frame of the surveillance video. In her words, she said she’d seen his “bird legs” climbing into that car. That gave police a lead. They went to the car and saw a pay stub in the windshield with Gardner’s name on it. A criminal complaint says two weeks later, someone who knew Gardner called them. He said Gardner confessed to him and knew details about the murder police hadn’t released. That gave police enough for an arrest warrant for Gardner and he was subsequently arrested without incident. Our condolences go out to the victim’s family and friends. (Scott Guginsky, JSA)
Aug 08 07:00 PM
JEWELRY STORE OWNERS AMBUSHED,ROBBED IN WEST PHILADELPHIA, PA- Philadelphia police are on the hunt for a group of four men who targeted owners of a jewelry store as they were leaving their business. It happened on Wednesday 8/07/13, at about 7:00 p.m outside a jewelry store in the unit block of South 52nd Street in West Philadelphia. Detectives say the owners closed up shop for the evening and headed to their SUV, where four armed men were lying in wait. The suspects forced the victims to the ground, even tried to handcuff them. They ran away with bags of jewelry and cash, but ended up dropping them in their haste to get away, as they climbed over a 10-foot fence. The jewelers were unharmed. Police are looking for four African American men between the ages of 17 to 25 armed with shotguns. Anyone with information about this incident or the suspects is asked to call the Philadelphia Police Department. RECOMMENDATIONS: BEFORE CLOSING MAKE SURE ALL CUSTOMERS HAVE LEFT THE STORE BEFORE YOU LOCK THE DOOR AND BEGIN TO PUT YOUR GOODS AWAY IN YOUR SAFE. DO NOT PUT AWAY GOODS WHILE CUSTOMERS ARE STILL IN THE STORE. INSPECT THE PREMISES TO MAKE SURE NO ONE IS SEEKING TO CONCEAL HIMSELF OR HERSELF ON THE PREMISES WITH THE PURPOSE OF BEING LOCKED INSIDE. IF SUSPICIOUS PERSONS ARE OUTSIDE YOUR STORE DURING CLOSING PROCEDURES, ENSURE THAT DOORS ARE LOCKED, MOVE EMPLOYEES TO AN OFFICE AREA, AND NOTIFY THE POLICE AND/OR ANY LOCAL OR MALL SECURITY. ALWAYS BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS AND ON HIGH ALERT WHEN OPENNING AND CLOSING.
Aug 06 07:00 PM
$1.3 MILLION REWARD FOR INFORMATION ABOUT CANNES JEWELRY HEIST- An affiliate of British insurers Lloyds of London is offering a 1 million euro ($1.3 million) reward for information leading to a diamond collection stolen at gunpoint from a jewel show in Cannes. The jewels were on display a when a single gunman walked in to the ground floor show, threatened the handful of unarmed guards, and then disappeared down a side street with the $136 million cache, police have said. The July 28 theft at the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel ranks among the largest jewel heists in history. Lloyds announced the reward on 8/06/13.
Jul 31 07:00 PM
CANNES, FRANCE- GUNPOINT HOTEL JEWELRY ROBBERY ($136 MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF CUSTOM JEWELRY). The estimated value of diamonds and jewels stolen from a glamorous French Riviera hotel more than doubled on Monday to $136 million, making it one of the world’s biggest heists. Police previously estimated the worth of the stolen collection to be around $53 million, but a more complete inventory conducted by the Dubai-based organizer of the diamond show resulted in the value of the stolen goods to sky rocket even higher, a French state prosecutor told the Associated Press. The lone robber walked into the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel in Cannes late morning Sunday and demanded to be handed several bags containing jewels and diamond-encrusted watches. "Everything happened very quickly," a judicial source told Reuters, adding that there was no violence. Philippe Vique, an assistant prosecutor in the Riviera town of Grasse, said Monday that the man covered his face with a scarf, cap and wore gloves while pulling off the logistically simple crime. Vique told the Associated Press that the man broke in through French doors, held up participants of the show with a handgun and fled on foot. The robbery took only about one minute, and three private security guards were on hand, along with two vendors and a manager of the sale exhibit, according to the AP.
Jul 24 07:00 PM
Fraud Awareness The Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office (VA) received a fraud report from a local jeweler 7/20/13. The jeweler, and several pawn shops, were approached by a Hispanic female, age 19, who wished to sell Cartier white gold bracelets. One of the jewelers bought 3 of the bracelets after tests showed they were not fake. After the transaction, the female left in a white GMC truck with a male driver. Female presented Florida identification. The store later found the three bracelets to be made of steel and were out the $1110 they provided the female by check. The phone number she presented would not go through. It was discovered the female also sold similar bracelets in Delaware on 6/24/13. Contact M Bibens, CID 540-582-7115
Jul 16 07:00 PM
ALLEGED POLICE IMPERSONATORS WANTED IN ATTEMPTED ROBBERY OF CENTER CITY JEWELRY STORE PHILADELPHIA, PA – On 7/15/13, police are conducting an investigation, after two men dressed like police officers tried to rob a Center City jewelry store. It happened along a busy Market Street in broad daylight, just before noon on Monday. With the word “police” on what appeared to be bullet proof vests, one of the men pointed his gun directly at two employees. “It’s crazy. It [makes] you feel unsafe,” the store owner said. Two men walked in prior and appeared to have acted as lookouts. Wearing what look like possible wigs, the two men paid $50 to buy a ring. It is believed they then called in their accomplices to try and rob the jewelry store. The two imposters fled with the two other men before they had a chance to steal anything. All four males jumped into the same car and fled the scene. The employees were shaken, but they were not injured. RECOMMENDATION: Do not ignore your instincts or hunches. Be suspicious of anyone acting in a manner not consistent with your regular customer profile. It is impossible to provide a rigid checklist of things to look for, but, given your experience, is there something that just doesn't seem right? Are customers asking unusual questions? Are there odd groupings of people at unlikely hours? Are they signaling or motioning to each other? Are they "browsing," but not really interested in merchandise or prices? Are they nervous? Do they avoid making eye contact with you? Do they appear to be signaling each other? Did they ask to use your bathroom? Are they dressed in a manner possibly designed to disguise their true appearance, such as bulky clothes, or with sunglasses, a wig, makeup or a scarf over their head?
Jul 10 07:00 PM
NEW BEDFORD, MASS- TWO MEN, ONE DRESSED AS A WOMAN, ROB NORTH END JEWELRY STORE. On Tuesday 7/09/13, two men, including one who wore a wig and dressed like a woman, tied up an employee and robbed a north end jewelry store. A male passerby looked in the store window as the robbery was happening and called 911, according to Lt. Jeannine Pettiford. The suspects entered the store about 4:05 p.m. and at least one of them jumped the counter and tied up a female employee, police said. The thieves stole a large amount of jewelry from the store and fled out a back door, Pettiford said. The man who was dressed like a woman has a thin build and wore Spandex leggings with flowers on them, police said. The other suspect wore a T-shirt and has a ponytail. The employee, who was alone in the store, was not injured in the robbery, she said. “It happened very quickly,” Pettiford said. The suspects fled in a vehicle that police believe was parked nearby, she said. No weapons were shown and there were no customers in the store.
Jul 01 07:00 PM
JERSEY CITY, NJ- HANDS BOUND EMPLOYEE CRAWLS ON STOMACH TO THWART JEWELRY STORE ROBBERY IN JERSEY CITY. On, Friday 6/28/13 at about 4.15 p.m a 61-year-old employee of a Journal Square jewelry store, whose hands were bound by an armed robber, crawled on her stomach to buzz in police who apprehended the gunman, according to police reports. Police responded to the jewelry store and observed an armed gunman through the window of the locked store, reports said. The man was dressed in white painter’s overalls, wore clear goggles, green latex gloves, and was pointing a black handgun at the store employee’s head. Seeing the woman was in mortal danger, police ordered the suspect who was standing behind the counter to drop his weapon and come to the door with his hands up. But the man — later identified as Mouhamadou Lamin Ahar, 19, of Dales Avenue in Jersey City — refused to drop the gun. Officers then saw the store employee, whose hands were bound behind her back with zip ties, crawl away from the suspect and activate the door buzzer, allowing the cops to enter the store with their guns drawn, police reports said. Officers rushed into store and made the arrest, reports said. Ahar was charged with possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, unlawful possession of weapon, criminal restraint, terroristic threats, prohibited possession of a weapon, and resisting arrest, reports said. Arriving officers found the victim being held at gunpoint. Their interaction with the suspect led him to know there was no room for escape and he surrendered without any harm to the victim or shots being fired at our officers, said Acting Chief Joseph Connors. "The officers' immediate responsiveness was crucial into the peaceful outcome of what could have been a tragic incident."
Jun 28 07:00 PM
HOMICIDE-ROBBERY AT ATLANTA JEWELRY STORE. Police say they have made two arrests in a fatal shooting and armed robbery at a Villa Rica jewelry store that took place on 6/26/13, and are looking for at least two more suspects in connection with the crime. A 16-year-old boy and 23-year man from Atlanta, were arrested in the death of 45-year-old store owner police said Thursday. The store owner was killed Wednesday afternoon at about 1.00 p.m., when a group of men came into his jewelry store about 35 miles west of downtown Atlanta armed with hammers. The store owner was shot as the men broke a display case to steal watches. Authorities have not elaborated on the arrests and who they think shot the victim. The suspects have been charged with murder and aggravated assault. Both men were being held in the Carroll County jail. Villa Rica Police Capt., Keith Shaddix, said the teenage suspect is being charged as an adult. Neighbors said the store owner was devoted to the local community and will be remembered as a good father, friend and mentor. This was the third smash and grab incident in the Atlanta area in the last week. Police are working to determine if any of the robberies may be related. Our deepest condolences go out to the victims family. (Scott Guginsky,JSA)
Jun 20 07:00 PM
ROBBERY SUSPECTS WORE WHITE HAZMAT SUITS. THE WOODLANDS, TX On Monday 6/17/13, at about 7:00pm, five men wearing white HazMat suits and painter masks stole jewelry from a Jewelry store in the 1400 block of Lake Woodlands Drive. At least one of the suspects had a handgun. The suspects smashed glass display cases, stealing the jewelry inside. They spent only one to two minutes in the store before fleeing, authorities said. The men arrived in a white Crown Victoria, but abandoned it in front of the store and made their getaway in a white SUV parked at a nearby gas station. There were about 10 employees and customers in the store at the time. No one was injured. Only vague descriptions of the suspects are available.
Jun 10 07:00 PM
POLICE IMPERSONATORS COMMIT JEWELRY STORE ROBBERY. SALT LAKE CITY,UTAH- On Tuesday, 6/04/13, two men who posed as police officers robbed a downtown jewelry store. The two men went to the jewelry store around 11 a.m. and gained entry into the business, which requires that customers be buzzed in, by wearing what appeared to be police attire, Salt Lake City police detective Veronica Montoya said. It was reported that the men were wearing light blue polo shirts, with dark pants and weapons consistent with what would be expected on a law enforcement officer. The weapons were not used in the robbery, Montoya said. Instead, the two men gained the trust of employees and asked to check for stolen jewelry, she said. "They took advantage of the officer card all the way through," Montoya said. The men took an unknown amount of jewelry from the store. Police are seeking the public's help in identifying the men or the vehicle they were in when they left the area. One of the men was described as black, around 6 feet 4 inches tall, with dreadlocks in a ponytail. The other man was white, around 6 feet 2 inches tall. Both men are described as being at least 200 pounds. The men apparently turned away some potential customers while at the store, and police are hoping those witnesses will come forward to provide more information. Montoya said the incident is a reminder to the public to not be afraid to ask questions when approached by a police officer. She said they should have badges and credentials and could be confirmed as officers by dispatch. Anyone with information can call 801-799-3000 or submit tips anonymously by texting TIPSLCPD and the information to 274637.
May 23 07:00 PM
MILAN,ITALY-PETROL BOMBS THROWN IN CENTRAL MILAN WATCH ROBBERY. On Tuesday 05/21/2013, six people armed with clubs robbed a luxury watch shop in central Milan , throwing petrol bombs in the street as they made off with their loot, Italian police said. Two employees at the shop selling Franck Muller Swiss watches were wounded in the robbery which took place in broad daylight in Via della Spiga, one of the city's most renowned and chic shopping streets. The robbers smashed the windows of the store to steal watches and jewels, and then lobbed four petrol bombs as they escaped. Police said the haul was big but had yet to be quantified as an inventory of the shop was still under way. The robbery occurred just as Interior Minister Angelino Alfano announced that an additional 140 policemen would be deployed in Milan to increase security there after a spate of violent crimes in Italy's financial capital.
May 14 07:00 PM
CRIME PREVENTION TIP/DECEPTION BURGLARY - a burglary committed by a person(s) that gains entry to the home by posing as an employee of a particular company. This impersonation includes but is not limited to, utility companies, delivery companies and construction companies such as plumbing or electrical contractors. A common explanation is “A pipe broke down the block and we have to check the water”,…Once inside the perpetrator(s) manipulate and distract a victim in order to obtain their valuables. Don’t Become A Victim, Don’t Let them In Don’t hesitate to call 911 These crimes are often targeted at elderly victims during normal business hours (9am-5pm) making them less likely to question the situation. The NYPD Crime Prevention Section would like to share the following information to help avoid you becoming a victim of a deception burglary: If someone comes to your door offering work inside your home and you were never contacted in advance or requested such work: Stay inside your home Verify his/her I.D. through the view finder Contact the company to verify employee’s I.D. (company numbers could be looked up via internet or on your bill) Keep a list of utility companies phone numbers in a convenient location Do not invite anyone into your home while you verify a “work order” and person at your door If you can’t verify the I.D. ,you feel unsafe or suspect criminal activity call 911 immediately NEVER give out any financial information, especially… Social Security Number, Credit card information or Bank account information.
May 07 07:00 PM
ATLANTA, GA-ROBBERY. On Thursday 05/02/13, a fine jewelry store in the fashionable shopping area near Lenox Mall, was attacked by a crew of three male and one female robbery subjects. The store had an electric door strike with a security guard on duty at the time of the incident. The female subject distracted the guard and clerks, opening the door for the woman who later ushered in the remaining three subjects... The four subjects wasted little time forcing staff to the ground at gunpoint, and forced one clerk to open all showcases while another subject forced the staff to open the safe. , but one clerk ran away and that changed the dynamics of the robbery. After the clerk ran, the getaway car fled the scene with only one of the Spanish speaking robbery subjects, leaving three subjects on foot to escape the rear of the store. Once outside and disoriented, the robbery subjects had to leap off a 15ft + parking deck, and lost two large bags of jewelry. These bags were recovered and another smaller bag was found in the getaway car some .2 miles from the robbery scene. . Important to note is the high level of planning and field work done by this gang prior to the robbery. A map of the store with security info was found in the getaway car. The robbery subjects were very aware of the items they wanted to steal and where they were in the store. Any information on this crime contact Atlanta Police, Detective Emma Mills: 404-546-5307.
May 07 07:00 PM
FLEMINGTON, N.J. – ROBBERY. On Sunday 05/05/13, five men stormed through the front door of a jewelry store on route 12, bound some of the employees and ordered customers to the floor, said Hunterdon County Prosecutor Anthony Kearns III. The men, Kearns said, were armed with handguns, but no shots were fired. "This was a disturbing and traumatic crime for those victimized by these assailants," said Kearns. "The store employees and customers did everything right, remaining calm and calling 911 as soon as it was safe to do so. They should be commended for their actions." Police believe the men left in two midsize sedans: a white Chrysler 300 and a black Audi 5 or BMW, both believed to have Pennsylvania license plates. The robbers were described as black men who tried to mask their identities by wearing articles of clothing, hooded sweatshirts and construction helmets, officials said. Somerset County provided a K9 unit to search the area, and an 'all points bulletin' was issued for all of Pennsylvania. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Hunterdon County prosecutor’s office or the Flemington Police Department at 908-788-1129 or 908-782-3435. Hunterdon County Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and indictment of any of the persons responsible for the robbery. Anyone wishing to remain anonymous can submit tips by calling the Crime Stoppers group at 1-800-321-0010, by going on online, or by text messaging “HCTIPS” plus your tip message to 274637 (CRIMES).
Apr 18 07:00 PM
CRIME PREVENTION/HOME SECURITY EVALUATION. Although we can't reduce a burglar's desire and ability, we can reduce their opportunities, so we are sometimes forced to think like burglars do in order to accomplish this goal. So with the warm weather right around the corner, take a look around and evaluate your home's security. Are you providing an easy way in? Are there open vents or crawl spaces, Dog doors, or unsecured Fire escapes? Take the test below to see where you stand. What is your Security Quotient? The following test will help you evaluate your "Security Quotient" or the degree to which you have reduced a criminal's opportunity to gain access to your home. Naturally, we expect a score of 100% and we do hope this questionnaire will serve as a guide for you to make your home and your neighborhood a safer place to live! Put a check mark next to each question you answered yes to and discover your "Security Quotient". I have trimmed all shrubbery that would conceal entrances to my house, especially basement windows. My house number is clearly marked on my residence and illuminated by my entrance light for quick recognition by emergency personnel. The exterior doors to my home are constructed of solid wood or metal and have strike plates and hinges installed with 3-inch screws. I leave exterior lights ON, front and back, during the hours of darkness, whether I am home or not. I have deadbolt locks or other recommended secure locks on all exterior doors, and I use them! All windows in my home are locked (not just latched) while I am away, especially basement windows. When I leave my home unoccupied, I leave a radio on and lights on timers. In other words, my home has that lived-in look while I am gone. I keep shed or garage doors securely locked when I'm gone. When I'm away overnight or longer, I alert neighbors to watch my house and ask a trusted neighbor or friend to pick up mail, change lights, mow lawn, etc. Did you leave a ladder outside? Burglars could use it, or climb a nearby tree, to get in an upstairs window or fire escape. Give yourself 10 points for each point checked 0 - 50: attention is necessary 50 - 70: consider improvements 70 - 90: you're doing a good job 90 - 100: excellent
Apr 01 07:00 PM
LEADER OF JEWELRY THEFT RING PLEADS GUILTY IN VIRGINIA TO RACKETEERING CONSPIRACY WASHINGTON – The leader of a violent and highly sophisticated jewelry theft ring pleaded guilty today for his participation in a racketeering conspiracy, announced Acting Assistant Attorney General Mythili Raman of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division; U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia Neil H. MacBride; and James Newman, Acting Special Agent in Charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) Washington Field Division. Alexander Cuadros-Garcia, aka “Alex,” “Brujo,” “Aleto” and “Manuel Gonzalez”, 37, of Richmond, Va., pleaded guilty before U.S. Magistrate Judge Tommy Miller in the Eastern District of Virginia, Newport News Division, to racketeering conspiracy. According to court documents, Cuadros-Garcia led an organized criminal group that stole more than $4.6 million in jewelry from victims in Virginia and at least six other states. In March 2012, Cuadros-Garcia was charged along with seven other individuals who were members of the Richmond-based ring that regularly conducted lengthy surveillance on jewelry stores to identify vulnerable individuals and then follow their targets back to the individuals’ hotel or home. In most of the robberies, several men would suddenly appear as the victims approached or entered their car, punch out the car’s windows, threaten the victims at knife-point and steal the victims’ merchandise. In addition, the robbers would puncture the victims’ car tires and steal their cell phone to reduce the chance of pursuit or apprehension. After a successful robbery, members of the ring would travel to New York to sell the merchandise to businessmen, who coordinated re-selling the stolen property or melting it down for future use. At sentencing, scheduled for June 19, 2013, Cuadros-Garcia faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. Cuadros-Garcia’s co-defendants Raul Antonio Escobar-Martinez, William Leandro Herrera-Bohorquez and Juanita Diaz previously pleaded guilty for their roles in the theft ring. Escobar-Martinez and Herrera-Bohorquez were sentenced on March 7 and March 14, 2013, respectively, to serve 87 months in prison. The investigation of this case was led by the ATF’s Washington Field Division, with the assistance of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations; the police departments in Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, Henrico County, Chesterfield, Prince William County and Fairfax County in Virginia, along with the Virginia State Police; the Baltimore County, Md., Police Department; the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey; the New York City Police Department; and the police departments in Rutherford, N.J., and Gwinnett County, Ga.; and the Morris County, N.J. Prosecutor’s Office. Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric M. Hurt of the Eastern District of Virginia and Trial Attorney Jerome M. Maiatico of the Criminal Division’s Organized Crime and Gang Section prosecuted the case on behalf of the United States.
Mar 25 07:00 PM
TAIWAN TOMB RAIDER STEALS JEWELRY WORTH OVER $500,000 Tags: coffin, police, Taiwan MOSCOW, February 23 (RIA Novosti) – Police in Taiwan have arrested a suspected robber who stole gold jewelry worth more than $500,000 by cutting holes in coffins, the Central News Agency reported. The suspected robber, identified only by his surname Cheng, was arrested in western Yunlin County on Friday after his car was caught on a surveillance camera at a cemetery raided last month, the report said. Police said Cheng stole jewelry from about 500 graves starting from 2009. He dug up graves at night and cut holes in coffins above the wrists of the deceased to remove gold rings and bracelets. According to China’s custom, jewelry or any valuable items are buried with the deceased.
Mar 20 07:00 PM
CRIME PREVENTION TIP/ WINDOW SHOPPING- Each year over $1.25 billion in personal items and accessories are stolen from vehicles in about 1.85 million thefts nationwide according to the most recent statistics. By employing some basic precautions we can attempt to minimize these "window shopping" thefts. Remember, it only takes seconds for a thief to take what they want, so don't give them the opportunity! Lock your doors! While this piece of advice seems like common sense, up to a quarter of vehicle thefts nationally are from unlocked cars, according to statistics available from law enforcement agencies. Even if you're running into the store for a quick cup of coffee on a cold winters day or a hot summer afternoon, that's too long to leave your vehicle's contents open for the taking. Simply locking the doors will deter those who might just be waiting around for an easy target. Keep it neat! Almost any seemingly worthless personal item that's visible from the outside -- even an empty shopping bag -- could be seen as a carrier of valuables. Don't' leave anything in plain sight, no matter what you think the value to be. If you have a wagon or SUV that leaves your cargo area on display, consider getting a cover. Most of these vehicles can be fitted with inexpensive retractable covers to help keep shopping bags or other belongings out of sight. If you leave it empty the thief will leave empty handed!
Mar 20 07:00 PM
GOLDSBORO, NC- BURGLARY. On 3/5/13, police say they nabbed a jewel thief red-handed, as he was running from a jewelry store that he just broke into. Goldsboro police say they recovered over $24,000 in stolen jewelry when they arrested Charles Stanley short after 2:30 a.m. An alarm alerted them to a jewelry store on Wayne Memorial Drive and responding officers saw a man dressed in all black with a duffel bag running from the store. Stanley was quickly caught and charged with breaking and entering, larceny, possession of stolen goods and resisting an officer. Police say Stanley is also charged with the breaking and entering of the Family Dollar on New Hope Road which happened just before the jewelry store break-in. In that case, a piece of “HEADSTONE FROM A NEARLY CEMETERY WAS THROWN THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR”, but nothing was reported stolen. Police say they also arrested two accomplices, Lauren Carver and Brenton Todd. They say some $10,000 in damage was done to the jewelry store during the break-in.
Mar 19 07:00 PM
CAIRO PLEAS FOR HELP FROM SAUDI PRISONERS FACING EXECUTION BY CRUCIFIXION, FIRING SQUAD FOR ARMED ROBBERY. On 3/5/13, Speaking over a smuggled cell phone from his prison cell, one of seven Saudis set to be put to death Tuesday by crucifixion and firing squad for armed robbery appealed for help to stop the executions. Nasser al-Qahtani told The Associated Press from Abha General prison Monday that he was arrested as part of 23-member ring that stole from "JEWELRY STORES" in 2004 and 2005. He said they were tortured to confess and had no access to lawyers. "I killed no one. I didn't have weapons while robbing the store, but the police tortured me, beat me up and threatened to assault my mother to extract confessions that I had a weapon with me while I was only 15," he said. "We don't deserve death." A leading human rights group added its appeal to Saudi authorities to stop the executions. Al-Qahtani, now 24, said he and the most of the ring were juveniles at the time of the thefts. They were arrested in 2006. The seven received death sentences in 2009, the Saudi newspaper Okaz reported then. Last Saturday, he said, Saudi King Abdullah ratified the death sentences and sent them to Abha. Authorities set Tuesday for the executions. They also determined the methods. The main defendant, Sarhan al-Mashayeh, is to be crucified for three days. The others are to face firing squads.
Mar 15 07:00 PM
JSA 2012 ANNUAL REPORT ON JEWELRY INDUSTRY CRIME IS NOW POSTED ON THE JSA WEB SITE, WWW.JEWELERSSECURITY.ORG. To obtain a copy of this 13 page report, the most comprehensive review of jewelry industry crime in the United States, just visit the site, click on “Crime Statistics,” and download as many copies as you wish. The information in this report is based on documented events collected by the JSA throughout the year, 2012. The statistics referred to in the report are based on verified crime reports, collected from reliable sources, including but not limited to, Federal and local law enforcement, actual victims, insurance companies, burglar alarm co., internet sources, etc. This report is important reading for every member of the jewelry industry.
Mar 11 07:00 PM
GILROY, CA -GRAB AND RUN. On 3/9/13, at approximately 3:35 PM, a jewelry store in Gilroy, CA was the victim of a Grab and Run theft. A lone suspect entered the store and asked to see Rolex watches. The Associate directed him to the showcase and talked to him briefly about the watches. The suspect asked about price and a particular two-tone man's watch. The suspect asked to handle the watch. Once he had the first watch in his hand he asked to see a second one. The Associate advised that she was only permitted to show one watch at a time. At that point she reached for the watch in order to research the price for him however he turned and ran from the store. Description: African American Male Adult, 22-27 years of age, 5'-9", 135 .lbs. thin build, cleaning groomed, thin jaw line beard. Distinct tattoos (left forearm had a skeleton face with a top hat and right forearm had a set of playing cards). Police Information: Gilroy Police Department Phone: (408)-846-0350 COMMENT: GRAB AND RUN THEFTS ARE DIFFICULT TO PREVENT. THE CARDINAL RULE IN REDUCING LOSSES FROM GRAB AND RUNS IS THAT A SALESPERSON SHOULD NEVER SHOW MORE THAN ONE ITEM AT A TIME.
Feb 19 07:00 PM
Zales Jewelry Store-Spotsylvania Towne Center Fredericksburg VA Date: 1/12/13 (Saturday) Time: 2100-2115 MO: A black male and female entered Zales jewelry store and engaged the attention of both clerks at the jewelry counter. The female suspect (S3) handed the clerk a square shopping bag and told her to put everything in it. At the same time, the male suspect (S1) did the same with the second employee, after telling him he had a gun. The employee then jumped the counter and tackled the male suspect (S1). A silver handgun fell to the floor and a second black male was seen entering the store and taking the gun. A nearby store security camera captured the second male (S2) and the female (S3) fleeing. Suspect (S1), Michael Richardson (B/M, age 43, 5'4"/145 lbs from washington DC, was arrested and incarcerated at the Rappahannock Security Center. Vehicle: Possibly a silver 4 door sedan (rental)
Feb 08 07:00 PM
The Monroe (NY) Police Department is investigating a Grand Larceny/Trademark Counterfeiting case that occurred in September 2012. A 31 year old man named Albert Torres entered a jewelry store in Monroe NY and inquired about selling a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Milgauss watch to the business owner. The watch was in a box and had all associated paperwork with it. The jeweler examined the watch and believing it was genuine purchased it for $3500.00 in cash. The watch was examined at a later date by a Rolex dealer and found to be counterfiet. The jeweler advised police that Torres, who used a legitimate NYS issued identificatio card, was well dressed and had a knew a great deal about Rolex watches. Our investigation found that Torres had also sold a similar counterfeit watch to a jeweler in Albany NY within a few days of the sale in Monroe. Our department is asking any jewelers who may have purchased a counterfeit Rolex watch from Torres to contact Detective James Frankild at the Monroe Police Department at (845) 782-8644 ref case MP 723-12.
Feb 04 07:00 PM
TRAVELING SALEMAN FROM MISSOURI ROBBED AT KNIFEPOINT IN GEORGIA. On 1/31/2013, after making several sales calls, a traveling salesman stopped to refuel his car at a gas station in Buford Georgia and was approached by two male Hispanic subjects on foot. These subjects then proceeded to smash his car window and remove his jewelry line from his vehicle, while threatening him with a knife. Both subject fled in silver Honda CRV which was being driven by a third subject. JSA has also been informed of several incidents in which salesman have been followed by male Hispanic subjects (South American Gangs) while making sales calls in past few weeks in the Atlanta area. COMMENT: IN ORDER TO KNOW IF YOU ARE BEING FOLLOWED, YOU MUST BE CONSTANTLY ALERT TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS. WHEN LEAVING YOUR HOME IN THE MORNING, WHILE VISITING YOUR CLIENTS, WHEN STOPPED FOR LUNCH, LOOK AROUND FREQUENTLY. IS SOMEONE WATCHING YOU? IS SOMEONE FOLLOWING YOU? IS THERE A GROUP OF PEOPLE HANGING OUT IN THE PARKING LOT OR OUTSIDE THE STORE THAT DO NOT SEEM TO FIT IN? .
Jan 31 07:00 PM
FREDERICK, MARYLAND-SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY. On 01/10/2013, at about 7.00pm, two male black subjects in their 20's, entered a local jewelry store at separate times. Both subjects walked around the store until they both found the display case where the gold Rolex watches were kept. These males began asking questions about gold Rolex watches, and as they were doing so, the store received a phone call from an unknown male who inquired about Rolex wat
Jan 17 07:00 PM
REIDSVILLE, NC – BURGLARY/BOMB THREAT. On Sunday 1/13/13, police think a bizarre weekend bomb threat and jewelry store burglary might be tied together. Officers say someone called in a bomb threat to a local hospital at about 02:00AM ... Just 20 minutes later, dispatchers got a burglary alarm call at a near by jewelry store. When officers responded to the jewelry store, they found hundreds of nails strewn across the highway. Investigators hadn't definitively linked the bomb threat to the jewelry theft, but say there's a good chance they're related. Given the effort to delay and potentially distract officers, police doubt this is the first time these criminals have done something like this. Three subjects caught on store surveillance cameras all wore jumpsuits, hoodies and masks. Subjects entered the store by breaking a window which was not protected by the roll down security gate. Once inside, they smashed several display cases removing trays of jewelry that were left out over night. `
Jan 15 07:00 PM
PITTSBURGH, PA- DISTRACTION THEFT. ON 01/14/13 at about 3.30pm, two male subjects entered a jewelry store and asked to see bridal sets. Throughout the presentation one subject sat and asked to see merchandise, while the other subject acted as a decoy and kept attempting to cover the showcase with his body. Store employees had taken out several pieces of jewelry from the showcase at the same time to show. After the subjects left the store, it was discovered during an inventory count that one of the subjects had stole a bridal set. Suspect(s) Description: Suspect 1 - Black Male, late 40's, Very large nose, 5'10", medium build, tan shirt, blue jeans Suspect 2 - Black Male, Late 40'2, Crossed eyes, 5'5" medium build, blue sweat suit. COMMENT: EMPLOYEES SHOULD ONLY SHOW ONE ITEM AT A TIME. IF A SECOND ITEM IS REQUESTED, SHOW IT ON YOUR OWN WRIST OR FINGER. SOME HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL JEWELRY RETAILERS DISPLAY A SIGN SAYING THAT THEIR INSURANCE COMPANY ONLY PERMITS THEM TO SHOW ONE ITEM AT A TIME.
Jan 14 07:00 PM
ROBBERS INVADE HOME, TAKE MANAGER BACK TO STORE South Whitehall Township, PA – December 28, 2012 Three masked robbers broke into the home of the employee of a jewelry store. They held the employee at gunpoint and tied him with duct tape until his wife returned, when they also tied her up. While one suspect guarded the wife in the house, the other two suspects took the employee in the wife’s green Toyota Camry and drove him to the store at 7:00 p.m. where he was forced to open the safe. The suspects left the employee tied up inside the store and released the wife. The wife’s car has not yet been recovered. South Whitehall Township Police ask anyone with information to call 610-398-0337. RECOMMENDATIONS: See the bottom of the homepage of the JSA website,, for advice on security at home for jewelers.
Jan 03 07:00 PM
PHONY FED EX COURIER THEFT- MANHATTAN, NEW YORK. On Tuesday, 12/4/12, a woman dressed in a Fed Ex uniform entered a retail jewelry store on Madison Avenue in the Upper East Side of Manhattan and asked if there were any packages to be shipped. As this was around the normal pick-up time, the manager called downstairs to an employee to bring up the 2 packages that were ready to be shipped. The packages were given to the woman and she left. It should be noted the packages were not scanned. Approximately 30 minutes later the regular Fed Ex employee arrived and the jeweler realized they were the victims of a theft Sources have told us the woman may be a former Fed Ex employee and that she may continue to be active and looking to engage in more thefts. Be alert. Call the police immediately if you think you have seen the suspect. CRIME PREVENTION TIPS: GET TO KNOW WHO YOUR REGULAR DELIVERY SERVICE COURIER IS. IF YOUR REGULAR COURIER IS OUT, ASK FOR THE REPLACEMENT'S ID AND CALL FED EX TO CONFIRM HIS/HER IDENTIFICATION. BE SURE THE PACKAGES ARE SCANNED BEFORE THE COURIER LEAVES YOUR PREMISES. TALK TO YOUR EMPLOYEES SO EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT THE PROPER PROCEDURES ARE IN REGARDS TO PICK/DELIVERIES BY COURIERS. .
Dec 28 07:00 PM
ROOFTOP BURLARIES -HOUSTON. On 12/23/12 , unknown subjects did gain entry into a retail jewelry store located in a strip center from the roof. Once inside the building, they cut all the alarm and CCTV cables. Thinking the alarm was disabled, they proceeded to smash the alarm control unit. It is at this time the alarm signal was sent from a secondary alarm transmission method. Police responded and found the back door of the store open. The subjects had fled before the police arrived.. COMMENT: SOME JEWELERS HAVE PLACED MOTION DETECTORS IN DROP CEILINGS OR ABOVE CEILING TILES IN ORDER TO DETECT BREAK-INS FROM A ROOF,WHICH IS A COMMEND METHOD OF ENTRY. THERE ARE A NUMBER OF INSTANCES OF CRIMINALS BREAKING THROUGH ROOFS,OR BREAKING THROUGH WALLS,AND NOT ENTERING THE MAIN PART OF THE PREMISES UNTIL THE STORE PERSONNEL HAVE ARRIVED IN THE MORNING AND TURNED OFF THE ALARM SYSTEMS. THEN THESE CRIMINALS EMERGE AND CARRY OUT AN ARMED ROBBERY.
Dec 28 07:00 PM
On 12/27/2012 at 1631 hrs two Black males believed to be around 30 years of age, entered a retail store. in Ogden, UT. The males immediately went to a specific display case and began looking inside. Within seconds one of the males produced what appears to be a box cutter type device and began cutting the silicone strips surrounding the glass display case. Once the silicone was cut, one male propped the glass top open and both of them began removing jewelry from the display case. They removed 60-70 pieces of jewelry estimated at $100,000. The jewelry was then placed into a shopping bag one male brought with him into the store. The males were in and out of the store in exactly 3 minutes which includes the several times they were interrupted. The males were seen leaving and arriving in a early to mid-2000 Maroon colored Pontiac Grand Am or Grand Prix. The first Black male is described as heavy set with a large pot belly. He was wearing a Black jacket with a striped t-shirt. He was also wearing a flat cap. The second Black male is described as having a stocky build with a Black jacket and dark clothing. He was also wearing a flat cap. If anyone has any information on this case please contact. Detective Brandon Mizar Ogden City Police Department Investigations Bureau Desk: 801-629-8229
Dec 18 07:00 PM
CRIME PREVENTION TIP / TELEMARKING SCAMS. Many legitimate companies sell their products or services through telemarketing and charities also use telemarketing techniques - however, unfortunately fraudulent telemarketers scam people every day. Here are some tips to help you avoid these scammers: - Know who you're dealing with. If the company or charity is unfamiliar, check it out with your state or local consumer protection agency and the Better Business Bureau. - Be aware that "no complaint" is no guarantee. Fraudulent operators open and close quickly, so the fact that no one has made a complaint yet doesn't mean that the company or charity is legitimate. You still need to look for other danger signs of fraud. - Don't believe promises of easy money. If someone claims that you can earn money with little or no work, get a loan or credit card even if you have bad credit or make money on an investment with little or no risk, it's probably a scam. One should always remember, that an offer that sounds too good to be true, probably is. - Think twice before entering contests operated by unfamiliar companies. Fraudulent marketers sometimes use contest entry forms to identify potential victims. - Never pay to play. It's illegal for a company to require you to buy something or pay a fee in order to win or claim a prize. Buying something doesn't improve your chances of winning. - Resist pressure. Legitimate companies will be happy to send you detailed information and give you time to make a decision. It is probably a scam if the marketer demands that you act immediately or will not take "No" for an answer. - Guard your personal information. Only provide your credit card or bank account number when you are actually paying for something. Do not give your social security number to a telemarketer. - Senior citizens are particularly vulnerable to scams that take advantage of people who live alone. Seniors need to be wary when dealing with salespersons, particularly over the phone.
Dec 13 07:00 PM
On November 21st, 2012, an unknown male suspect forced entry through the front door of James Free Jewelers during the overnight hours. The suspect was armed with two pry tools and a large knapsack. The suspect went directly to the merchandise cases that were left stocked during the overnight hours and smashed them. He managed to take four Michele watches and an unknown quantity of men's David Yurman jewelry. The suspect spent less than two minutes in the store before casually walking out, shutting the door behind him. If any agencies have experienced similar crimes, please contact me at the City of Montgomery Ohio Police Department-513-985-1600.
Dec 04 07:00 PM
4:40AM. Groton, CT Intruder smashes front store glass door with his own cinder block, enters store, exits within 16 seconds. Sound like a familiar M.O.? Please call Detective Don Rankin at 860-441-6716.
Nov 30 07:00 PM
REQUEST FOR INFORMATION. Police in Pearland, Texas, recently stopped three suspects and found them to be in possession of labeled bags of numerous emeralds, rubies and diamond baggets, all wrapped in paper. The police ask that anyone with information pertaining to this matter should contact Off. Thomas Ferguson, Houston PD, Precious Metals Unit, #832-394-1355, email:
Nov 16 07:00 PM
BURGLARS SMASH FRONT DOOR AND 14 DISPLAY CASES. On 10/22/12, in the middle of the night, burglars were not fooled by a retail jeweler in Newman, GA, who had covered his display cases with cloth coverings, so as to give the impression to would-be burglars that the cases were empty. Of course, even the dumbest burglars have figured out that there would be no logical reason to cover a display case unless it contained jewelry. So far, in 2012, the JSA has received 246 reports of similar burglaries that occurred in the middle of the night, a door or window was smashed to gain entry, and jewelry left out over night is stolen from display cases, some of which were covered with cloth coverings. There is sufficient evidence to conclude that none of these burglaries would have taken place if the jewelry had been secured out of sight and the unrealistic practice of placing cloth coverings on jewelry display cases as a burglary deterrent, was not employed. COMMENT: RETAIL JEWELERS MUST SECURE THEIR INVENTORY OVERNIGHT WHERE IT CANNOT BE SEEN FROM THE EXTERIOR OF THE STORE. BURGLARS ARE NOT FOOLED OR DETERRED WHEN CLOTH COVERINGS ARE PLACED ON DISPLAY CASES.
Nov 13 07:00 PM
HOLIDAY REMINDER REGARDING TELEPHONE/E-MAIL CREDIT CARD SALES. It is usually around this time of the year that the JSA will receive reports of what is commonly referred to by law enforcement as “Nigerian Scams.” There are many different variations of these scams but the one used most frequently during the holiday shopping period involves placing orders for jewelry over the phone with fraudulent credit card information. Fraudulent orders are also placed using Email. The people posing as customers usually will initially inquire if a retailer will accept credit card orders over the phone or by Email. They may also ask if you will ship outside of the US. So as not alarm their intended victim, the initial order will usually be for gold jewelery valued at less than $3,000. They will also attach some urgency to their order, “My daughter is getting married tomorrow and I need ten gold chains shipped today.” If their victim ships the first order, the criminals will attempt to place additional orders until such time that the retailer gets suspicious. The majority of these crimes actually originate from Nigeria but some are perpetrated by criminals operating in the US. It would not be unusual for fraudulent orders placed with a retailer in New Jersey to be shipped to an address in Chicago or LA. Of course, all of these losses result in a chargeback for the retailer since he/she does not have a copy of the credit card or a signature of the customer. Unfortunately, because of the logistics and jurisdictional problems involved, victims should not expect a great deal of interest by law enforcement. COMMENT: IF YOU ACCEPT A TELEPHONE OR EMAIL ORDER FROM SOMEONE YOU DO NOT KNOW IT COULD BE A SCAM AND YOU WILL BE SUBJECT TO A CHARGE BACK. JEWELERS SHOULD BE AWARE OF THE POSSIBLE LIABILITIES INVOLVED REGARDING TELEPHONE AND EMAIL ORDERS.
Oct 25 07:00 PM
INDUSTRY THIRD QUARTER BURGLARY STATISTICS. For the period between 1/1/12 and 9/30/12, the JSA has received reports pertaining to 259 burglaries committed at jewelry locations. The reported losses associated with these events are approximately $11.4 million. Nearly 220 of these burglaries were committed in the middle of the night by individuals who, after observing jewelry left out in display cases overnight, smashed a window or glass paneled door to gain entry. Display cases were then smash, jewelry stolen and most of the burglars escaped before law enforcement could respond. This category of crime, which the JSA identifies as “Three Minute Burglaries,” can end tomorrow if retail jewelers secure their inventory out of sight tonight. Putting a cloth cover over a display case to hide your jewelry is not an effective deterrent. Leaving just inexpensive items out and visible from the street is also ineffective and a bit ridiculous. The only effective way to prevent this category of burglary is to put your inventory away at the close of business. If unable to fit it in your safe, even a file cabinet is better than leaving in a display case and visible to would-be burglars. The expense involved with removing jewelry from a display and having to polish it the following morning is certainly much less that the expense involved with one these burglaries.
Oct 12 07:00 PM
RESPONCE TO THE JEWELER FROM HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA. We have found your message to be a bit confusing, however, if our understanding of your question is correct, it appears that you may have been the victim of a "memo fraud." Suggest that you confer with your attorney for the most effective way to proceed. It is our experience that law enforcement will usually not pursue such cases criminally unless a pattern of numerous victims can be established. It is more common that a remedy involving civil litigation is employed. The JSA dose not provide legal advice and recommends that you confer with a legal expert in your jurisdiction regarding this matter.
Oct 11 07:00 PM
I open new store in Hollywood FL and I was experience with people, who want to be a customer, but after all steal from you .They start to tell you a lot of story every week and after ask small items to buy. After all when it is the time( for them) they took items to help you to sell and never come back. It is criminal or civil case?
Oct 05 07:00 PM
SEE SOMETHING – SAY SOMETHING – IT WORKS! On 10/4/12, an alert civilian noticed a suspicious looking individual, not fitting the usual local profile, at a train station in a small rural town, talking on a two way radio. Nearby, seated in an automobile, were two additional individuals with a radio who appeared to be communicating with the fellow on the station. The Civilian wisely called the police, who responded and questioned the suspects regarding their unusual conduct. The police soon discovered that the suspects had in their possession pictures of a local wealthy jeweler, his wife, children and their cars. Exactly what they were planning remains to be investigated, but any likely scenario is at best frightening. The police also learned that the photographs and other information the suspects had regarding their intended victims had been easily obtained by the suspects from Facebook. Thanks to the alert civilian and some exceptional police work, this story has a happy conclusion. COMMENT: Jewelers, no matter what aspect of the industry they are involved in, must be constantly thinking about security. Not only in regard to the business phase of his/her life, but also, and perhaps more so, regarding their families. To put personal information, such as photographs and other personal information on a social network such as Facebook, in my opinion, is insane and asking for trouble. If you have similar information, available to all of the nuts and criminals in the world, on one of the numerous social networks, take it off now and avoid a possible tragedy. For those in the jewelry industry, security is a 24/7, 365 days a year concern. (Bob Frank, JSA)
Sep 13 07:00 PM
BURGLARY - $700K LOSS – EXTENSIVE DAMAGE TO ALARM SYSTEM AND VAULT. On 9/3/12 at about 2 a.m., a burglar alarm signal from a retail jewelry store was received by an alarm company. The police and the owner were notified immediately. The police responded, reported that the store was secure and left. The owner did not respond. The burglars were now free, since the alarm system was no longer operational and the police have concluded that all was well, to attacked the vault with a cutting wheel and flee with the entire inventory. It does not matter where this happened because it can happen anywhere when jewelers do not respond when a signal is received from their business location. This very large loss most likely would have been prevented if the jeweler had responded to his store and allowed the police to conduct an internal search. There is also a good chance that the burglars would now be incarcerated instead of free to victimize another jewelry business. COMMENT: Jewelers, retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, etc, should respond to their business location whenever a signal is reported to them by their alarm company. They should respond even if they are informed that the alarm has reset and was probably the result of a draft or a mouse running across the floor. Ideally, the jeweler should meet the police at the location and allow them to conduct and internal inspection.
Sep 07 07:00 PM
CRIMES AGAINST JEWELERS TRAVELING WITH JEWELRY AT AN ALL TIME LOW – BUT CONTINUE TO OCCUR. As of 9/1/12 the JSA has received reports of 47 attacks on jewelers traveling with jewelry in the United States. 16 of those victims were retailers and not traveling jewelry sales people. There were sixteen attacks reported from the state of California with the remainder of the losses divided between fifteen other states. The majority of the cases were confrontational robbery events involving the use of guns, knifes, pepper spray and physical assault. Thankfully there have been no homicides in connection with off-premises attacks in 2012. Ten of the events happened at a hotel and ten others occurred at a private residence. There were four home invasions at the private residences of retail jewelers. Nearly half of the total number of incidents occurred in a parking lot. COMMENT: Attacks against traveling jewelry sales people have been declining for several years and this downward trend appears to be continuing. However, attacks are still taking place and the criminals involved are still active and very dangerous individuals. Never resist and armed jewelry criminal. The criminals have demonstrated that they will not hesitate to use deadly physical force to overcome resistance from one of their victims. Jewelers going on the road with product must still stay alert and be aware of what is happening around them. The traveling salesperson's world is safer but still not safe enough throw caution to the wind.
Sep 06 07:00 PM
ROOFTOP BURGLARY – WHITE HOUSE, TN. On 9/1/12, burglars cut a hole in the roof of a retail jewelry store, located on Highway 76, to gain entry. They then apparently ripped out the alarm system before cutting open the rear of a TL30 safe with an inexpensive cutting wheel, available to any hardware store. The burglars then fled, undetected, with the entire inventory valued at nearly $400K. Unfortunately, this familiar scenario has been reported to the JSA approximately 15 times so far this year. Following a review of these incidents it is not difficult to conclude why these losses continue to happen. Reason #1 – In this and the majority of the attacks the jeweler’s safe was not adequate for the job. Most of the victim locations had a safe with a UL rating of TL30 or less. Reason #2- The alarm systems were also inadequate in that the backup system (line security) consisted of a cell backup system. UL will not certify cell backup. COMMENT: In all of these burglaries it appears that the bad guys had thoroughly cased the target locations and only attacked those with inadequate protection such as cell backup and easily compromised safes such as a TL30. Jewelry industry members should upgrade their alarm system today to an Internet based line security system or two-way radio system if available, and obtain a UL rated TRTL30 or 15X6 safe.
Aug 27 07:00 PM
ROOFTOP BURGLARY – NORTHBROOK, IL. During the early morning hours of 8/22/12, burglars cut a hole in the roof of a retail jewelry store on Woodhead Drive. They attacked the alarm system, but did not gain entry and thankfully there was no loss of inventory. Wires and cables were cut and the roof was severely damaged. At this point in time it is not known if this was the work of unskilled, first time rooftop burglars, or experienced burglars who (fortunately) made a mistake when attacking the alarm system. Even though the majority of jewelry industry burglaries (75%) are of the Three Minute variety, smash a window and a couple of display cases in the middle of the night and escape with jewelry lefty out of the safe, the really large dollar losses are more likely to occur during the more sophisticated rooftop variety. COMMENT: Retail jewelers should have, at a minimum, a safe with a UL rating of at least TRTL15X6. There have been a number of reports indicating that skilled burglars, after having defeated a jeweler’s alarm system, bypassed TRTL15 and 30X6 safes and only attacked lesser rated safes. A jeweler’s alarm system must also include the latest technology available in connection with line security. Jewelers should always respond to their place of business if notified by their alarm company that a signal has been received, even if assured that the system “reset itself” and all is well, no need to respond, you can go back to sleep. The owner or a representative should meet the police at the scene and allow them to conduct an internal search.
Aug 20 07:00 PM
Aug 20 07:00 PM
TRAVELING SALESMAN FIGHTS ARMED ROBBERS – BEATEN AND STABBED IN SAN ANTONIO, TX. On 8/8/12 an experienced traveling jewelry salesman had just entered his rental car, after making an unannounced visit at a retail customer, when a car pulled up and blocked his departure. Two masked men, one armed with a gun and the other with a knife, smashed both side windows of the salesman’s car and demanded his line. The salesman, a victim of similar attacks on two previous occasions in years past, apparently made a decision to resist and fought with the armed men. The salesman lost the fight, his line and almost his life. He was beaten and stabbed several times and has undergone several surgeries since the attack. Thankfully this victim will survive. COMMENT: Based on the historical record at the JSA, this victim was most likely followed from a previous call at another retail location that was being watched by the robbers. He was then followed to the place of occurrence where the bad guys waited nearby and attacked when he got into his car. Should you one day be confronted by
Aug 19 07:00 PM
Sunday Test
Jun 29 07:00 PM
ARMED ROBBERS IN “MUSLIM” ATTIRE ARRESTED. On 6/26/12, at about 3:15 PM, two black men, wearing latex gloves and dressed completely in what was described as “Muslim” attire, including head coverings, threatened employees and customers with a handgun. After ordering their victims to the floor, the suspects put jewelry into luggage type bags they brought with them. However, when one of the owners ran out the back door the robbers apparently panicked and fled without the jewelry. The police responded quickly enough to apprehend both suspects as they attempted to escape in a white Honda. Police ask anyone who thinks they may have been a previous victim of these suspects to contact Detective C. Michael Phenneger, Manor Township PD, Lancaster, PA, at #717-299-5231, ext. 129, or email:
Jun 25 07:00 PM
LOUISIANA GOLD SCAM. On 6/22/12, two thieves pretending to have ended relationships with girlfriends, offered to sell several of their gold bracelets. The bracelets were marked 14K. They did not react to a magnet and stood up to an acid test. Only after the suspects left did the victim jeweler cut into them and learned that they were fake upon administering a second acid test. This victim reports that these suspects have also hit two other businesses in the Lafayette, LA area. The suspects provided Oklahoma Driver’s Licenses as photo ID. Obviously, they will turn out to be fraudulent and the names used, Scott Emmitt McGrath and Lee Anthony Loggins, will prove to be false. However, Loggins is described as, M/W, 6’, 175 lbs, brn eyes, DOB 3/31/66. McGrath is described as M/W, 5’11”, 190, Blue eyes, DOB 9/27/76. COMMENT: AS MOST JEWELERS ARE VERY AWARE, FRAUDULENT SALE OF GOLD JEWELRY TO RETAILERS HAS BECOME A VERY COMMON OCCURRENCE. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE CUSTOMER, CAUTION IS ADVISED. A “CUSTOMER’ TRAVELING FROM ANOTHER STATE TO SELL RATHER INEXPENSIVE GOLD JEWELRY SHOULD BE CONSIDERED A “RED FLAG” AND WORTHY OF EXTRA CAUTION. THOROUGH TESTING MUST BE CONDUCTED BEFORE THE CUSTOMERS LEAVE WITH YOUR MONEY. IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS OR SUSPICIONS, JUST SAY, “NOT INTERESTED, HAVE A NICE DAY.”
Jun 22 07:00 PM
SPARTANBURG, SC – HIGH-END WATCH SWITCH. On 6/18/12, shortly after noon, two well dressed suspects entered a retail jewelry store located on East Henry Street. They posed as customers interested in purchasing a $13K Rolex time piece and asked to see a particular model. After examining the watch the men returned it to the sales associate and said they would discuss a possible purchase over lunch. The men never returned and it was later discovered the next day that the watch the suspects returned was a counterfeit. A review of the store’s internal surveillance video showed one of the men putting the real watch in his pocket and returning the counterfeit to the sales associate. It was also determined that the tag on the counterfeit watch was also fraudulent. Photographs of the suspects, 2/B/M, shirts and ties, one wearing a suit, have been distributed in the latest JSA E-Mail Crime Alert. COMMENT: Watch switches are very unusual but they do happen and sales staff must be alert to the possibility of an event such as this. Sales staff must be trained to tell the difference between a real and fake high-end time piece, such as a $13K Rolex, and the importance of examining the tag on all items being returned after examination by a “customer.” These two thieves are sure to be encouraged by their success in Spartanburg and will likely try their skills again. DON’T BE THEIR NEXT VICTIM.
Jun 18 07:00 PM
CUSTOMER ALLOWED TO USE RESTROOM - $70K MISSING FROM SAFE. On 6/6/12 a retail jeweler located in Sacramento, CA, allowed a customer to use the restroom located in the rear area of the store near the safe. It was later discovered that $70K worth of jewelry was missing from their safe. (Nothing was reported as missing from the restroom.) This is a very old trick used by jewelry thieves. A thief will usually attach urgency to their request to use your bathroom facilities when the sales staff is busy with customers. COMMENT: NEVER ALLOW A CUSTOMER TO USE YOUR BATHROOM FACILITIES. A REQUESTING CUSTOMER CAN BE INFORMED THAT STORE POLICY AND/OR INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS PREVENT HONORING THEIR REQUEST. HOWEVER, IT MAY BE EASIER TO SIMPLY STATE, “SORRY, OUR RESTROOM IS OUT OF ORDER.”
Jun 18 07:00 PM
LAS VEGAS – LUNCH HOUR ROBBERY. On 6/15/12, at about 12:30 PM, two Hispanic men wearing “Hoodies” and medical gloves, displayed a gun and hit the jeweler in the face. The robbers then smashed a show case, grabbed about $25K worth of wedding sets and fled. RETAILERS ARE REMINDED NOT TO RESIST WHEN CONFRONTED BY AN ARMED ROBBER. AN ARMED CRIMINAL WILL DO ANYTHING HE MUST TO PREVENT HIS APPREHENSION AND WILL NOT HESTITATE TO USE DEADLY PHYSICAL FORCE IF HE VIEWS THE ACTIONS OF HIS VICTIM AS A THREAT TO HIS FREEDOM.
May 24 07:00 PM
IN RESPONSE TO THE PREVIOUS MESSAGE FROM “LOOKING FOR SOME GUIDANCE.” Based only on the limited information you provided it is impossible to conclude that this is part of scam or other illegal activity? Could be perfectly innocent? If you doubt the sincerity of the caller and those little hairs on the back of your neck stand up when listening to the voice message, don’t return the call and waste not further time or effort on this matter. Thanks for contacting the JSA – Bob Frank, #212-687-0328
May 23 07:00 PM
I posted this message on the Orchid jewelry forum, and a fellow member suggested I come here for information. > [yesterday] when I was away from my phone, someone called and > left a message. Caller said "I want something made, I'm looking for a > jeweler in my area of town... found your website online...please > call [name] at [phone#] and let's talk about the project." > > However, the call originated in Iowa and I live in Florida. My > website promotes my classes and does not solicit custom orders. While > he gave his name and number, his message was bare of details (make > what?) and had an outright lie ("my part of town"). > > What sort of scam is this? Just a disreputable salesman, or > something worse? > > Some guidance would be appreciated. I still have the voice message and phone number. Thanks for your help.
May 22 07:00 PM
ATTACKS ON TRAVELING JEWELRY SALESPEOPLE CONTINUE TO DECLINE. In 2008 for the period, January 1 to March 22, there were 72 off-premises attacks on industry members traveling with jewelry. In 2010, for the same time period, there were 45 attacks. In 2011 there were 34 attacks for that time frame. So far in 2012 there have been 29 attacks. The number of events and the dollars lost continue to decline, but they still occur. The criminals responsible are still dangerous and deserving of dedicated awareness and attention to your surroundings at all times. Local law enforcement, the FBI, and the recent very effective work by the ATF in Richmond, VA, has resulted in many of the criminals involved in this type of criminal activity to be incarcerated for long periods and eventually deported. Please note that of the 29 attacks that occurred so far this year, 13 took place in California, no other state had more than two events. Federal Agents from ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) in Richmond, VA, arrested seven members of a South American Theft Group (SATG) that specialized in attacking traveling jewelry salespeople as far back as 2009. One of the agents told the JSA that the members of this group were some the most difficult individuals to observe and follow that they have ever encounterd. The suspects were constantly on the alert for any sign that they were being watched by law enforcement and took extraordinary precautions designed to confuse and counter any possible investigative efforts. However, the ATF agents employed some rather unusual methods, which I will not reveal, and after about nine months of dedicated effort, the bad guys were out smarted, arrested and will remain behind prison walls for many years.
May 21 07:00 PM
ADVICE WORTH REPEATING: A story recently published on JCKOnline, regarding a shootout between a jeweler and a robber in Beaumont, Texas, included excerpts and recommendations from the JSA Manual of Jewelry Security, which are important enough to be repeated. “While there are cases of jewelers successfully pulling a gun and shooting the robber, these are exceptions. The robber is the aggressor, and has the tremendous advantage of gaining control over the jeweler with his gun before the jeweler is able to react. Contrary to general belief, a handgun is not a defensive weapon, unless it is in your hand, ready for use, before the robber takes his gun out. Even if a jeweler follows all the rules to discourage robberies, the jeweler may still be a robbery target. JSA’s main advice if you do have a robbery is this: Do not resist, and cooperate fully.” The factual analysis of historical records, going back many years, clearly demonstrates that the risk of death or serious injury to the jeweler goes up dramatically when there is resistance. Additional information on this important issue can be found in the JSA Manual of Jewelry Security, pages 16 and 17.
May 11 07:00 PM
May 11 07:00 PM
May 10 07:00 PM
ROBBER KILLED BY JEWELER IN VALLEJO, CA. On 5/3/12, at about lunch time, a man identified by the police as, Tremont Williams, age 36, with an extensive criminal record, walked into Carrillo’s Jewelry store and threatened the owner and his wife, who was holding their young daughter in her arms at the time, with a gun. The jeweler, fearing for his life and the safety of his family, shot and killed Williams. Fortunately, the jeweler and his family members were not physically harmed. Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact Detective Drew Ramsey, Major Case Unit, telephone #1-800-488-9383.
May 09 07:00 PM
RETAILER VICIOUSLY ATTACKED DURING ROBBERY IN CHARLOTTE, NC. On May 3, 2012, at about 2:30 PM, the suspect walked in the jewelry store, located in the Strawberry Hill Shopping Center, and announced that he was there to spray for bugs. He was wearing an official looking reflective traffic type vest. He was described by his victims as a B/M, 6’1”, 270 lbs. The suspect then sprayed the elderly owner with pepper spray and punched him repeatedly and viciously until he fell to the ground with a broken nose and bleeding profusely. While the suspect was removing jewelry, including 15 Rolex watches from a case that he had torn off the back door with his bare hands, the jeweler fired a shot at the robber, but missed. The robber then took the gun away from the jeweler and pistol whipped him with his own gun before escaping in a getaway car operated by an accomplice. Anyone with information regarding this matter is asked to contact Detective Stephen Fischbach, Charlotte Mecklenburg PD, email:, #980-322-4672.
Apr 29 07:00 PM
DIVERSION THEFT ALERT......Members be advised a crew out of Philadelphia Pa has traveled to California and are currently are in CA. as of Sunday April 29th, 8:00am. These males are in the company of two black females and are operating a White 2012 Jeep Compass with a CT License plate 566YCG. Suspects.... LAMONT CUMMINGS B/B, 49, 6'1" 160lbs, and KEVIN BANDY B/M, 43, 5'8", 150lbs. they are planning a large scale diversion theft and will likely be well dressed and well spoken. CUMMINGS has an open federal Warrant for violating his probation. USE caution, any suspicious activity call local police. Any information please contact Detective Mark J. McCullion Philadelphia Police Dept, Major Crimes Unit, Philadelphia Office of the FBI, 267-228-0006, office # 215-418-4148, e-mail
Apr 23 07:00 PM
ROBBERY GANGS TARGETING HIGH-END WATCHES. Since 1/1/11 the JSA has received approximately 30 reports, eight so far this year, describing robberies committed by groups of armed men, stealing high-end time pieces from retail jewelry stores from California to New York and many points in between. Some wore masks and gloves. Some displayed handguns. Some bound their victims with plastics ties. One victim resisted and was pistol whipped; another jeweler was sprayed with pepper spray. The robbers often left expensive jewelry behind and only took certain watch models, an indication that the thieves had a buyer interested only in particular time pieces. Various police agencies are working hard at identifying and apprehending these dangerous individuals, some arrests have been made and more are expected. COMMENT: Until all of those responsible have been incarcerated, retailers selling high-end watches should consider reviewing their security programs and possibly take extra steps and precautions to help deter a similar loss at their place of business. More importantly, training and conditioning of staff not to resist an armed criminal is essential. Staff must stay alert to the possibility of being cased by gang members, male and/or female, prior to an actual robbery. Consider only putting half of your expensive watch inventory on display at a time. Notify your local police of all suspicious activity. The police will not be annoyed if you call several times. Consider hiring an off-duty police officer, preferably in uniform, to work security at your store.
Apr 09 07:00 PM
ALARM SYSTEM WORKED AS DESIGNED-JEWELER WENT BACK TO SLEEP. On 4/9/12, the, reported that on the previous Sat, 4/7/12, at about 3:17 am, burglars entered through the roof of a jewelry store located at the Shoppes at Montage, Moosic, PA. The story went on to explain that the alarm system had been disabled before the burglar or burglars gained entry. It also explained that a signal was sent to the alarm company at 3:17 am but was cancelled by the store manager because it was mistakenly believed that the alarm was set off by balloons in the store. I think this may qualify as an oxymoron. The alarm system sent a signal to the alarm company, worked as designed and obviously was not disabled. The alarm company notified the designated responsible person who, according to the report, concluded the signal was the result of balloons at the store and did not respond or request that the police meet her at the store. COMMENT: Whenever a notification is received from your alarm company regarding a burglar alarm signal at your place business, never assume that it the result of something other than an unlawful entry. You must always respond to the location and allow the police to conduct an internal search of your business. You must respond even if your alarm company indicates it is a false alarm and has reset itself. This subject is covered in the JSA Manual of Jewelry Security, pages 82, 83, and 84.
Apr 02 07:00 PM
SILVER COIN SCAM – MONTGOMERY TWP, PA. The suspect sold two hundred and fifty Lady Liberty silver dollars to a small retail jewelry location in the Montgomery Mall on March 10, 2012. The victim tested only four of the coins and found them to be silver and paid the suspect $3,500. Later the jeweler discovered that the 246 coins he did not test were counterfeit. The suspect is described as a Black Male, 40’s, stocky build, missing an upper left tooth. He also produced a Florida driver’s license as identification. If you have been victimized by this individual or if you have information regarding this loss, please contact Detective Edward Davies at # 215-393-6960 or email:
Mar 26 07:00 PM
COLORADO SPRINGS – ROBBER ESCAPED IN BLACK LEXUS SC 400. On Thursday, 3/22/12, at about 8:15 PM, a robber pointed a gun at a sales associate and demanded jewelry and cash. The victim wisely complied and the robber left the store and fled in a black Lexus with tinted windows. The suspect was described as an Hispanic male, between 25 and 30 years, 5ft 9in, wearing a black hoodie and converse gym shoes. Anyone with information regarding this robbery should contact the Colorado Springs PD at #719-444-7000. COMMENT: The victim displayed very good judgment by following the robber’s instructions in an extremely stressful situation. Not always understood is the fact that a robber, in a situation like this, is also under extreme stress and is likely to fire his weapon in response to any perceived threat to his continued freedom or lack of cooperation by the victim. Unfortunately, jewelers must be prepared and condition themselves to respond correctly during armed confrontations. No amount of jewelry is worth risking serious injury or death. Retail jewelers should consider contacting the Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co, (#800-558-6411) and request a copy of their training video, “Selling with Security.” The information and advice contained in this video could save your inventory and your life.
Mar 19 07:00 PM
RETAIL JEWELER IN SHOOTOUT WITH FIVE ROBBERS IN FULLERTON, CA. On Friday, 3/16/12, at about 12:15 pm, after announcing a robbery, one of the suspects got into a struggle with an armed sales associate. The associate managed to shoot the robber, who ran but didn’t get far, collapsing soon afterwards. Four other suspects fled in two cars but wound up crashing and having to make a run for it. The City of Fullerton has a police force of about 150 officers. Of the total150 officers there are usually never more than 25 or so uniform personnel on duty at a time. Apparently, those coppers on duty at the time of this robbery knew what to do and how to do it well. All of the suspects attempting to escape on foot were captured by the police within a five block radius of the crime scene. The wounded robber was identified as Nelvin Cook, M/B/27, of Los Angeles. Cook was removed to a nearby hospital and was in critical condition during early reports. The others robbers were identified as, Randolph Long, M/B/21, of Houston, Devon Ridge, M/B/22, of Compton, Obiese Enwezor, M/B/18, from Los Angels and Jayson Coleman/ M/B/20, also from LA. Thankfully, no jewelry industry members and no police officers were seriously injured. COMMENT – The JSA never recommends that jewelers resist armed robbers. There is no amount of jewelry worth more than the life of a jeweler or a customer. In this case there is a happy ending. However, it could easily have gone the other way and a jeweler could be the one in critical condition.
Mar 16 07:00 PM
ARMED ROBBERS TARGET ROLEX IN ALBANY ROBBERY. Yesterday evening, at about 8:00 PM, three M/B suspects, one armed with a gun, bound two sales associates at a retail jewelry store, located in Stuyvesant Plaza, Guilderland, NY, with zip lock ties after possibly spraying them with pepper spray. The robbers then attacked one of three Rolex watch display cases and fled with about 20 time pieces. The suspects showed no interest in stealing the other watches or expensive jewelry easily accessible for them at the store. A third employ, not detected by the robbers, was in the restroom at the time of the robbery and called 911. However, the suspects were gone by the time the police responded. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.
Mar 13 07:00 PM
Contact FBI Richmond, SA David C. Johnson, 804-289-7243 with information. During the overnight hours of January 2, 2012 the Beverly Hills Jewelry store, located at 8101 Staples Mill Road, Richmond, VA, was burglarized by unknown subject(s). Prior to forcing entry, the subject(s) disabled the alarm system signal by cutting the phone lines at the exterior phone box. Also cut were the phone lines to the other half dozen businesses in the small strip mall. The subject(s) also disabled a dozen tower lights that illuminated the parking lot surrounding the strip mall. Entry was made by prying open the rear door of the store. An internal metal gate style door, which was immediately inside the rear door, was also pried open. Another metal gate style door was further inside and was also pried open, allowing the subject(s) access to the store. Once inside the store, the subject(s)' motion set off a security device that filled the store with smoke, which eventually dissipated. The subject(s) cut the corners of the two large safe doors and then pried the doors open. The large safes were emptied out and the jewelry display cases that surrounded the inside of the store were also emptied. All jewelry items were removed from their small cases, which were left in a pile in the store. Due to the extremely large amount of jewelry taken, and the limited time of activity recorded by the motion sensors throughout the store, it would appear there were several subjects involved.
Mar 13 07:00 PM
IRS, ONLINE TAX APPEAL SCAM. The JSA has received a number of reports regarding an obviously fraudulent email from the Internal Revenue Service. It is usually addressed to, “Dear Accountant Officer,” and indicates that the recipient's, “Tax Appeal,” has been rejected. It then directs the recipient to click on a link for additional information. If you receive a similar email, DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK PROVIDED. It has not been confirmed but is strongly suspected that clicking on a link will allow the hackers sending this email to obtain confidential information stored in your computer, such as passwords, pin numbers, banking information, etc. As we all are aware, this is not the way the IRS does business. Any emails received that are similar in content should be deleted immediately and also removed from your trash bin.
Feb 29 07:00 PM
TRAVELING JEWELRY SALESMAN REPORTS MILLION DOLLAR ROBBERY IN SHERMAN OAKS, CA. On 2/17/2012, at about 3pm, a jewelry salesman and his wife had just stopped their car in the parking lot of the Sherman Oaks Fashion Square, when two masked men with guns smashed the rear window of their car and removed a bag containing jewelry. The suspects fled in a BMW 3 series with paper plates. Prior to this attack the victims had visited a retail jewelry customer in Santa Monica and were most likely followed from that location. COMMENT: In 2011 the JSA received reports of 78 off-premises attacks, 20 of which were actually against retail jewelers. This is the lowest number of yearly attacks against salespersons reported to the JSA, ever. Of the 78 attacks, 21 occurred in California, 11 in Texas and 10 in New York. Interestingly, a group of 12 individuals (SATG) involved in this category of criminal activity have recently been arrested in St. Petersburg, Russia. The JSA 2011 Annual Report, which contains a full report of jewelry crime statistics for 2011, will soon be available to download from the JSA web site,
Jan 26 07:00 PM
SUSPECT IN WESTPORT HOMICIDE HAS COMMITTED SUICIDE IN SPAIN. The JSA has just received an unconfirmed report that, Robert Levene, the individual recently arrested in Spain and charged with the murder of Westport, CT jeweler, Yekutiel Zeevi, on 12/8/11, has committed suicide while incarcerated in Barcelona, Spain, while awaiting extradition to the Unite States.
Jan 25 07:00 PM
WESTPORT, CT KILLER IDENTIIFED AND ARRESTED IN SPAIN. On 12/8/11, a robber, posing as a customer interested in purchasing high value diamonds, shot two jewelers before escaping with six diamonds valued at about $300,000. One victim died at the scene, but the other survived and was able to provide valuable assistance to the local and Federal investigators involved in the hunt for the suspect. Following a extraordinary investigation, (similar to a script from the TV show NCIS) by the Westport PD, the Connecticut State Police, the FBI, the United States Marshals Service, Interpol and at least four other local and Federal agencies, the suspect was identified, located in Spain and taken into custody by the Spanish National Police on January 23, 2012. He has been identified as Andrew Robert Levene, M/W/41, 5’9”, 180 lbs, a US citizen formerly residing in Connecticut. All of the coppers involved with this investigation deserve our praise and gratitude for apprehending this killer before he could kill again. However, based on the calculated, calm, cold blooded indifference displayed by the suspect in this case, I would encourage law enforcement to review any “cold case” files that could possibly have been the work of this suspect. Would anyone be surprised if he has killed before?
Jan 11 07:00 PM
SUSPICIOUS PHONE CALLS. During the week of 1/2/12, personnel at jewelry store located in Hershey, PA, received several telephone calls from individuals who identified themselves as employees of the store’s alarm company. The caller said that they needed to verify the store’s password./pass code. The caller requested passwords, the stores address and employee information. Fortunately, the requested information was not provided and it was later determined that the call did not originate from their alarm company. COMMENT. The possible ramifications of this, had the information been provided to the caller, are obvious. All jewelers, retailers, manufactures, wholesalers, etc, must always be alert to possible methods employed by clever criminals. Owners and managers should schedule frequent staff meetings and discuss matters pertaining to crime prevention and security. JSA members should have all personnel read and be familiar with the information provided in the, “JSA Manual of Jewelry Security.” Excellent security training DVD’s are also available. NEVER GIVE OUT CONFIDENTIAL/SENSITIVE INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF OR YOUR BUSINESS OVER THE PHONE UNLESS YOU ORIGINATED THE CALL, IT IS AN ABSOLUTE NECCESSITY, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE TALKING TO AND THAT PERSON HAS A CLEAR NEED TO KNOW. IF IN DOUBT, JUST SAY “NO.”
Dec 30 07:00 PM
JERK STEALS RING – IDENTIFIED ON FACEBOOK-ARRESTED. On 12/26/11, a young man spent over an hour looking at engagement rings at a jewelry store in Burlington, VT. At one point he asked to see a 1.01 carat solitaire ring, valued at $3,199, which he looked at for a moment before running out of the store and escaping with the ring. While the police were investigating and releasing information to the media regarding the loss, the young thief took his fiancé out to dinner, asked her to marry him and gave her the ring. She said yes and soon afterwards posted pictures of the ring on her Facebook page. Friends of the couple, who were aware of the information released by the authorities, put two and two together after seeing the Facebook postings and called the police. The young fellow was soon in custody, the ring was recovered and the wedding is being postponed for at about 1 ½ to 3 years. The Jerks fiancé told police, “thought he might have stolen the ring because I knew he didn’t have any money. “ COMMENT: Grab and Run thefts are extremely difficult to prevent, but losses can be greatly reduced by only showing one piece at a time. The sales associate in this case prevented a much larger loss by not allowing the suspect to examine more than one ring at a time. He had requested to see two rings at the same time so that he could make a comparison. Obviously, he would have fled with two rings had the sales associate not wisely denied his request.
Dec 20 07:00 PM
JEWELERS BEWARE OF BOGUS “BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU” NOTIFICATION. Should you receive an email indicating that a complaint has been filed against you with the, “Council of Better business Bureaus,” do not click on the link, COMPLAINT REPORT, provided. The JSA has learned that the information is fraudulent and designed to plant malicious phishing malware in your computer when you open the link. The malware will then be able to monitor your activity on the computer and learn your banking, credit card and other sensitive financial information including usernames and passwords. COMMENT: IF IN DOUBT, DELETE AND THEN DELETE IT AGAIN FROM YOUR TRASH OR RECYCLING FOLDER. DO NOT OPEN OR CLICK ON ANY LINKS. DO NOT REPLY TO ANY SUSPICIOUS EMAIL YOU RECEIVE. (For more information visit the Better Business Bureau’s Web Site at,, or contact the JSA, #212-687-0328)
Dec 16 07:00 PM
TRAVELING JEWELRY SALESMAN STABBED IN LA. On 12/13/11, a salesman for a New York jewelry firm was seated in his car in Los Angeles, prior to making a call on at a local retail customer, when attacked. Two men smashed his window, pulled the salesman out of the car and during a struggle stabbed him in the leg before escaping. The men took their victim’s line bag, with jewelry valued at over $120,000, slashed the tires on his car to prevent him from following them and fled in a car operated by a third suspect. A passerby witnessed the attack and called 911. Fortunately, the victim’s wound was not life threatening. COMMENT: Most likely, the robbers followed the salesman from one of his previous retailer visits to the place of occurrence. Jewelers traveling with jewelry must always be alert to the possibility of being followed and take appropriate counter measures when a tail is spotted. The JSA Manual of Jewelry Security is an excellent source of information regarding effective security measures for traveling jewelry salespersons.
Dec 09 07:00 PM
WESTPORT, CT JEWELER SHOT AND KILLED DURING ROBBERY. Last night, 12/8/11, at about 10 PM, the police received a call from an unidentified male saying that he and another man had been shot at YZ Jewelry Manufacturers, located at the Compo Shopping Center, 431 Post Road East, Westport, CT. The police responded and found the owner, Yakutiel Zeevi, and an associate with gunshot wounds. Both were removed to the hospital where the owner was pronounced dead. The other wounded individual is listed in critical condition but has been able to assist the investigators. The police have learned that the killer was at the location the day before the shooting and made an appointment to return last evening, apparently, as part of a plan to rob the jeweler. The police have released surveillance photographs (poor quality) of the suspect. Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact the Westport Detective Bureau at #203-341-6080.
Dec 08 07:00 PM
FBI WARNING – COMPLICATED PHISHING SCAM. Victims are being targeted via email involving personal and business accounts, financial institutions and jewelry stores. The email appears to be from the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) alerting the recipient to a problem with a direct deposit transaction at their bank and informing them it was not processed. The email advises the user to click a link to enter a secure section of the web site, but instead it launches a virus that can monitor their key strokes and steal their inline banking credentials. Once the account is compromised, the hackers attack the financial institution as a distraction while they send fraudulent wire transfers to jewelry stores. Then couriers pick up jewelry “electronically” paid for using money from hacked accounts. The FBI recommends users never click a link in an email from unknown source. If you receive an email alert about a problem with bank accounts, call your bank directly. For more information on ways to stay safe online visit the FBI’s web site at (Source: FBI Press release 12/5/11)
Dec 02 07:00 PM
POLICE ARREST FOUR “PINK PANTHER’ BURGLARS IN GREECE. Last Friday, 11/25/11, four burglars who police say are members of the notorious “Pink Panthers,” were arrested after they burglarized a retail jeweler in Ilioupolis, Greece. The police have implicated them in 116 burglaries and armed robberies over the last two years throughout Europe. The police are looking for 12 additional members of this group. The suspects used a stolen vehicle to smash open the front of the jewelry store in Ilioupolis and then fled on stolen motorbikes before being apprehended. During the last several years many valuable items of jewelry, diamonds and watches, allegedly stolen by this gang in Europe, have been recovered in the United States. The FBI and the NYPD are actively investigating the activities of this gang in the US and are working closely with INTERPOL and numerous European law enforcement agencies, including Germany, England and France. (Source: Athens News, 12/2/11)
Nov 29 07:00 PM
YUMA, AZ –“MY STORE AND MY LIVLIHOOD DESTROYED IN FIVE MINUTES.” It was about 3:38 AM, Saturday morning on 11/26/11, when the owner of a retail store on Pacific Avenue in Yuma, AZ, received a call from her alarm company. They advised the owner that there was motion detected in her store and she was being burglarized. The owner, the police and the alarm company responded but they were all too late to apprehend the burglars who escaped with most of the inventory, leaving shattered glass everywhere. All of the display cases were destroyed and all of the jewelry left in the cases overnight was gone. The police have no suspects and the victim has no product. COMMENT: This category of crime, known as a Three Minute Burglary, is the most common type of burglary to occur in the jewelry industry. It represents about 70% of the total number of burglaries perpetrated against retail jewelers. It is also a crime that can be eliminated tomorrow if all of the jewelers in the US would secure their inventory out of sight tonight. Even if it will not fit in a stores safe, securing jewelry in an out of sight file cabinet is safer than leaving it in a location visible to would-be burglars looking for easy pickings. Don’t let what happened in Yuma happen to you. Put your inventory, even the inexpensive items, away out of sight overnight, and have a very Happy and Prosperous Holiday Season. You will also sleep much better.
Nov 18 07:00 PM
JEWELERS BEWARE OF WIRE SCAM. The JSA has been advised by the FBI that a cleaver thief, possibly of eastern European background, has been victimizing jewelers using an old trick know as a “Wire Scam.” The suspect calls his victims, orders high-end jewelry and states that he will pay with a wire transfer to the jeweler’s account. The intended victim provides his account information and a short time later someone appears to pick up the jewelry. After the jeweler checks with his bank and learns that the transfer of funds is categorized as “Pending”, the jewelry is turned over to the suspect who leaves and is not seen again. Some time later the jeweler learns from his bank that the transfer was cancelled about the same time the suspect left with the jewelry. Most of this thief’s victims have been in the New York area but obviously this could happen anywhere. Jewelers should be aware that “Pending” does not mean a money transfer has been completed. This is an old trick and is easily prevented.
Nov 04 07:00 PM
THIEF ATTEMPTED TO BUY A ROLEX WITH FAKE CREDIT CARD. On 11/3/11, at about 8:30 PM a suspect, posing as a customer, produced a MI Driver’s License and a Discover credit card with the name, Manuel Calderon, and attempted to purchase a $6,000 Rolex time piece at a retail jewelry store in Altoona, PA. When the retailer swiped the card the magnetic strip would not work with the machine. An attempt to manually enter the card also failed. The suspect, appearing nervous, then walked outside and said that he was going to call his bank. A sales associate also walked outside and observed the suspect enter a black Mercedes, operated by another person, and drive off. The credit card company later confirmed that the card presented by the suspect was a fake. Upon close examination of a copy the driver’s license used by the suspect, it also appears to be a fake since it indicates that the licensee has black eyes. I have never met anyone with black eyes, except the kind you get after being punched. COMMENT: Soon we will be into the holiday season and retailers will, hopefully, experience a big increase in store activity. Unfortunately, this time of the year also will be viewed by thieves as an opportunity to steal. Criminals will count on jewelers being too busy to catch them stealing when their store is full of customers. The intended victim in this case was alert, followed proper procedures, and prevented a loss. This would be a good time for retailers to have a meeting with the entire staff and review matters relate to loss prevention and, if not already in place, establish an internal alert system for the holidays.
Oct 19 07:00 PM
ROOFTOP BURGLARIES CONTINUE IN FLORIDA. Earlier this year the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), working with numerous local and Federal law enforcement agencies, arrested a gang of burglars and charged them in connection with approximately 21 burglaries of pawn shops and retail jewelry stores up and down the east coast. All those charged were described as Cuban Americans residing in Southeast Florida. However, rooftop burglaries are still occurring. The most recent occurred during the early morning hours of 10/18/11. Two holes were cut into the roof of a retail jewelery store on Kennedy Blvd, in Tampa, FL. One of the holes was directly over a closet that contained the alarm system, which was disabled by the burglars. The burglars attacked two safes with a torch, entered one and fled with approximately $250,000 worth of watches, diamonds, silver bars, and coins, scrap gold and antique jewelry. Little is known at this time regarding the level of protection of the alarm system, that seems to have been easily defeated, or the possible UL rating for the safe that was entered with a torch. COMMENTS: Jewelry businesses should be protected on all six sides, including the roof. If your burglar alarm system does not send a signal when someone cuts two holes in your roof, it is inadequate and needs to be upgraded. Any safe with a UL rating of less than TRTL15X6 is also, in the opinion of the JSA, inadequate for use by a retail jewelry business. Based only on the description of the defeated safe provided by the police, this safe did not have the appropriate UL classification. Anyone with information regarding this burglary is asked to contact Det. Lloyd Borden, Tampa PD, #813-354-6633, cell:#813-624-6480, email:
Oct 10 07:00 PM
WHILE A JURY DELIBERATES REGARDING AN OLD ROBBERY CHARGE, THE DEFENDANT COMMITS A LUNCH TIME GRAB AND RUN AT A FRANKLIN, TN JEWELRY STORE. According to an AP news story, on 9/30/11, a fellow by the name of Mark Burgin was awaiting a jury’s verdict regarding a knifepoint robbery he was accused of committing at a truck stop in 2009. While the court took a lunch break, Burgin visited a nearby jewelry store and stole $45,000 worth of jewelry and then ran back to court, a block away, when a sales associate confronted him. The police put things together quickly and Burgin was identified. The judge was advised of what had happened and after the jury returned a guilty verdict in the 2009 robbery, Burgin was arrested for his latest criminal act. You can’t make this stuff up!
Oct 04 07:00 PM
CLARIFICATION OF INFORMATION PREVIOUSLY POSTED REGARDING A HOME INVASION IN NORWICH, CT, BY AN UNIDENTIFIED AUTHOR ON 9/29/11. There was a home invasion of a retail jeweler’s residence on 11/12/09 in Griswold, CT, not in Norwich as is indicated in the 11/29 posted message. The victim’s business location, located in Norwich, was burglarized by two of the suspects after the jeweler and his wife were overpowered and tied up at their home. The investigation is being handled by Det. Joseph Masson of the CT State Police. He can be reached at, #860-848-6500 or email: Anyone with information regarding this frightening event is requested to contact the police ASAP. If you prefer, you can remain anonymous. You will not be required to identify yourself. Just tell the police whatever information you have and that you don’t wish to identify yourself. Your call will be greatly appreciated. You can also contact the JSA at #1-800-537-0067 and we will pass your information on to the appropriate police agency for you.
Sep 29 07:00 PM
Still unsolved after almost 2 years• On 11/12/09 a Norwich, Connecticut Jewelry Store Manager and his wife had an armed home invasion in the early hours of the evening and the Norwich Store had a burglary. The 2-3 masked male Caucasians broke into the house and coerced the manager for his store keys, alarm codes and safe combinations at gunpoint. They then tied and barricaded them. They stole their car, drove to the jewelry store, entered and de-armed the store at approximately 8AM. They tried repeatedly to open the safes but were unsuccessful. At the last minute they stole Citizen Watches from the showcase. They then left and torched the manager's car in a nearby town. These criminals are still on the loose.
Sep 28 07:00 PM
BURGLARS HIT GEORGIA RETAILER FOR $2.5 MILLION IN CASH, JEWELRY AND GOLD. On 9/26/11, at about 8:30 AM, construction workers called police after discovering a wall broken down between a retail jewelry store and another business in Cumming, Georgia. The police determined that after gaining entry the burglars broke into a vault and stole most of the store’s inventory. Fast acting police have charged two men, Kenardis Demaine Holloway, 32 and Carl Henry Bowser, 26, with burglary in connection with this case. $35,000 in cash has also been recovered. COMMENT: Jewelers must insure that all six sides of their stores are protected by their burglar alarm system. Jewelers must respond to ALL signals, no matter what the diagnosis offered by the alarm company, and allow the police to conduct an internal inspection of the store. It is very common for burglars to take advantage of an unprotected adjacent wall to gain entry into a jewelry location. In many instances a wall is constructed of two layers of ½ inch sheet rock, a couple of 2x4’s and is easily compromised.
Sep 19 07:00 PM
HOME INVASION – RETAIL JEWELER – SHOT FIRED - ATLANTA. On 9/13/11, a retail jeweler from Lawrenceville, GA, was robbed at gun point as he entered his garage at his residence in Atlanta. Initial reports indicated that the robbers were waiting for him and fired a shot past the jeweler’s head to scare him into cooperating; they also forced his wife to take her clothes off. Fortunately, there were no life threatening injuries. The robbers fled with cash and customers jewelry. COMMENT: Without a doubt, having your home invade by armed criminals is a jeweler’s worst nightmare. The JSA receives reports of home invasions several times a year and in each instance it is clear that they are never just crimes of opportunity. This category of criminal activity involves planning and periods of surveillance of the targeted victims by the criminals. Victims and their family members may be followed extensively to learn their patterns of movement and the best time for the criminals to act. It is during the preliminary period, before the actually invasion takes place, that the bad guys are vulnerable to being observed by their victims. Every jeweler, especially retailers and their families must constantly be alert to being followed or observing strangers watching their place of business of residence. JEWELERS SHOULD NEVER TAKE JEWELRY HOME. Additional information pertaining to this category of crime can be found in the JSA Manual of Jewelry Security, pages 29 to 32.
Sep 15 07:00 PM
FBI – REQUEST FOR INFORMATION - GYPSY THEFT GROUP. On 9/9/11, the JSA posted a message regarding a suspected Gypsy theft group, wanted in connection with a theft on 9/3/11 in Natick, MA and another similar loss on 9/7/11 in Catonsville, MD. The MO in both cases involved multiple suspects entering a retail jewelry location, in one incident children were also used to distract their victims while group members stole jewelry. The JSA has been contacted by the FBI in connection with these and other losses the suspects are thought to be responsible for in Texas and New York. FBI Special Agent Dan McCaffrey, #718-286-7301,, requests anyone with information regarding this group to contact him as soon as possible.
Sep 13 07:00 PM
HOUSTON,TX DETECTIVES TAKE DOWN HIGH-TECH BURGLARY GANG. The gang was small in numbers but very good at breaking into jewelry stores in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, Oklahoma and possibly Florida since as far back as the year 2000. They actually opened there own gold and silver store in Dallas that ironically was burglarized by other burglars. The police are searching for one member who managed to elude capture and may have left the country. One of the numerous burglaries they are charged with occurred during Super Bowl weekend 2011, in which they stole approximately $6 million in gold, jewelry and watches. Their usual MO was to cut a hole in the roof of a jewelry location, disable to alarm and video systems and then attack a vault or safe. Apparently, one gang member was an electrician and knew a lot about alarm systems and how to disable them. They liked to steal gold, which they melted down and sold to a refinery for 99% of market value. This gang was very good at not getting caught but thanks to a long term investigation by some dedicated Texas coppers, this gang has been neutralized. However, the investigation is far from complete and future, far reaching inquiries are certain to result in others being charged. Anyone with information regarding this matter is asked to contact Det/Sgt Peter Schneider at,
Sep 09 07:00 PM
SUSPECTED GYPSY THEFT GROUP HIT TWO RETAIL JEWELRY STORES. The first loss occurred on 9/3/11 in Natick, MA. At least five male and female adults, one carrying a small child, distracted the store owner and sales staff while one female managed to sneak into a rear office and steal a quantity of jewelry. One female suspect was seen on a surveillance tape lifting he skirt over her head while another placed the stolen jewelry under the skirt and out of view. Similar methods were used during the second loss, which occurred in Catonsville, MD.The suspects in Catonsville fit the description of the thieves in Natick, MA. The suspects arrived and left in a green minivan. These incidents and the methods used are classic gypsy distraction tactics. Any time a large group enters your store you must remain alert and not allow yourself to be distracted. If you suspect you are going to be victimized call 911.
Aug 22 07:00 PM
SECURITY GUARD IN CRITICAL CONDITION. One day last week, at about 11 AM, three armed suspects robbed a retail jewelry store located in an area of Los Angeles known as, Koreatown. One of the suspects immediately approached the store’s security guard and held him at gunpoint, while the others smashed display cases with a hammer and stole jewelry. After escaping out the back door, the suspects beat another security guard in the parking lot with a hammer. That guard was subsequently taken to the hospital in critical condition and is expected to recover. RECOMMENDATION: Jewelers should give careful consideration and conduct extensive research on the subject when considering bringing a security guard (armed or unarmed) on premises. Consultation with your insurance company, local law enforcement, and your legal consul should be considered as important preliminary steps. You can also contact the JSA and ask about the historical history of incidents involving security guards.
Aug 18 07:00 PM
TRAVELING SALESMAN FROM NY – ROBBED AT KNIFEPOINT IN NORTH CAROLINA. On 8/15/11, after making sales calls all day, the victim drove his rental car to his hotel and pulled into the hotel parking lot. Almost immediately, another vehicle stopped directly behind, blocking the jeweler’s car from backing out. A man emerged from the blocking car with a bandana covering his face and a knife in his hand. He punctured both tires on the driver’s side of the car, smashed windows and removed the two line bags from the trunk. The loss was considerable. The victim did not resist and fortunately, was not injured. ATTACKS BY SOUTH AMERICAN GANGS ARE AT AN ALL TIME LOW, BUT THEY STILL OCCUR. JEWELERS TRAVELING WITH JEWELRY MUST CONSTANTLY BE VIGILANT AND CHECKING TO SEE IF THEY ARE BEING FOLLOWED. IF YOU THINK SOMEONE IS FOLLOWING YOU, ONE OPTION IS TO DRIVE TO THE NEAREST POLICE STATION. OTHER OPTIONS AND STRATIGIES CAN BE FOUND IN THE “JSA MANUAL OF JEWELRY SECURITY.”
Aug 16 07:00 PM
5 SOUTH AMERICAN (SATG) THIEVES ARRESTED - KUALA LUMPUR AIRPORT. Police arrested five South American jewelry thieves who stole jewelry from several jewelers who were traveling home after having attended a jewelry show in Kuala Lumpur on 7/10. In two separate incidents the victims were distracted by gang members asking for directions, while others, unnoticed, stole their line bags. During one of the thefts the jeweler’s bag was replaced with a similar looking bag that contained clothing and wigs. In both incidents the victims failed to maintain physical control of their bags and allowed themselves to be distracted by strangers asking for directions. A very old ploy that apparently still works for the thieves. (Source: SaferGems, UK) RECOMMENDATIONS: These incidents should be considered a reminder to other jewelers, who travel with jewelry, that they must remain alert and aware of what is going on around them, no matter where they are! Traveling with jewelry or not, you should immediately become suspicious if asked for directions. Especially, at an airport where hundreds of airport employees are constantly visible and would be considered the best source of information by a legitimate traveler. If approached, maintain physical control of your bags and other possessions and say, “I can’t help you.” Don’t apologize and do not engage in any further conversation. You will not be arrested if you offend someone. If the individual persists, call 911.
Aug 12 07:00 PM
HOME INVASION – PHILADELPHIA – RETAILER REPORTS $1 MIL LOSS. Early yesterday morning, 8/11/11, the owner of a retail jewelry store on South Street, was sleeping in his residence, located above his store, when he was awakened by several men with guns. The armed men forced the jeweler to give them keys to the store, tied him up, and then fled with large quantity jewelry from the store. The jeweler, who was not injured, said there were three to five armed men involved and estimated his loss to be about $1 million.
Aug 05 07:00 PM
WALLKILL NY POLICE INVESTIGATING STOLEN GOLD. The Wallkill Police department is investigating a burglary that involved the theft of five gold bars, weighing 1 kilo each, and two I kilo bags of BB size gold balls. The bars are stamped “Johnson Matthey Canada” with a serial number (unknown at this time) stamped below. Anyone with information regarding this matter, which occurred on 8/2/11, or if someone should offer to sell gold fitting the above description, please contact Det. Hults, Wallkill PD, Detective Bureau, #845-692-6757 or email at
Aug 05 07:00 PM
RECIDIVIST ARRESTED - SHOT JEWELER DURING ROBBERY AT STUDIO JEWELERS, BROOKLYN, NY. (See previous message on 7/25.) On 7/25/11, two armed men announced a robbery and one of them shot a retail jewelry store owner in the stomach. After loading up with jewelry the robbers fled, but one of them, later identified as Felix Lagoa, M/H/50 left his fingerprints behind. A surveillance video shows Lagoa’s accomplice wearing gloves. The video also clearly shows Lagoa, without gloves, touching a display case at the location where his fingerprints were recovered. NYPD Detectives were able to lift those prints and identify the suspect, who was arrested five days later at his residence in the Sunset Park section of Bklyn. Interestingly, Lagoa had previously served 25 years in prison in connection with a conviction for manslaughter and robbery. It appears that Mr. Lagoa was not rehabilitated during his last stay in prison. Perhaps, another similar sentence will have more positive results. Investigators are still looking for Lagoa’s accomplice. The shooting victim remains in serious condition and in a medically induced coma.
Aug 03 07:00 PM
US POSTAL INSPECTORS ARREST ROGUE POSTMAN. It is not generally known by the average citizen that the US Post Office has its own internal team of investigators. They are known as the United States Postal Inspection Service, with headquarters in DC and divisional offices throughout the country. They investigate all matters that relate to the US Mail, including suspected internal criminal activity. They are highly regarded within the law enforcement community on a nationwide basis. Several months ago investigators from the inspectional service began receiving complaints of mailed packages, containing jewelry, disappearing prior to being delivered to jewelers doing business on 47th Street in the NYC Diamond District. More than 25 packages disappeared in a six month period. The inspectors from the Manhattan office conducted an intensive investigation that culminated on 7/22/11 with the arrest of a mail carrier, Shameek Dickerson, while he sat in his car parked inside a postal office garage. He was taken into custody while actually opening a package he had just stolen and that he believed contained jewelry. The package also contained a tracking device with a silent alarm that activated when the package was opened. Congratulations to the US Postal Inspection Service for a job well done. If it involves the US mail, they are the folks to contact. Their contact information can be found in the phone book or the internet or by calling the JSA at #800-537-0067.
Jul 25 07:00 PM
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK - JEWELER SHOT DURING ROBBERY. Earlier today, 7/25/11, at about 12:45 PM, a 55 year old jeweler was shot by two men during an apparent robbery at, Studio Jewelers, Greenpoint, Bklyn. The jeweler was taken to Bellevue hospital and is being treated for a gunshot wound to his stomach. The police are looking for two men in connection with this robbery. Limited information is available at this time.
Jul 14 07:00 PM
GULFPORT, MS – JEWELER ROBBED AND BEATEN – DIES FROM INJURIES. On July 5, 2011, a customer walked into, World Gold and Silver Buyers jewelry store, on Pass Road, and found the owner, James Wilder, on the floor bleeding from his head. The store was ransacked and the jeweler was obviously beaten by robbers. Wilder was removed to the hospital where he subsequently died of his injuries on July 9. The police questioned and released two individuals and have no suspects. Forensic evidence collected at the scene is being examined at the Mississippi Crime Lab and the police are confident that evidence will result in an arrest.
Jul 13 07:00 PM
WALNUT CREEK, CA. SUSPECT USED STOLEN AMEX TO PURCHASE JEWELRY. On 7/7/2011 at approx. 1400 hrs. a male suspect slected and purchased two jewelry items from Davidson & Licht Jewelers with a stolen American Express card. The suspect was described as a Middle Eastern Male, 6-00 to 6-02, 220 to 230 lbs., 25 to 30 years old, brown hair, thin brown goatee and a scar on his left temple. The items purchased with the stolen card were a men's Rolex serial V724100 and a ladies Hearts on Fire diamond ring, #HBRTCD0065PLA. If you have any information please contact the Walnut Creek Police Dept. and reference WCPD Case 11-21728.
Jul 13 07:00 PM
On Sunday July 10th,around 12:15 my van was broken into and over one million dolloars in jewlery was stolen. The content was most Greek sorority and fraternity jewelry. From all indications we were followed from Indianapolis to St. Louis following a show. According to witnesses the robbers were Hispanic. There were at least 3 of them. The drove a light color possibly light green or gray Dodge Caravan. They got back on the highway (270 east) headed back toward Indy. The also punctured our tire sometime prior to us losading up to head back to St. Louis in what we now belive was to make us stop on the highwas where they more than likely planned to rob us. Once that did not happen the took the first opportunity our stopping least than a mile for our home to rob us. The the bulk of the jewlery was 14kt diamonds. The merchadise included bracelet, rings, pendant, and earring. Please go to our website to see samples of merchadise. We also had some a box of wedding ring mountings, a few general tennis bracelet on of which was 10 kts, diamond studs, gold bangles, and gold chains. We had a large number of diamond triangle pendants and rings as this is the symbol for one of the sororities. We also had a large amount of ivy leaf shape rings, pendants, as well as this shape being mounted on bracelets. This is the shape for another sorority. At least one style of our gold like bracelet has our logo under on link. The logo is a diamond with the letters TGC and cc, as this design was copy right. I can not print the Greek symbols as the website will not allow me change the font style. Sorry, but if you go to our website you will find them. Please go to the Black greek website for their Greek symbols. please keep in mind 98% of the jewelry has no meaning to the average every day person unless you belong to one of the groups. Therefore, we believe they will try on sell it to pawn shops and places that buy gold. If you have any information please contact me, Lee Bradley @(314)486-0900 or my wife, Joyce Bradley @ (314)486-0906. My email address is Thank you for any information you may provided Lee Bradley The Gold Connection
Jul 08 07:00 PM
HOUSTON TX – POLICE ARREST SHOOTER IN CONNECTION WITH HOMICIDE OF OWNER AT JAVA GOLD JEWELRY ON 7/5/11. According to a report from Eyewitness News, KTRK Houston, the police have arrested and charged, Anthony Parks, M/B/23, with the murder of Mehmood Ghaznavi, the owner of Java Gold Jewelers. In April, 2010, robbers held up the store and pistol whipped the owner. It is believed that as a result of that experience the owner may have purchased a handgun. Excellent police work by the Houston PD.
Jul 08 07:00 PM
HOUSTON TX - JEWELER DIES IN SHOOTOUT WITH ROBBERS. The Houston PD reported that two armed robbers walked into Java Gold Jewelry on 7/5/11, near the end of the business day and announced a robbery. The owner pulled out his gun and exchanged shots with the robbers, who ran from the crime scene and escaped. Unfortunately, the owner, Mehmood Ghaznavi, was hit by one of the robber’s bullets and subsequently died. Another individual, apparently an innocent bystander, was also wounded. It has not yet been determined if he was hit by a bullet from the robber’s or the jeweler’s gun. The wounded individual is expected to recover. Anyone with information regarding this case can call the Houston, TX, Police Department at #713-308-1600, or the JSA at #800-537-0067. This case is another tragic example of why the JSA recommends that jewelers do not keep guns in their stores. We can only speculate exactly what motivated the jeweler to engage the bad guys as he did. Whatever the motivation, in my opinion, it was not sufficient to risk and lose his life in the protection of his inventory. The JSA sends our deepest condolences to the victim’s family and friends.
Jul 06 07:00 PM
DISGUISED AS A PRIEST – ARMED ROBBER HITS ROME JEWELRY STORE. On 7/4/11, at about 8 PM, an armed robber dressed as a priest, was buzzed into a jewelry store by unsuspecting employees. Once in, he pulled a gun and locked everyone in a back room before escaping with about 500.000 Euro worth of jewelry. In the past the JSA has received reports of many different disguises used by the bad guys/gals to gain entrance to a targeted jewelry store. Some have used wheel chairs, crutches, men dressed as women, some wearing Hazardous Material protective clothing, military uniforms, construction work clothes, utility company uniforms, others posing as professional athletes, pushing baby strollers with life like dolls. There was even a case in the not too distant past where two robbers were disguised as Rabbis; however, I cannot recall any case where an armed robber dressed as a priest. For this reason, even though this incident occurred in Italy, we thought it wise to share this information with you. Obviously, it was impossible for the victims in this case to know that the priest was actually an armed and dangerous individual, and had no choice but to allow him to enter. We can all imagine the shock that the employees experienced when he pulled out a gun. Fortunately, and very wisely, the employees did not panic or resist and followed the robber’s orders. Not an easy thing to do during such a stressful confrontation. NEVER RESIST WHEN CONFRONTED BY AN ARMED ROBBER WHO WANTS YOUR JEWELRY. WHEN THE ROBBER LEAVES, CALL YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY. YOUR FAMILY WILL BE PLEASED WITH YOUR ACTIONS AND HAPPY THAT YOU WERE NOT INJURED.
Jun 29 07:00 PM
JEWELER KILLS 2 ARMED ROBBERS. During the late morning of 6/24/11, one individual waited in a car outside of Monaco Jlrs, a retail jewelry store in San Juan Capistrano, CA, while his three fellow gang members from LA, entered the store, pistol-whipped the manager and forced the owner’s wife and son to the floor at gun point. At about this point in time the robbers were confronted by another employee, armed with a licensed gun, who opened fire and hit two of the three men, both of whom died of their wounds. The third suspect ran for his life and escaped with the driver of the getaway car. When investigators catch up with the two that got away, it is likely that they will be charged with Felony-Murder, in connection with the death of their two associates. The laws in CA, and many other states, mandate that if someone dies during the commission of a felony (such as robbery) everyone connected with the crime, even the driver a getaway car who never entered the place of occurrence, can be charged with murder. The police identified the dead robbers as, Desmond Brown, 38 yrs of age and Robert Earl Avery, 39 yrs of age, both known gang members from LA, according to the police. Fortunately, none of the victims were seriously injured.
Jun 21 07:00 PM
Coin Store Burglary: On Friday, 6/17/11, the Bound Brook Police (Somerset County, NJ), responded to the report of a burglary at the Central Jersey Rare Coin Store. Investigation revealed that 2 actors entered the store after cutting exterior phone & alarm wires. Actors then forced entry through a rear door. Once inside they knocked the alarm keypads off the walls, then took the time to locate the surveillance system and eventually disabled it. The system contains both video & audio, and we recovered about 20 minutes worth. Upon listening to the video, we hear one suspect refer to the other as "Uncle Ron" or "Uncle Rob", who we believe is an older white male, 50+ and has a very raspy/smokey voice (very distinct). This older suspect also talks about being caught in the act once before by a police officer who was conducting a business check. We also hear the younger suspect refer to what we believe was a prior burglary that they had committed. He says something regarding a jewelry store with the name "baby" in it. His comment refers to the type of camera system this store had and how they disabled it. If anyone has anything similar, or is aware of a burglary to a store with the name "baby" in it, please call us ASAP. I can be reached at 732-356-0800 Ext. 672. We are attempting to have the audio enhanced and I will submit any updates. Thank you all for your cooperation.
Jun 17 07:00 PM
TRAVELING SALESMAN FROM AUSTRALIA LOST LINE WHILE GETTING GAS IN COVINA, CA. After making some calls in the area an opal dealer stopped his vehicle at a gas station for fuel. While putting gas in his tank a car pulled up near him and a well dressed man got out and asked for directions. The victim declined when requested to look at a map in the other fellow’s car. Apparently, while they were talking, another man snuck around the victims vehicle, opened an unlocked rear door and removed his line, unseen and unheard by the salesman. The thief then returned to the car operated by the fellow requesting directions and they then drove slowly out of the station. After the suspects departed, the victim also left soon afterwards and when he reached for his bag he realized it was gone. COMMENT: Gas stations are a common location for criminals to steal a line from a jeweler, either by force or, in this case, by stealth. The criminals most likely were following this victim from one of his previous stops and the gas station was the first place where their target was stationary and vulnerable. They most likely had previously observed him place his line in the rear of his vehicle and knew exactly where to find it. Attacks on jewelry salespersons are at the lowest in more than a decade, but they still occur and folks traveling with jewelry must continue to stay alert and not leave product unsecured at any time.
Jun 14 07:00 PM
The following is an addendum to the previous message, which provided details of an attack on a jewelry salesman in Farmers Branch, TX and Dallas, TX. Anyone with information pertaining to that incident is requested to contact Det. David Barnett, Farmers Branch PD, #469-222-0947. Farmers Branch PD case #177845.
Jun 13 07:00 PM
TRAVELING SALESMAN ASSAULTED, ROBBED AND SHOT AT IN TEXAS. On 6/8/11, at about 5 PM, a traveling salesman, after a day of making cold calls in McKinney, North Dallas and Richardson, TX, parked near the rear entrance of his hotel. As he was collecting his belongings before going to his room, he was attacked by four Hispanic men armed with guns and knives. They smashed the windows on his rental car and beat their victim with fits before fleeing in a stolen car. The salesman then made a decision that could have cost him more than his jewelry. He chased after the robbers in his rental car and when he got too close for the comfort of the bad guys; one of them leaned out of the passenger side window and fired a number of shots at the salesman, who luckily was not hit by any of their bullets. Thankfully, no one else was injured either. The salesman then wisely ended his pursuit of his attackers and called the police, who had already received reports pertaining to the gunfire. RECOMMENDATION: Do not chase armed criminals. Think what could happen if you catch them? There was a window of opportunity to prevent this robbery before the initial confrontation. Based on the historical record, there is little doubt that the bad guys followed the victim from one of his cold call locations to his hotel. Had this victim been able to spot his attackers while they were following him and then employed some of the suggestions provided in the JSA Manual of Jewelry Security, such as calling the police in route or driving directly to a local police department, etc., this attack may have been prevented? Jewelers must always be alert and checking to determine if they are being followed.
Jun 08 07:00 PM
GRAB AND RUN THEFTS CONTINUE. In 2010 the JSA received reports of nearly 400 Grab and Run type thefts. So far this year we have received reports of 150 similar events from 33 states, with an average loss of about $15,000. The scenario during the majority of the losses, nationwide, is very similar to a recent Grab and Run report from a major department store located in Orange Park, Florida that occurred on 6/2/11. The suspect walked in at about 10:10 AM, while talking into a cell phone. He was described as a black male about 30 years of age, wearing a long blue T-shirt, half covering baggy blue jean shorts and open laced basketball shoes. He also wore silver framed glasses and talked into his cell phone the entire time he was in the store. HE DID NOT HAVE A SIGN ON HIS CHEST SAYING, “I am going to asked to see a very expensive diamond ring, grab it and run out of the store.” Also, “I am not concerned with your surveillance system because I know you’re your system sucks and will only provide a picture of the top of my head.” However, be that as it may, he did asked to see a $7K ring, while talking into a cell phone, probably to an accomplice who was keeping the motor running on his getaway vehicle. As soon as the ring was handed to him, he grabbed it and ran out of the store (what a surprise!) and fled in a waiting car. And guess what? The department store has released a very poor quality photo of the suspect talking on his cell phone. His facial features are not discernable but it clearly shows the top of his head. I must wonder if he would have been shown a diamond ring if he really had such a sign on his chest? On behalf of every law enforcement agency in the country, and every investigator of jewelry crime I have ever met, please consider (retail jewelers in particular) placing a camera at eye level, positioned to take a full face frontal photograph of everyone who enters your place of business. In my opinion, compliance with this request would almost immediately cause our jails to become overcrowded with jewelry criminals. RECOMMENDATION: The use of a cell phone by criminals as a distraction or to maintain contact with an accomplice acting as a lookout is a common practice and must be considered a big “RED FLAG” If dealing with a customer who insists on talking into a cell phone, inform him/her that they must conclude their conversation before you can make a presentation. Also consider activating a prearranged internal alert system with the use of a code word or signal to other employees. Also, if the “customer” does not fit your normal customer profile stay alert and use caution and have a plan. More detailed information on the subject of Grab and Run crimes can be found in the JSA, Manual of Jewelry Security.
Jun 01 07:00 PM
ROBBERY GANG STILL OPERATING IN QUEENS, NY. On March 31, the JSA posted a message that provided information pertaining to a gang of young black males suspected of committing a pattern of street robberies and kidnappings in the Jamaica Estates, Forest Hills and Kew Gardens areas of Queens County. At least two of the victims attacked by this group were jewelry industry members, driving expensive cars, returning home at the end of a work day. We have just learned that, on 5/20, another jeweler, with a store in Brooklyn, upon arriving at his residence in Jamaica Estates, at about 11:30 PM, was confronted by three young B/M, armed with guns and dragged into his home. His family, including small children, was forced into a closet while the criminals searched the house for valuables. The police have reason to believe the robbers did not follow the victim from his store or initially knew the victim was a jeweler. They believe it is more likely that he was chosen as a victim because he was driving an expensive car and drove up to a nice home in an area known for expensive homes. Unfortunately, this type of crime can occur anywhere. All members of the jewelry industry must be constantly alert regarding the possibility of being followed. When arriving at your residence, especially late at night, take the time to slow down and square your block. Look for anything unusual, cars or people that don’t fit or individuals conducting themselves in a manor that you find suspicious. If you see a suspicious car, get the plate number. Keep a pad and pen handy so that you can write down important information regarding possible suspicious activity. Time and date of your observations, descriptions of cars, people, etc. Train your family to also be alert for suspicious activity around your residence. Never hesitate to call 911.
May 31 07:00 PM
BEWARE OF GOLD SWITCH SUSPECT. Recently, in Springfield, NJ and South Orange, NJ, retail jewelers have been victimized by an individual offering to sell real gold jewelry and Canadian gold coins and then switching them with fakes. After allowing the jeweler to examine the gold items and agreeing to a purchase price, usually a large amount of “cash only”, and just before the money is handed over, the thief manages to switch jewelry and/or coins with similar looking fakes. His jeweler victims only discover they were scammed after the suspect and the cash are long gone. The suspect is described as a Black male, 47 years old, stocky build, usually wears a baseball cap but may be bald, may wear glasses and has a distinctive beard that goes from ear to ear, under the chin but does not include a mustache portion. This individual is a suspect in a number of similar events and was arrested in Vandalia, OH, on 7/6/10. (The Canadian gold coins being initially offered by the suspect are of such high value that one victim offered $45,000 for them.) If you have any information regarding this suspect please contact Detective Keith Doherty, Springfield, NJPD, #973-912-2246 or Bob Frank, JSA, #800-537-0067.
May 27 07:00 PM
POLICE IN FLORIDA ARREST FOUR ROOFTOP BURGLARY SUSPECTS. On Tuesday 5/24/11, at about 5 AM, teams of officers, armed with arrest warrants, took four individuals into custody in Miami. Four other members of the gang where taken into custody previously and are either serving long sentences or awaiting trial. Those arrested in Miami are facing charges of RICO and Conspiracy to commit RICO and both charges come with 30 year sentences. Law enforcement is currently looking for one additional suspect and has good information as to his current whereabouts. Their bond has been set at $1 million cash and if posted, a hearing will be held to determine exactly where the cash comes from before their release. The charges against these individuals include 21 burglaries, six in the state of Florida and in five other states, including attacks at retail jewelry businesses in Knoxville, TN and Greensboro, NC. This group of criminals is suspected of burglarizing jewelry businesses in Florida and other southern states for approximately two years and their activities have been highlighted in numerous JSA alerts and bulletins. Hopefully, this will be the end to their criminal activities. Unfortunately, history has taught us all that it is only a matter of time before the next group of criminals will pick up where these fellows ended. Law enforcement has, and will continue to do, a good job, but if you are in the jewelry industry you can never relax your guard and leave your security entirely to someone else, not even the police. Have you checked the protection provided for your roof lately?
May 20 07:00 PM
FEDERAL AGENTS TAKE DOWN A NATIONWIDE GRAB AND RUN GANG IN DETROIT, MI. A Federal complaint, unsealed yesterday, identified 19 defendants who have been charged in connection the 45 jewelry store thefts and robberies in 22 states. Three retail jewelry businesses have also been named and identified as receiving much of the stolen jewelry and high-end watches from the gang. The complaint was not clear if the retail jewelers would or would not be charged in the future. The complaint describes the suspects as younger African-American males and one female, many of whom attended the same high school in Detroit. Possibly as many as 30 additional gang members are being sought. In the majority of the cases gang members would ask to see high-end jewelry or watches, which they would then grab and run out of the store with and escape in a waiting getaway car.
May 18 07:00 PM
ADDENDUM TO PREVIOUS MESSAGE REGARDING LOSS IN CITY OF HOMEWOOD, ALABAMA. If you have any information pertaining to this matter, please contact Detective Sgt. Juan Rodriquez, Homewood PD, at #205-332-6241 or email:
May 17 07:00 PM
On the weekend of April 8-10, 2011 we had a house burglarized in the City of Homewood. None of the property has shown up to date. These items are likely to show up in a jewelry store. The burglars stole multiple David Yurman cable braclets, and earrings. They also stole two boxes of gold in color one dollar presidental coins, in the original US Mint boxes and rolled at the US Mint. There was also a Men’s 22 ct. Solid Gold Insignia Ring, very heavy (appox. 4-2.0 oz.) W/lots of wear; “Royal” King /w Crown embossed engraving which appears to be a Knight Helmet wearing Crown. Please be on the lookout for these items. I have a more detailed list which can be provided to those interested. The burglary was over $100,000.00 in money,jewerly and silver trays goblets etc. Please let me know if you have an influx of items similar to those stolen in the burglary.
May 16 07:00 PM
2010 CITY CRIME RATE RANKINGS. According to a recent report prepared by, “CQ Press”, using reported data from the FBI, the following list ranks 20 cities with the worst crime rates in the country. They are: (1) St. Louis, MO (2) Camden, NJ (3)Detroit, MI (4) Flint, MI (5) Oakland, CA (6) Richmond, CA (7) Cleveland, OH (8) Compton, CA (9) Gary IN (10) Birmingham, AL (11) Baltimore, MD (12) Memphis, TN (13) New Orleans, LA (14) Jackson, MS (15) Little Rock, AR (16) Baton Rouge, LA, (17) Buffalo, NY (18) New Haven, CT (19) Hartford, CT (20) Dayton, OH. (The crime categories surveyed to create this list include, murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and motor vehicle theft.) This list should be of particular interest to traveling jewelry sales personnel with customers in these areas. However, the JSA recommends that your attention to security and crime prevention matters must remain constant whether traveling in a high risk city or the city with the lowest crime rate in the country. For more important information on this subject, JSA members are referred to Chapter 6, JSA Manual of Jewelry Security.
May 13 07:00 PM
On 4/21/2011 at about 1:10pm, I spoke with Jeweler Carol Brown of the 14-K Gold Store on SW Park Street. Brown said a white female came in asking for an appraisal on a yellow gold ring with a 5 diamond setting. Brown said she checked the diamonds with a 15X loop and they were as close to perfect as any diamonds she had ever seen. She told me the stone were as follows. One was .75K to 1.00K, two were .25K and two were .20K in size. She also found a lazered gem number of EGLUS17915001D on the largest stone. Brown described the stone setting as the stones being in a line. The largest in the middle, .25K on each side of the largest and .20K outside of the .25K. Brown placed the rings value at $5,000.00 to $7,000.00. Bill Saum 863-763-5521
May 04 07:00 PM
FBI TASK FORCE ARRESTS FOUR IN CONNECTION WITH HUNTSVILLE, TX HOMICIDE. In a previous message posted by the JSA, information was provided regarding the death of a wholesale jeweler, run over on 4/17/11 in Huntsville, TX, by a vehicle occupied by members of a South American Theft Group, as they were attempting to escape after breaking into the victim’s car. As a result of injuries he received during this incident the jeweler died on 4/19/11 at a Houston hospital. On 4/28/11, an FBI Task Force arrested four suspects in Houston and charged then with theft and murder. The names of those charged are, Gabriel Rios-Castillo, Maria Isabella Silva, Luis Alberto Garcia-Campos, and Fernando Rodrigues-Amaya. The FBI has identified Amaya as the leader of the group, all of whom entered the USA illegally from Colombia. Once again law enforcement acted swiftly to apprehend criminals who have demonstrated a complete lack of respect for human life. Unfortunately, the highly commendable work of the FBI and local authorities will not bring back the life of this victim. We can all speculate why the victim chose to confront the criminals as he did, and perhaps some may even applaud his actions as heroic. However, I respectfully submit that the victim’s life was certainly more valuable than the items of jewelry he may have had in his car.
Apr 25 07:00 PM
NORTH HOLLYWOOD RETAILER KIDNAPPED AT HIS RESIDENCE. Police are searching for several armed men who forced their way into the home of a retail jeweler at about 11:30 PM on Friday, 4/22/11, and then drove him to his store in North Hollywood. Fortunately, the kidnappers got nervous when they arrived at the store, saw some unrelated police activity nearby and released their victim. The jeweler’s wife was tied up and remained at their residence on Cabanas Ave. in Tujunga, guarded by one of the robbers. Neither the wife nor the jeweler was injured. The gunman fled in the jeweler’s car with cash and valuables from the residence. The jeweler’s car was recovered in Van Nuys two day later.
Apr 25 07:00 PM
JSA 2010 ANNUAL CRIME REPORT AVAILABLE FROM WEB SITE. The JSA statistical review of jewelry crime in the US for the year 2010 is now available to download from the JSA web site, Just click on “Crime Statistics” and you will be able to print the 12 page report. This report is the most comprehensive analysis of jewelry industry crime in the U.S. and is made available to the industry and law enforcement free of charge. This report is "must" reading for everyone in the jewelry industry. It could save your inventory or more importantly, your life.
Apr 22 07:00 PM
WHOLESALE JEWELER VICTIM OF VEHICLULAR HOMICIDE IN TEXAS. On Sunday, 4/17/11, a wholesale jeweler and his wife left a jewelry show in Houston, TX, at about 6 PM and began their long drive home to Dallas. As they were passing through Huntsville they decided to stop for a bite to eat at a McDonalds. While inside the restaurant the victim noticed a van pull up next to their van in the parking lot. Occupants from that van then entered the jeweler’s vehicle and started removing his jewelry. The jeweler ran outside to confront the thieves, who sped off in their vehicle, dragging the jeweler, who was holding on to their bumper, across the parking lot. According to witnesses, at one point the thieves’ van stopped and then backed up over the victim, causing fatal injuries. The jeweler was taken to the Hermann Hospital in Houston where he passed away from his injuries on Tuesday, 4/19/11. It appears obvious that the criminals had followed the victim and his wife from the show in Houston and knew that the jewelry had been left in the jeweler’s vehicle. It is not clear at this point in time if the thieves actually escaped with any jewelry. The victim was 59 years of age and leaves behind his wife and three children. A terrible tragedy.
Apr 11 07:00 PM
Investigating a robbery of a traveling salesman. On 04/07/2011 Salemans was robbed of his line. Two Hispanic males broke windows of victims vehicle and removed duffle bag containing line. Victim traveled from PA to NC and was working his way back to PA. On 04/07/2011 the victim checked out of the Towson-Sheration (Just North of Baltimore) when he was attacked in the parking lot.
Apr 06 07:00 PM
ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA POLICE REQUEST ASSISTANCE. The Asheville police have recovered numerous jewelry boxes with tags from a dumpster at a McDonald’s restaurant. Also recovered were gloves and masks with blood on them, probably from a cut finger or hand. The masks are of Fidel Castro and a toboggan type hat with skull and crossbones. There are also small pieces of glass in the gloves, possibly from smashing a display case. According to witnesses, these items were placed in the dumpster by three Hispanic men driving a red Toyota Celica with Tennessee plates. Anyone with information pertaining to this matter should contact Sgt. Welborn, Asheville PD, at #828-259-5928 or email:
Mar 31 07:00 PM
ROBBERY GANG OPERATING IN QUEENS, NEW YORK. The JSA has just been advised that a gang of young black males are suspected of committing a number of robberies, some involving the kidnapping of the victims in Jamaica Estates, Forest hills and Kew Gardens. At least two of the victims were members of the jewelry industry. Both were attacked about two weeks ago and kidnapped upon returning to their residence. The police think the fact that the victims were driving expensive automobiles may have identified them to gang members as likely targets. Thankfully, both victims were released unharmed after being robbed. With the police on high alert in Queens, the gang may decide to travel to other wealthy neighborhoods in Nassau County. One likely target area, according to the police could be Great Neck. Extra caution and awareness is advised for all industry members residing in the Queens and Nassau. Before pulling into you driveway, drive slowly around your block to determine if you have been followed. Should you notice anything suspicious or out of the ordinary, call 911 immediately and do not stop your car until you are at a safe location. Practice how to drive to your local police station by the fastest route.
Mar 30 07:00 PM
ANOTHER GOLD SWITCH BY THIEVES. On 3/24/11, at about lunch time, a Hispanic man and women, overweight and sloppy looking, walked into a retail jewelry store in Iowa. The female appeared to be about ten years older than the male. They had gold chains to sell and the owner, who sensed that something did not seem right, ignored his better judgment and decided to do business with them anyway. He examined the chains and they tested for 14K gold. Following the testing by the jeweler, the male returned the chains to a bag he originally produced them from, while they haggled over the price. When they agreed on a price the suspect produced an Illinois ID card and a SS card with the name, Enedino Calleros, for identification. When the jeweler went to make copies of the cards the suspect switched the bag with another containing similar looking fake items. The jeweler did not see the switch but later, after viewing the stores surveillance video, he could clearly see the male switch the bags while the female distracted him with conversation. THIS IS NOT AN UNUSUAL EVENT. IF YOU DON’T KNOW THE PERSON OFFERING TO SELL YOU GOLD JEWELRY, EXTREME CAUTION IS REQUIRED. IF YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE IS SENDING YOU A SIGNAL THAT SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT – FOLLOW YOUR GUT AND ADVISE THE SELLER THAT YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED.
Mar 04 07:00 PM
ANOTHER JEWELER A VICTIM OF ACCIDENTAL CYANIDE POISONING. On March 1, 2011, a jeweler from Manorhaven, NY, called 911 after feeling sick to his stomach and having difficulty breathing. Subsequent tests conducted at the hospital detected cyanide in the jeweler’s system. Emergency responders discovered open cyanide products at the scene, which were being used to clean jewelry. The jeweler is recovering but his condition is not known at this time. On June 15, 2009, the JSA posted a report pertaining to a jewelry store owner in Edison, NJ, who was discovered dead at his place of business and, accidental cyanide poisoning was subsequently determined to be the cause of death. Many industry members, unwisely, continue to use cleaning products containing cyanide and risk serious health problems, and possible death. The JSA recommends that jewelers consider ending their use of dangerous cleaning solutions that contain cyanide and switch to safer products.
Feb 17 07:00 PM
This department is investigating a robbery at Carol's Creations lcated in North Haven, CT. On January 26th at 3:55 PM, a white male subject entered the business while displaying a silver and black semi-auto handgun. The suspect fled through the rear door of the business with approx. 350 gold and two tone Pandora charms. The white male subject was described as 6'1" tall, 40-45 years of age with a large build wearing a flannel shirt and jeans. The victims indicated the subject had a similar facial features to the actor John Goodman from the TV series "Rosanne". Please contact Det. John Wilcox at North Haven Police Department (CT.)with any information or leads, 203-239-5321 x740.
Feb 09 07:00 PM
TRAVELING SALESMAN OPENS FIRE ON BANDITS IN TEXAS. Yesterday, 2/8/11, in the small Texas town of Carrollton, (population approx.100, 000) four Hispanic men confronted a traveling jewelry salesman as he sat in his car after making a call on a customer. One of the men smashed the salesman’s window, reached in and removed a bag containing his line. The salesman got out of his car and started to walk away after telling the bad guys that they could take his jewelry and that he didn’t care. Of course, their intended victim was not being completely honest. He had been robbed several times in the past and he really did care. After taking a few steps the salesman pulled out his license revolver and opened fire. The bad guys dropped the line bag while running at a very high rate of speed to their get away car and fled. The salesman is sure that his bullets hit two of them but no wounded or dead bad guys have surfaced yet. The police recovered the get away car, which they are processing for clues. The JSA does not recommend that jewelers resort to deadly physical force and possibly risking their life to prevent jewelry from being stolen, however, we are very happy that this victim was not injured and did not lose his line. Anyone with information pertaining to this matter should call Det. Tommy Teniente, Carrollton PD, #972-466-4766.
Feb 08 07:00 PM
MURDER – SUICIDE AT NEW JERSEY JEWELRY STORE. On Monday, 2/7/11, at about 4:45 p.m., an armed robber shot and killed the owner of Roy T, Jewelers, located on Route 22 in Bridgewater Township. Initial reports indicate that after shooting the jeweler, the robber then turned his gun on himself and committed suicide. It is not known if the jeweler knew his killer or if there was a struggle before the shooting took place. Additional details will be reported when they are released by the police. Our deepest condolences go out to the victim’s family. (Bob Frank, JSA)
Jan 31 07:00 PM
THIEVES POSING AS FEDEX PICK UP PERSONNEL. FedEx Corporate Security has advised the JSA that a group of three or four subjects are posing as FedEx pick up personnel in the Chicago Metro area and surrounding suburbs. The suspects have authentic FedEx uniforms and steal packages under the guise of conducting actual pick ups. Jewelers are advised to challenge all FedEx personnel for ID and have them scan all packages in their presence. FedEx personnel only use marked FedEx vehicles and never utilize unmarked vans or personal vehicles. Good advice for jewelers no matter where you are located. Anyone with information or concerns can contact, Daniel Gordon, Senior Security Specialist, FedEx Corp Security at # 708-485-5404.
Dec 14 07:00 PM
Dec 09 07:00 PM
DETAILS ABOUT YOUR SAFE(S) We offer a free service of providing details about jewelers' safes (and vault doors) in order to help the owner determine if the security product(s) they have is(are) capable of protecting/preventing disk cutting equipment and/or other popular burglar attack tools from being successful in penetrating their walls and/or doors. Before providing you with this information, we'd like to confirm (as best as possible) that you are affiliated with the industry, so if you can supply us with your full name, company name and location, along with a phone number so we can discuss these details over the phone, it would be helpful. In this way, we'll help assure that this information does not fall into the wrong hands. Again, NO SOLICITATIONS WILL BE MADE BY US....unless you make such a request. Richard Krasilovsky, President. Empire Safe Company, Inc. 800-543-5412 ext 222 or
Dec 06 07:00 PM
80YEAR OLD CONVICTED JEWELRY THIEF SPOTTED IN SCOTSDALE, AZ. On December 3, 2010, a retail jewelry store manager reported that the often convicted international jewelry thief, Doris Payne, visited his store, located in the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall, at about 7:15 PM. Payne used one of her numerous aliases, Louis Simmons, while being shown jewelry but was not observed taking any merchandise during her visit. However, immediately following Payne’s departure the manager conducted an audit to confirm that nothing was missing. Payne has disarmed many trusting victims with her grandmotherly appearance. Payne is suspected of stealing a $13,000 ring from a retail location in Santa Barbara, CA, in August, 2010. During one of her many arrests, when an officer asked Payne what her occupation was, she answered,” Jewel Thief.” A photograph of Payne can be found on the JSA Web Site, under, “JSA’s Most Wanted.
Nov 29 07:00 PM
PRESIDENT AND CEO OF ROLEX USA PASSED AWAY ON 11/27/10. It is with shock and sadness that I report the death of Allen Brill; he was diagnosed with lung cancer just six weeks ago. Allen was an active JSA board member and deeply involved in a variety of industry organizations and charities. He was a proud veteran of the Vietnam War and very active in support of those serving in today’s military. Under Allen’s guidance, Rolex supported, The Fisher House-Helping Military Families, the USO, the American Red Cross, the Helen Keller National Center, the Alzheimer’s Assoc and other worthwhile causes. The entire JSA staff is saddened by Allen’s passing and offer our deepest condolences to his family. (Bob Frank, JSA)
Nov 17 07:00 PM
GREENWICH PD INVESTIGATING EARLY MORNING ROBBERY. On Tuesday, 11/16, as a retail jewelry store just opened for business at about 9:45 AM, two black males rushed in and forced employees to the floor. They then used a sledgehammer to smash the high-end watch case and removed nearly half million dollars worth of Patek Philippe and other expensive time pieces. A third suspect remained outside in a getaway car described as an older white Camry or Maxima with a NY partial plate “DLZ- - -. “ Suspect #1 M/B/19-20yrs, bad teeth, black mask, gloves, White Sox hat. Suspect #2 M/B/19-20yrs, 5’10”, mask, gloves, Adidas sneakers, sledgehammer. Investigation is being conducted by Det. Tim Powell, #203-622-8075 and Det. Anthony Fiscella, #203-622-8021
Nov 12 07:00 PM
INFORMATION FOR ‘GOLD SCAM’ VICTIMS // ASSIGNED INVESTIGATORS. On 11/4/10, the Woodbridge, NJ, Police Narcotics Unit arrested an individual in connection with narcotics violations. During a search of the motel room where the suspect was staying, the police found numerous gold coins (Australian and Saudi) and bags of gold nuggets. The suspect and a traveling companion have extensive criminal records. They are suspected of being involved in criminal activity where victims (retail jewelers and pawn shops) are offered real gold for sale, which is then switched with fake gold prior to or immediately after payment by the victim. If you would like to confer with the investigators on this case, please contact Det. Lyons or Det. Fazio, WPD, Narcotics Unit at, #732-602-7398, #732-602-2378.
Nov 05 07:00 PM
OLD SCAM – NEW VICTIMS – DON’T BE FOOLED. The JSA has recently received reports concerning the resurgence of a old scam that warrants your attention. Industry members have been receiving requests by email, text msg, etc, from individuals pretending to be business associates, friends or relatives of the intended victim, and ask to borrow money that they need to assist them with an urgent and serious matter. The caller most often says that he was robbed in a foreign country or falsely arrested and begs that you send him money that he promises to immediately repay upon return to the USA. The scam artist will use the real name of someone you know and would likely be willing to assist. This scam can be played several ways, but the bottom line is that they want you to send money, usually to a foreign country.
Nov 04 07:00 PM
THIEF DESCRIBED IN PREVIOUS MESSAGE ARRESTED BY NYPD. As a direct result of the timely sharing of the details surrounding the $73K loss by check fraud with the JSA and the approximately 40 members of the JSA Local Crime Information Sharing Network of midtown NYC jewelry firms, (AKA, The Inner Circle) the suspect was arrested, stolen merchandise was recovered, and other similar crimes, including recent losses at other high-end retailers in midtown area, were solved. The suspect had previous arrests in MD, NJ, VA and NY. He used 30 different aliases and the police have recovered evidence indicating that he is involved in crimes, unrelated to jewelry, involving millions of dollars. Initially, the victim contacted his local NYPD police precinct (MTN) and was told that the loss was a civil matter and the police would not get involved. (Obviously the officer who made that statement missed a few days at the academy when they studied “Grand Larceny” and public relations.) The victim then advised the JSA and we contacted the NYPD, Organized Theft Squad. When provided with the details of this loss, investigators immediately interviewed the victim, and were able to actually arrest the suspect in the act of attempting a similar scam at another NYC retail jeweler. By the way, the stolen property was recovered at a retail location only blocks away from the victim, where it was sold almost immediately after the being stolen. That part of the investigation is a work in progress. Another fine bit of police work by the NYPD, Org. Theft Sqd.
Nov 02 07:00 PM
IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR RETAIL JEWELERS. Several days ago, a cleaver thief posed as a customer at a high-end watch store located on 5th Ave. in New York City, and expressed interest in purchasing a $73,000 Rolex time piece. The “customer” told the sales associate that he would purchase the watch and wire them the money from his bank. When told that the store did their banking with a particular bank, the “customer” said, “great, so do I.” It was worked out that the watch would be picked up following the transfer of funds. Later that day the store manager checked with their bank and learned that a deposit had been made by the “customer” for the correct amount, but made the mistake of assuming it was a wire transfer, which it was not. The manager later learned that the buyer had actually deposited a paper check, which was later determined to be fraudulent. When the buyer returned to the store he was allowed to leave with the time piece since it was believed that a wire transfer for the correct amount had been properly deposited. The suspect was described as, M/B/50, 6’1”, 200 lbs and may be wearing an expensive Rolex. If you have any information regarding this suspect or if you have been one of his victims, please contact Bob Frank at the JSA, #800-537-0067.
Nov 01 07:00 PM
Message for Det. Webber. Recommend that you consider utilizing the JSA, Stolen Jewelry Web Site,, to get the word out regarding time pieces and jewelry stolen during a residential burglary on 9/30/10. Call Bob Frank at #800-537-0067 with any questions.
Oct 31 07:00 PM
home in carlsbad calif. burglarized on thurs.23 september. breitling solid gold black dial chrono w/pilot bracelet, Concord impresario solid 18k rose gold mens watch case and bracelet rose gold,breitling two tone chrono,blue face,broken stem,girard peregeaux s.s. ferrari model,red dial. womens 10 carat tennis bracelet set in white gold w/broken clasp. antique diamond earings. Please call w/ any info. Det.Webber carlsbad Ca. PD or mark cohen 760-500-3888
Oct 28 07:00 PM
IN ANSWER TO THE PREVIOUSLY POSTED QUESTION, the actual DNA spray does not prevent crime. However, as pointed out in the original posting regarding this matter, it has apparently been effective as a deterrent in Rotterdam where participating merchants have posted signs near their entrances advertising its use. I believe the Rotterdam police encourage the use of this product because in addition to its value as a deterrent, they anticipate it will greatly assist them in identifying a suspect, apprehended some time after a criminal act, who may claim that he was never at the place of occurrence. It can also be useful in identifying property stolen from a particular location. It is my understanding that the spray is unique to the location it is being used at. My information regarding this product is limited and I am not recommending its use or confirming its effectiveness. The information was posted as a possible matter of interest only. (You inquiry is appreciated)
Oct 27 07:00 PM
RE: CRIME PREVENTION WITH DNA SPRAY I am a little confused, how does covering someone in DNA mist prevent crime????
Oct 27 07:00 PM
CRIME PREVENTION WITH DNA SPRAY. According to an article in the Rotterdam Journal, two brothers from Britain, one a police officer and the other a chemist, have developed a DNA spray that can help police identify criminals and stolen property. The system involves an employee-activated device that sprays a fine, odorless, barely visible mist laced with synthetic DNA that will cover anyone and anything in its path. The DNA liquid is contained in a small box mounted over an entrance that can be secretly activated by an employee with a special device behind the counter or in the register. The police have reported a reduction in robberies since the installation of DNA in local retail businesses, which includes the posting of large signs warning potential criminals, “IF YOU STEAL, YOU’RE MARKED.” The owner of Gulnar Jewelers, located on a busy shopping street in Rotterdam, said that the police department paid to have the system installed in her store. The spray is distributed by a company DBA, the Rhine Group, located in Harmelen, Netherlands. (
Oct 26 07:00 PM
RETAIL JEWELER ARRESTED IN TERRE HAUTE, IN. On 10/21/10, the Terre Haute PD arrested the owner of, S.H. Newton Jewelers, at his store and charged him with two counts of corrupt business influence, a class C felony, six counts of attempting to receive stolen property, a D felony, and failing to obtain and retain information related to the purchase of used jewelry, a misdemeanor. The police also executed a search warrant at the jeweler’s residence. Apparently, undercover officers, posing as thieves sold jewelry to the retailer on several occasions. As this jeweler discovered the hard way, the rewards from a criminal act are seldom worth the penalties when discovered.
Oct 22 07:00 PM
PHILADELPHIA JEWLERY STORE OWNER AND ROBBER KILLED IN SHOOT-OUT. Yesterday, 10/21/10, two armed robbers walked into William Glatz Jewelers, 6435 Rising Sun Avenue, and exchanged shots with the owner. When the shooting ended, one suspect, identified as Kevin Turner, age 22, was dead. The owner, Bill Glatz, age 67, also shot, was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The second suspect, who the police said was an escaped prisoner, escaped.
Oct 11 07:00 PM
DETAILS ABOUT YOUR SAFE(S) I posted a message last week indicating that we offer a free service of providing details about jewelers' safes (and vault doors) in order to help the owner determine if the security product(s) they have is(are) capable of protecting/preventing disk cutting equipment from being successful in penetrating their walls and/or doors. Before providing you with this information, we'd like to confirm (as best as possible) that you are affiliated with the industry, so if you can supply us with your full name, company name and location, along with a phone number so we can discuss these details over the phone, it would be helpful. In this way, we'll help assure that this information does not fall into the wrong hands. Again, no solicitations will be made by us....unless you make such a request. Thanks very much. Richard Krasilovsky, President. Empire Safe Company, Inc. 800-543-5412 ext 222 or
Oct 08 07:00 PM
REGARDING BURGLARY ATTACKS ON TL-30 SAFES It has been proven that safes with TL-30x6 ratings have also been penetrated easily with the disk cutters used by the same burglars! In addition to safes with the TRTL-30x6 rating, there are many high security torch and tool resistant safes that have the wherewithal to help prevent attacks with disk cutters from being successful. Included in this group are safes with the following ratings: TRTL-15x6, ECB-S (Europe) Grades IV, V & VI, Scandinavian V3, as well as a number of other un-rated high security products that were sold in the USA marketplace since the 1970s. (Please note that certain UL listed products have been taken off the market and therefore will not provide the same level of protection.) If you would like to know more about the quality of the safe(s) you own and their ability to withstand disk cutter attacks, feel free to contact the writer. This is a free service to all in the jewelry and insurance industries....we promise to provide real information. No solicitation of business will be made, unless requested by the jeweler. Richard Krasilovsky, EMPIRE SAFE, 800-543-5412 or
Oct 06 07:00 PM
FAKE 18 KARAT GOLD PLATES. A Hispanic male, working with White and Hispanic females, has been selling square metal plates in the south Miami-Dade County area, to jewelry stores and pawn shops that buy gold. The suspect claims that the plates are 18 Karat white gold, which is confirmed with initial testing by the victims. However, when melted, the plates are revealed to be stainless steel. This is nothing new, but apparently there are jewelers who are ignoring or have not received the numerous JSA alerts regarding this problem. If you have information regarding these recent losses in Florida, please contact Det. Paul Rivera, Pinecrest PD, #305-234-2100, ext 382.
Oct 05 07:00 PM
ROBBERS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. The victim closed his business, located in Dearborn, MI, late on a Saturday afternoon and was on his way to a refiner with over $200K worth of scrap gold and cash. In recent years the biggest part of this retail jeweler’s business has been purchasing gold over the counter. It was not unusual for him to have $100K to $200K in cash on hand to purchase gold. Apparently, the jeweler’s business practices did not go unnoticed by the bad guys, who may have actually been previous customers. When the jeweler was about to get into his car and drive to his refiner, a car pulled up next to him, two individuals got out, showed their victim a gun, and fled with the scrape gold and cash. Comment: Any time valuable merchandise or large amounts of cash must be moved it would be wise to consider utilizing profession security personnel, off duty police officers, armed car services, etc. The added expense would certainly be less than a major loss at the hands of criminals, not to mention the possible physical injuries or loss of life.
Oct 05 07:00 PM
The previous incident occurred in Ladue, Mo. a suburb of St. Louis
Oct 05 07:00 PM
On Wednesday, September 29, around noon two men, one of hispanic decent and white male came into the store to look at high end watches. They stayed in the store around an hour and a half. Both men were heavy set and said they lived in FL. The hispanic man purchased a watch and handed over his driver's license and credit card. The card would not swipe magnetically & had to be entered manually. Although we got an approval code, the card was fraudelent. The name, address and phone number were all fake.
Sep 29 07:00 PM
Warning still on the loose...• On 11/12/09 a Norwich, Connecticut Jewelry Store Manager and his wife had an armed home invasion in the early hours of the evening and the Norwich Store had a burglary. The 2-3 masked male Caucasians broke into the house and coerced the manager for his store keys, alarm codes and safe combinations at gunpoint. They then tied and barricaded them. They stole their car, drove to the jewelry store, entered and de-armed the store at approximately 8AM. They tried repeatedly to open the safes but were unsuccessful. At the last minute they stole Citizen Watches from the showcase. They then left and torched the manager's car in a nearby town. These criminals are still on the loose.
Sep 28 07:00 PM
LAST SEEN IN A JAMES BOND MOVIE-1979. On Saturday, 9/25/10 at about 2 pm, Gregory Crown, 21 yrs, (AKA “Jaws”) walked into Sears in the Galleria Mall, White Plains, NY. The suspect was interested in obtaining a couple of watches, but the time pieces he wanted were in a display case secured with a security cable. However, Gregory was not deterred; he simply chewed through the cable with his teeth and fled with four inexpensive watches that probably cost less than what a dentist will charge to repair his choppers. The security staff at Sears spotted the suspect gnawing on their cable just before he fled with the watches. The police were given the suspect’s description and he was spotted by a police officer a short time later getting out of a taxi and arrested. The watches were recovered. I wonder if he will try and chew his way out of his jail cell.
Sep 27 07:00 PM
Thank you Richard Krasilovsky for your very interesting posted messages. The information you provided should be of great interest to everyone in the jewelry industry, especially those who are responsible for safeguarding and securing jewelry. Empire safe has an outstanding reputation for providing top quality safes with many years of experience serving the jewelry industry. Richard, the President of Empire safe, can be reached at #212-684-2255. (Bob Frank, JSA)
Sep 24 07:00 PM
JEWELRY AND WATCH REPAIRS SHOULD NOT BE STORED IN THE SELLING AREA. We know of a number of jewelers who have lost customers' jewelry as a result of a hold-up in their store. Since the repairs' storage location in the selling area was identified by the robbers while casing the store, it was easy for them to take these items at the time of the robbery. It is strongly recommended that jewelry be store outside of a safe as well as off the selling floor, in the back room of the store, out of sight, inside drawers under lock and key....until after the store closes, at which time the repairs should be placed inside the highest security safe on the premises for overnight security. In this way, a jeweler can further protect repairs from being at risk of loss. Richard Krasilovsky, Empire Safe Company, Inc.
Sep 24 07:00 PM
The majority of successful safe burglaries in the USA have been waged on safes with the following UL listings: TL-15, TL-30 & TL-30x6. Please note that "well constructed" TRTL-15x6 and TRTL-30x6 safes can typically prevent the majority of burglars using tools such as disk cutters and torches, the most popular attack tools in use today. With this in mind, it's imperative that jewelers review the "actual value" of the inventory stored in their safes to determine what it will cost them should their safe(s) be successfully burglarized. First and foremost, repairs should be stored overnight in the highest security safe on the premises....the loss of repairs to burglars can be devastating to your business! (If you've never been burglarized and had to file a claim, call someone who has and ask them how awful the experience was......and still is!) In addition to jewelry of high unit cost, other items requiring high security protection include, but are not limited to: estate jewelry, one of a kind jewelry, diamond and colored stone inventories, high end watches, gold bullion, cash, personal jewelry, etc. One more thing to seriously consider is determining how long it will take to "get back to square one" should you have a total loss....I'm sure the answer will be upsetting to you once you've really thought about it. And, with how the economy is today, I'm not sure how many jewelers can afford to deal with such a setback, both professionally and personally.
Sep 23 07:00 PM
In answer to the previous message…Unfortunately, the JSA has many reports of New York based travelling salespeople who were robbery victims in Los Angels in recent years. However, you did not mention when the loss you are inquiring about occurred or the reason for your interest. I would suggest that you telephone Bob Frank at the JSA, #800-537-0067. If this is a recent loss and you are the victim, perhaps we can be of assistance.
Sep 23 07:00 PM
do you have the report of sales man from new york robbed ,happen in los angeles near airport at a hotel lobby . robbers took 500,000 $ worth diamonds and gems , armed robbery.
Sep 22 07:00 PM
FOOT LOCKER BANDIT ARRESTED. On several previous occasions the JSA has issued alerts regarding Grab and Run Crimes, and one Robbery, which were committed by a suspect wearing a black and white Foot Locker shirt and name tag. Four incidents occurred in Georgia, two in Arizona and one in Arkansas and there may have been others that have not been reported to the JSA. However, on 9/20/10, at about 7:40 pm, at the Eastland Center, Harper Woods. MI, a suspect wearing a Foot Locker shirt and name tag, was arrested shortly after he grabbed a 1 ct diamond at a retail jewelry store and ran out the door. Mall security responded and apprehended the suspect before he could get out of the mall. (Good job by the Mall Security) The police responded and placed the suspect under arrest, but the diamond has not been recovered. Just before running off with the diamond the suspect asked the sales associate if the diamond he was about to steal, “Is that the biggest you have?” When informed that it was the biggest, he grabbed it and ran. If you have information regarding the activities of this suspect please contact the HARPER Woods PD at #313-343-2530
Sep 20 07:00 PM
GREAT NEWS FOR THIEVES OPERATING IN CALIFORNIA. On 9/19/10, a thief posed as a customer interested in purchasing a time piece. When the sales associate allowed the “customer” to hold an expensive watch he ran from the store. The jeweler immediately notified the police and security at the Southland Mall, Hayward, CA. Mall security responded but the Hayward Police Department would not respond. Store personnel were advised that because of current dire economic conditions in California the Hayward police will no longer respond to the scene of crimes such as this one. The store was advised to report the crime on-line. The state of California has for many years had the highest jewelry industry crime rate in the country, and that has been when the police responded. Please let us know if you have had a similar response from your local police department?
Sep 17 07:00 PM
WOMAN IN A WHEELCHAIR WAS NO LADY. On 9/15/10, at about 6:30 pm, three thieves, a male and two females, came into retail jewelry store in Boynton Beach, Florida, and pretended to be interested in purchasing diamond jewelry. One of the females was in a wheelchair. Shortly after entering, the man left and the two women remained and looked and numerous items. Unwisely, the sales associate allowed the women to handle and pass back and forth several item of jewelry at a time. The women eventually left but said they would be returning to make a purchase. They never returned and it was later discovered that a 1 carat solitaire had been stolen and a 1.33 carat diamond had been switched with a CZ. Descriptions: B/M/45, B/F/35, wheelchair, purple dress, F/B/45, red dress. This is not the first instance where thieves used a wheelchair to distract and disarm a sales associate while they stole jewelry, and it probably will not be the last. Stay alert and try not to be the next jeweler to fall for this ploy.
Sep 07 07:00 PM
Can anyone tell me where I can purchase metal case clips, the kind that will make prevent or make it difficult for a thief to lift the glass top on a display case and steal the jewelry in the case? Thanks, Bill Clemmons, Fort Worth
Aug 25 07:00 PM
THE BURGLAR ALARM SYSTEM WORKED AS DESIGNED – JEWELER MADE MISTAKES. Some time during the early morning hours of August 18, 2010, burglars forced their way into the rear of a retail jewelry store located in Glen Burnie, MD. Once inside the burglars cut the telephone lines and attacked the alarm system control box. They also cut alarm system wires and destroyed two surveillance cameras. The burglars did not attack the safe but did escape with between $50K and $100K worth of jewelry that was left out of the safe overnight. Unfortunately, the weakest element in this victim’s security system was “himself.” The alarm system actually worked as designed. The system had “Line Security” and a signal was sent to the central station alarm company when entry was made by the burglars. The owner was immediately notified by his alarm company of the signal but he advised them that he was having trouble with his phone lines recently, that it was most likely a false alarm and there was no need for anyone to respond. COMMENT: Jewelers should insist that alarm company personnel and the police respond to their place of business whenever a signal is received, even if they are informed by there alarm company that they think it is just a low battery or there is some other “logical” reason to conclude it is a false alarm. The owner or a designated staff member must also respond and allow the police to conduct an internal search of the premises. (Ref. JSA Manual of Jewelry Security, page 82)
Aug 24 07:00 PM
SALESMAN ROBBED IN RICHARDSON TEXAS. On 8/18/10, a traveling salesman working for a manufacturer based in Daly City, CA, was ambushed by three Hispanic men with knives, while working in Richardson, TX. The victim was assaulted and forced to open the trunk of his car which contained his line. In November, 2009, this same salesman was robbed by three Hispanic men in Cucamonga, CA. At that time the victim chased after the robbers and was dragged by the getaway car and injured. It has not been confirmed if the same suspects are involved in both events. COMMENT: The frequency of attacks on jewelers traveling with jewelry has diminished to the lowest number in a decade. However, those still on the road with product must continue to be alert and constantly looking for any indication that they are being followed.
Aug 20 07:00 PM
FACIAL RECOGNITION SOFTWARE – A MODERN TOOL TO CATCH JEWELRY CRIMINALS. - When a suspect is arrested, their photograph is taken by the police and stored in a database for future use. Some Police Departments have now added facial recognition software to the system and can compare images captured on surveillance cameras against stored mug shots. This is a tool we have all seen work on TV and now it is working in the real world of law enforcement. However, good quality surveillance pictures are required for this to work. Law enforcement is asking jewelers to take steps to improve the quality of their surveillance camera images so that the facial recognition software can be effective in identifying jewelry criminals. Step 1. End the use of VHS surveillance systems and change to digital. Step 2. Change camera positions from the ceiling to eye level. Step 3. Leave light on at night Step 4. Train all staff members how to operate surveillance equipment so they will be able to immediately provide police responding to a crime scene with surveillance shots. (Call the JSA at #800-537-0067 for more information on this subject)
Aug 20 07:00 PM
WILMINGTON, CA. JEWELER KILLS ONE ROBBER WOUNDS TWO OTHERS. On Wed, 8/18/10, at about 6:30 PM, four black males walked into the Rios Jewelry store located at 825 N. Avalon Blvd and announced a robbery. The owner took out his gun and started shooting. One robber was shot in the chest and later died. Two others were wounded and are in custody. The fourth robber managed to escape but was later arrested a block away from the scene. The police think these suspects may also be responsible for a previous robbery of a jewelry store about a block away. If you have information regarding this matter the police request that you call the LAPD Harbor Station at #310-726-7700. It has not yet been determined if the jeweler will face any charges. COMMENT: In an article regarding this event published in the Los Angeles News, Capt. Rick Wall of the LAPD was quoted, “Go with the flow, cooperate, and give the property up. Let them go out the door and then call the police and let us catch the bad guys and put them in jail.” This is sound advice from an expert.
Aug 17 07:00 PM
BEWARE OF “NIGERIAN SCAM” CRIMINALS. Recently, the JSA has received a number of reports reflecting an increase involving what law enforcement describes as, “Nigerian Scams.” Most of the intended victims are retail jewelers. To protect you from these clever crooks, here are some “Red Flags” to look for. Intended victims are often contact by phone and by letter. Sometimes telephone company, operator assisted programs designed to assist deaf customers, are used by the criminals. Currently, most contact is through the use of the Internet. The majority of the cases involve the “Urgent” purchase of gold chains that are to be shipped to foreign addresses such as Ghana, Ivory-Coast, Nigeria, Africa, etc. The value of the ordered merchandise is purposely kept low, $1500 to $4000, to increase the possibility that their victim will be more likely to ship. Payment is always over the phone with stolen credit card information that eventually results in a chargeback to the victim jeweler. If the victim falls for the scam and ships, they are usually contacted again by the “buyer” who will ask for the tracking number, which will be used to reroute the package to another location, just in case law enforcement gets involved. After this call, the victim may be contacted by someone claiming to be an associate or relative of the original caller and order even more gold chains. There may also be additional “urgent” orders for gold chains until the victim figures out what is going on. Nigerian scams are generally investigated by the US Secret Service and are referred to as, “4-1-9” fraud, after the section of the Nigerian penal code that addresses fraud schemes. Additional information regarding Nigerian scams can be found in the JSA, Manual of Jewelry Security, pages 54-55.
Aug 16 07:00 PM
MIDDAY ROBBERY – MIDTOWN MANHATTAN. Yesterday, Sunday, 8/15/10, at about 1:45 PM, two armed men dressed in all black clothing, walked into a 47th Street Diamond District retail jewelry store, tied up the owner and his son and fled with about $60K in cash and jewelry. The victims were able to free themselves and call police but not until after the armed men were long gone. The robbers disabled the store’s camera system but there is a good possibility their images may have been captured by one of the many external surveillance cameras positioned in the area. COMMENT: In January of this year, in another area of Midtown Manhattan, a sales associate chose to resist an armed robber and was shot and killed. Fortunately, the victims involved in this robbery wisely did not resist and they were not injured.
Aug 13 07:00 PM
HAS YOUR ALARM COMPANY RECENTLY MADE EQUIPMENT CHANGES ON YOUR SYSTEM – IF SO YOU COULD HAVE A PROBLEM REGARDING YOUR INSURANCE COVERAGE? If you are in the jewelry business, most likely, in order to obtain insurance coverage your carrier required that you have Standard Line Security that uses a two-way radio system to send a signal to your location every 180 seconds. If all is well, your system responds immediately. If no response is received it means something is wrong and a burglary may be in progress. Recent changes regarding the radio communication portion of this scenario have occurred and the system known as AlarmnetM, that provided access to the radio tower system, is no longer available. As a result some alarm companies have replaced the old system with Cell backup, however, the 180 second interrogate-respond system is not possible with cellular communication. The burglars are aware of this development and have been very successful at defeating cell backup. The JSA has distributed several alerts (Crime Message Center, 5/25/10) regarding this very important matter and hopefully you have followed our suggestions. If your system has been downgraded to cell backup you should contact your insurance agent or carrier NOW and determine if your current level of protection has compromised your insurance coverage. (Bob Carroll of Robert G. Carroll and Associates, an insurance broker for jewelers, based in Oklahoma City, has recently written an article on this subject that has been published in the July issue of Southern Jewelry News.)
Aug 09 07:00 PM
SALES ASSOCIATE FORCED TO HELP ROBBERS AT GUNPOINT. Recently, at a prestigious retail jewelry store in Artesia, CA, a female associate was buzzed out through the stores electronically controlled door to go on a break, but soon found herself confronted by four armed men. The men forced the associate to the return to the store and when she was buzzed back in they followed. They announced a robbery and met with no resistance from the rest of the staff or customers. Thankfully, no one was injured. The men, all armed, quickly grabbed jewelry and fled the high-end jewelry store, located on Pioneer Blvd near 187th Street. The victims were able to notify the police immediately and provide enough descriptive information for the suspects to be spotted by responding officers. The police chased the getaway car and when the robbers eventually jump out of their vehicle and fled on foot, police helicopters, Sheriff’s Deputies, Swat and police K-Nine units teamed up to arrest all four suspects. COMMENT: Using the sales associate as a tool to gain entry into the store is unusual but very clever on the part of the criminals. They obviously cased their target thoroughly prior to the robbery and came up with this clever way to defeat the electronically controlled door. Most likely they observed the employee leaving the store each day at a certain time, return a short time later and realized this would be their way in. Security for those employed in the jewelry industry is a concern that must be considered 24 hour a day, seven days a week, even when going on a break. Criminals are not invisible and can be spotted by alert jewelers during the time when they are casing their target. A JEWELER AND HIS/HER STAFF ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENTS OF EVEN THE MOST SOPHISTICATED SECURITY SYSTEM.
Aug 03 07:00 PM
LOSS PREVENTION EMPLOYEE ARRESTED. Clermont, California, 7/27/10. A female loss prevention employee of a major department store chain, while in a grocery store located some distance from her place of employment, questioned two young boys regarding a theft of a cell phone at her job site. The theft had occurred about two weeks prior to this encounter. She then brought them back to her store to question them further. According to the employee, one of the under age suspects made an incriminating statement and then grew angry when the employee said that she was going to call his mother. The boy tried to leave and the loss prevention employee allegedly handcuffed him and then slammed him to the floor to prevent him from walking out. Subsequently, the Clermont Police arrested the loss prevention employee and charged her with child abuse and false imprisonment. COMMENT: If the above facts are accurate, in my pinion, it is reasonable to conclude that the employee did not act properly and grossly overstepped her limited authority. In addition to criminal charges, she has obviously created a serious financial civil liability for herself and her employer. This case does not involve the jewelry industry but it raises questions pertaining to all loss prevention personnel, including those in the jewelry industry, and the training they receive. (Source:
Aug 02 07:00 PM
WOODEN WEDGE USED TO PREVENT ELECTRONIC DOOR FROM LOCKING – GRAB AND RUN -JUPITER, FL. Recently, a thief pretending interest in making a purchase, was buzzed into a retail jewelry store located on W. Indiantown Road. He asked to see a bracelet seconds before smashing a display case, grabbing gold jewelry, leaving diamonds behind, and running out with sales staff in close pursuit. Unwisely, one sales associate grabbed and held on to the thief in an attempted to prevent him from leaving. The thief, unknown if he was armed with a gun or knife, was still able to escape. It was later discovered that upon entering through the electronically controlled door, the suspect had strategically placed a small wood wedge in the door frame, which prevented the door from locking and preventing his escape. If you have an electronically controlled door system that requires action on your part for both entering and exiting, it will be a simple matter to test if this would work for a thief at your place of business. If it does, corrective action should be taken immediately. Your system should be equipped to send an alert immediately should an electronically controlled door fail to lock properly.
Jul 27 07:00 PM
WEST PALM BEACH JEWELER SHOT TO DEATH DURING ROBBERY. On Monday, 7/26/10, at about 8:30 AM, the victim, John Lauseng, was accosted by two masked men just as he arrived to open his business, “We Buy Gold Coin and Jewelry”, for the day. Detectives think that the victim was attempting to run from the robbers who then shot him in the back and arm. The police are searching for two masked men and an accomplice who drove their getaway vehicle, a dark green van. COMMENT: When confronted by an individual armed with a gun, with intentions of stealing your jewelry, it must be concluded that he will shoot if you resist in any way or if you do anything that would contribute to his/her apprehended and incarceration. Sadly, this jeweler’s decision to run was wrong, unfortunately, dead wrong.
Jul 27 07:00 PM
TRAVELING SALESMAN ROBBED IN OKLAHOMA CITY. On 7/15/10, at about 8:30 am, an experienced jewelry salesman, selling for an east coast company, had just left his hotel when he was robbed at gun point while seated in his car. He had spent the night at the Holiday Inn Express in Oklahoma City, OK, and before he could back his car out of a spot in hotel parking lot another vehicle stopped behind him and prevented him from driving away. Two masked men got out of the blocking car and approached the victim. One pointed a gun at their victims head while the other smashed the rear windows of his car and removed two line bags. The robbers also took personal items from the salesman including his watch. The victim wisely did not resist, followed the robber’s orders and was not injured.
Jul 09 07:00 PM
JEWELER SHOT AFTER REFUSING GUNMAN’S ORDER TO OPEN SAFE. On 7/7/10, at about 11:30 am, two men, each armed with a gun, ordered the owner of a retail jewelery store, located on Peach St in Erie, PA, to open a display case. The owner refused and was then dragged into the back of the store and ordered to open his safe. For what ever reason, the jeweler again refused to comply with the robber’s demands and one of the men shot him in the chest. The robbers then ran from the store with the wounded owner chasing after them. The jeweler quickly stopped chasing the robbers and wisely sought help in a nearby shop where the police were called and medical attention was obtained. Latest reports indicate the owner is being treated at the nearby Hamot Medical Center. Fortunately, a witness provided the police with the plate number of the getaway car, which led to the arrest of two suspects. Initial reports indicate the suspects are a father and his son. COMMENT: Your life is of greater value than any amount of jewelry. To resist and refuse the demands of two armed robbers is incomprehensible. We will most likely never learn what motivated this poor man to resist, but he was wrong, almost DEAD WRONG. (Bob Frank, JSA)
Jul 07 07:00 PM
GOLD SWITCH SUSPECT ARRESTED. During the week of 6/14/10 a photo of the suspect identified as, James F. Hill, was displayed with background information on the JSA homepage. Hill was wanted by several jurisdictions after being identified in connection with gold switch scams he perpetrated against retail jewelers and pawn shops. Hill’s photo is currently displayed on the JSA “Most Wanted” file, which can also be accessed from the JSA web site. Yesterday, on 7/6/10, Hill was taken into custody with the assistance of the US Marshalls Passaic/Morris Fugitive Task Force and is currently being detained at the Passaic County Jail. Any law enforcement agency seeking information regarding Hill should contact Det. Rob Anderson, Clifton, NJ, PD, Detective Div. #973-470-5908. MORE GOOD WORK BY LAW ENFORCEMENT.